Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Spoilers! #NGQ04

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#NGQ04 Spoilers
#NGQ04 Spoilers

Thanks to Leslief25 at MUT, we have spoilers for the latest Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box (#NGQ04)! The box contains:

~Progenius Nude Oil (15mL) ($39)
~deux lux Joplin Circle Messenger (Variations exist in the color of the bag sent) ($75)
~Black “BALLIN PARIS” Knit Beanie Hat ($5.46)
~The Laundress Sweater Comb ($18)
~RGB Nail Polish (Deep) ($18)
~Rue Gembon Raven Earrings (Variations exist in the earrings sent) ($50)
~Pantone Coffee Mug (There are variations in the Pantone color received) ($16)

Thoughts so far? I am not too sure about this one and will need to get my hands on it to really see how I feel!  Oh and don’t forget that these are early spoilers. I am not 100% sure all my pictures / links are correct.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. HeatherP

    Hmmmmmmm so i had a day and half long hissy fit for the possibility of missing outon this. :/ that hat?????? Is that what Nina would wear? Really?

    1. Jennifer

      I’d like to know that too!

    2. Jennifer

      Are you going to return?

      1. HeatherP

        Honestly im torn. Theres a few thoughts floating around my head right now. I did make a huge stink for my account to be corrected because i was so upset to not get this box. So. Pride there. But overall. I dont like this box. And after all of the returns come thru they will discount that box. So. How will that be fair to me? Ill pay 100 dir a box i dont love when it will be half that in no time. I want to like it but just dont. I actually did like th summer box everyone complained about. And it seems that something “awesome” is missing. A “wow” item that would make all these ither items right.

        1. HeatherP

          Sorry for the typos. :/ tired

  2. Adrienne

    What’s with the 2013 mug? I don’t get it. Overall, I’m really disappointed and I was looking so forward to this box.

    1. Jennifer

      I do not get it at all!

  3. Erin

    This looks like a Nina Garcia Fancy Box – I don’t for one second believe she helped put this together. I am glad I opted out at the last minute! And where is that sparkly thing they promised? 🙁 Sad face for people are disappointed but yay for being able to return it!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! Where is the sparkle?

    1. Jennifer

      What are you talking about? That hat will look amazing on campus ;).

      1. bhahahahahahahahaha i love you. and no, i cannot cannot wear that to work! now that i’m not pregnant most of my colleagues don’t seem to recognize me and mistake me for a student. not the worst problem to still look fairly young but i doubt a “ballin” hat will help. i am also disappointed in the value of this one.

        1. Jennifer

          Do you think I should wear mine to pick L up from school? That would look good!

  4. Cymbre Martin

    I have to disagree! This box is so Nina! I saw her in NYC with a very simple bag and duh! Nina and Beanies

  5. PA Anna

    This box is going to be polarizing. Either people will love it or hate it. I had to drop the box because the doors cost more than we expected. I’m no longer upset about that. I don’t think I am part of her demographic for this box.

    I do think it reflects her with the love for fringe (shark clutch from summer bag, messenger bag) and angles (shark necklace spring box, horns from this box). It will be interesting to see pictures. I’m not sure what is the sparkling part.

    I hope people enjoy it. It was a long wait for the box.

    1. Jennifer

      It was such a long wait. I am on the fence and am going to have to look at everything in person before I decide if I want to keep it or not.

  6. Stacey

    I think this is def her style, but I think I must have different tastes. I’m glad I didn’t order this one. I’ve already had enough disappointment with PSMH NM and Escape Monthly. haha

  7. Kate

    OMG well for the first time in history I said no to the right box. lol. It’s helping me feel a bit better about my ridiculously stupid gamble on the Neiman Marcus PS box.

    I do think that fringe bag is precious – not for me, but for someone. Best suited to someone decades younger than me. 😉

    1. Jennifer

      All these small bags this month! I need a giant bag!

  8. Judy

    Wow what a disappointment after waiting since Oct for this box! And what a difference a year makes, her 1st winter box was amazing!!! 🙁 I tried to find some pictures of Nina sporting a beenie and ofcourse did not find one, nor her rocking a frindge bag.

  9. Sarah

    2013 is the Pantone color not the year. There could be variations because every color should conceivably be represented.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know if that’s the only one they sent or not?

      1. Sarah

        I don’t know either. I hope not if I decide to keep it. Mango isn’t really my favorite color. I’d actually take the 2013 color which was emerald.
        I see nothing wintery in this to be called winter essentials though 🙁

        1. Jennifer

          I don’t see any sparkles either. I thought we were getting sparkles?

  10. Crystal

    This box is not for me and I’m really glad that we can return them. I’ll stay subscribed assuming that she’ll stay with Quarterly and put out another box. I actually have really liked them all up until this one. This is just so not my style.

    1. Brittany

      How is the returns process with Quarterly? My mom got this box and is pretty disappointed. If she can actually return it that would make her day!

      1. Jennifer

        I actually hear they are great with them. If it hasn’t shipped yet you can even e-mail them to cancel before you even get it.

  11. Iris


    Just emailed Quarterly and asked to return it because I cannot justify spending money on this box.

  12. Liz R.

    I’m very disappointed. It would of been my first Nina Garcia box. So I tried to email & cancel but missed the customer service by 1 minute. No matter what this box is going back. Hopefully it hasn’t shipped and I can get my refund before Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    1. Jennifer

      Has it shipped? I hear they are pretty good!

  13. Wanica McNeil

    Either my taste is not in sync with the trendsetting or my fav boxes are just a hot mess. First Popsugar, now Nina, wth? After 2 years of being a faithful customer, popsugar wiped my account out and I have not been moved to insist on being reinstated after reading your last couple of reviews. I was wondering if I can just “return to sender” with this box? If not, My other newly discovered shopping tool is to use Amex for online protection, starting with that NM box. They have a great return policy, that allows you to reurn most anything. I don’t know if the policy is for all of their cards, but the one I use (mostly for the travel perks) is wonderful. It is definetly worth giving a look.

    1. Jennifer

      Quarterly actually does allow returns on their boxes and I hear it is pretty hassle free!

  14. Jessica G

    I’m really disappointed by this one, too. I don’t hate it, like others seem to, but I just don’t like it. Originally, I thought I could regift some of the stuff to my 18 year old, but I finally decided I didn’t want to spend the money on things I only kind-of liked. I was on the fence until I saw how small the bag was. It’s a 6.5″ circle bag… I’m sort of full up on clutch bags right now, and that’s essentially what this is. If it was a bigger bag, I probably would have held onto it and just traded the things I didn’t like. But, I’m not spending $100 on what essentially comes down to a bag and earrings that I’ll regift to a teen. I’m probably going to give her the PS November bag.

    1. Jennifer

      Are you going to return? I want to see it all in person, but I might end up doing that.

      1. Jessica G

        I emailed to see if I could prevent shipping (it just billed on Thursday). If they can’t, I’ll probably get the return label and send it back unopened.

        I won’t use the two highest value items – the bag is much too small for me (based on the dimensions on the website), and I don’t have pierced ears. The rest of the items I could take or leave. If it wasn’t for Quarterly’s return policy, I might keep a couple of the items and swap the bulk of it.

  15. Sara

    Do we have any news about when the other quarterly boxes are coming? I know we got an update on the MSA box, but what about Rosario’s? It’s supposed to be 31 items for December, so shouldn’t we get it before December? I haven’t even been billed yet.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t heard! MSA might know??

      1. Sara

        I emailed Quarterly Co last week and haven’t heard back yet. I just emailed MSA, we’ll see if I can find out anything.

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