What I Bought This Week – After Christmas Sales Edition!

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What I Bought This Week

It’s time for another edition of What I Bought this week!  Here are this week’s purchases, which were all part of After Christmas / Boxing Day sales:

  • Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine (Target) ($50): No, you read that right. I got a Nespresso for $50 (a little under actually). It was on sale on Target.com for $99.99 (it is back to regular price now) and then there was an a Target Circle coupon for an additional 50% off that.  I have wanted to try a Nespresso for a while now, but did not want to pay full price.  I am going to pick up a frother and start testing it out ASAP!!!  If you have been eyeing a Nespresso too, check out this deal.  You get the machine + a frother for $122.01 (after the 30% off Target Circle coupon).  It works out to almost exactly what I will end up paying after I get the frother AND it is available for shipping.


  • Aldi Cheeses (Aldi) ($1.24/each): I can’t help myself.  I love cheese.  These were good when they were full price ($4.99) and even better at 75% off.  I am going to cut them up and use them for an NYE charcuterie board!
  • Lululemon Enery Bra (Lululemon) ($29): Energy Bras are my favorite workout sports bras, but they are normally $52 and that is a lot in my opinion.  When I saw this one in the We Made Too Much Section in their Boxing Day sale I snagged it right away.  I am not particular on the color Energy Bras I get, I am just happy when I can find them for $29!!!

  • Peloton Black Viper HW Leggings (Peloton) ($64.40): A friend of mine recently got a Peloton and used my referral code to buy it, so I had some credit to spend in their Boutique.  I waited for their After Christmas sale and picked up these fun, almost snakeskin like leggings.  As a sidenote, I did a ride with her and realized I have not ridden in way too long.  I paid the price with my soreness the next day!!

Have you picked up anything with all these amazing sales?  Let me know what kind of deals you got!!!

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  1. Carla

    I just got a peloton a month ago and forgot reading on here that you had one!! It’s so convenient… I can’t get myself to splurge on the clothes yet though ?

    1. Jennifer

      For sure wait until they have a sale!! They usually do around the holidays!

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