So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~If it weren’t for this post, I would have no idea what day it was today.
~I still have not decorated the Christmas tree in the office. Heck, we haven’t even gotten the other one yet.
~I hate glitter wrapping paper, yet I keep buying it. Only to remember it after I am coated in glitter that I hate it.
~I might “lose” some of our old Thomas the Train DVD’s. I’ve been watching these movies for about 6 years straight. It may be be time for some fresh Thomas ones.
~I find it both awesome and scary that L can read.
~I did not know that Allison Williams (Peter Pan) was the daughter of Brian Williams (the newsman).  Mind blown.
~I want to watch a Christmas movie every night from now till Christmas!
~I am kind of excited to get my $30 Jury Duty paycheck in the mail!
~Sometimes I don’t even know where our Elf is hiding.
~I am still amazed that WB didn’t freak out while visiting Santa this year!  He’s growing up!
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  1. Becka

    I enjoy reading your daily thoughts and musings. I feel like I know you are your family. In a good way, not a creepy way. That’s all 🙂

    1. Becka

      ^^ You *and* your family. 🙂

  2. Genevieve

    You get $30?!? We only get like $17.25!

    E did not cry for Santa last year and I was very disappointed. I think you need at least one crying pic when they’re growing up. Trying again this year but I think she thinks Santa is “cute” so thinking it probably won’t happen!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! Big money right here!!!

      I agree, you do need a crying picture!

    2. chris

      Depends on the state whether you get paid. In CA, you don’t get paid the first day. Then after that I think you don’t get paid if your work pays you. Something like that…. it has been a while and I’ve never made it past the first day.

      1. laura r

        In AZ, they pay you based on mileage. So the farther away from the court, the more money you get. It’s still pretty much nothing though. I think most of them for me have been around $15 but the one I had to do jury selection for a week was around $50.

  3. Stacie

    You get paid?! I didn’t get paid. Maybe because I was dismissed within an hour? Or is this a recent thing?

  4. HeatherP

    Embrace the glitter!!!! being covered in it just screams “I AM FABULOUS”

  5. Chrissy

    My godson LOVES Thomas. I don’t get it, I can’t stand that stupid train and his friends. Lol.

    1. Jennifer

      They are sassy engines aren’t they?? And always getting into trouble!

  6. Alison

    I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT ALLISON WILLIAMS AND BRIAN WILLIAMS!!!!! it’s amazing when you find stuff like that out.

    1. Jennifer

      Me either. I even heard him talk about her and Peter Pan and how he mentioned her family. I did not even put the two and two together.

  7. raisin

    I think AMC is doing a Christmas movie every night this month. Some will be repeats though

  8. Lauren

    Omg the elf.. someone me or DH forgot to relocate and the elf ended up in my 4yo room and he was so excited he woke us up at 1 to tell us and didn’t really go back to sleep ughh

  9. Jenny

    N was sick Monday and today C and M are both sick so I know what day it is. I’ve missed out on two shopping days while both boys being in school by having one of the home with me. LOL 🙁
    So is Jury Duty over? You are all done? That wasn’t so bad.

  10. Debbie

    I say so what if my husband and I couldn’t get past the 2nd of December to open all of our gifts for each other. Yes that’s right we did Christmas yesterday. We do it on a different day every year we just can’t wait. Lol. I always work on real christmas.

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