Fall / Winter 2014 Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ04

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Nina Garcia Quarterly
Cost: $100/quarter
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: N/A
Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04

The new Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. is finally here!  I believe it was supposed to ship in September, but it kept getting pushed back and finally ended up shipping in late November!  I am calling the #NGQ04 the Fall / Winter box, because I am not exactly sure which it is.

If you aren’t familiar, Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. Quarterly Co. offers subscription boxes (which are shipped on a quarterly basis) from well known curators which are filled with things they love. I opted for the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box as my first box from Quarterly. She’s the creative director at Marie Claire and I have really liked the picks from her previous boxes. Her box is $100/quarter and the next shipment is in February 2015. Prices vary for other curators, but generally range from $50 – $100/quarter.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
The Box

Quarterly ships via FedEx Smart Post and took just four days to arrive to me.  They ship out of Wisconsin and I am in Michigan, so it was nice and fast.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
First Look
Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Second First Look

I was so anxious to see all of these items in person!  We got the spoilers for this one on Friday and I just wasn’t sure about it.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
The Information Cards

The Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box doesn’t include just a little information card.  Rather, it’s a letter from Nina about why she selected the items she did, a little background on the items, etc.  Here are her fall / winter picks for the #NGQ04 box:

~Progenius Nude Oil (15mL) ($39): I was very excited about this when I saw the spoiler because it’s something I have never tried before.  I am currently using (and loving) the Lancer face cream that came in the PopSugar / NM box, but I could add this to the mix.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Nude’s Progenius Treatment Oil

~deux lux Joplin Circle Messenger (Variations exist in the color of the bag sent) ($75):  This bag is bigger than at first thought it would be so I am quite happy about that.  I also don’t have a ton of brown bags, so that has me liking it too.  The fringe?  It’s not something I would pick out, but why not?  I would have loved a sparkly party bag instead though!  I was expecting lots of sparkles in this box and think a sparkly clutch would have been fabulous.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Deux Lux Cross-Body Handbag

~BALLIN’ Hat by Brian Lichtenberg ($48): Well, at first I thought this was just a regular BALLIN’ hat and grabbed a price on it from Amazon, but it turns out it’s a designer BALLIN’ hat.  It’s not me at all and I was wondering what on earth I would do with it, when my friend posted on my Instagram that she NEEDED it.  I was like it’s yours!  Perfect!

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Ballin’ Hat by Brian Lichtenberg

~The Laundress Sweater Comb ($18): Totally cool item and very useful.  This is perfect winter pick and I am actually surprised it hasn’t appeared in a subscription box before now.

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Sweater Comb by the Laundress

~RGB Nail Polish (Deep) ($18): I love this color and I have always like the formula ofRGB Nail Polishes.  This is a perfect winter color and with a little gold glitter on the bottom (or top) of each nail and I think it will be amazing!

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
RGB Nail Polish (Deep)

~Rue Gembon Earrings (Variations exist in the earrings sent) ($60): I can’t find the exact earrings I got, but they are really neat.  The single diamond stud goes in the front and the four longer stones are actually part of the backing, so they are ear jackets.  I like my variation better than the ones I saw in the spoiler, so I am happy.  I guess these are the sparkle that was promised in the box?

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Rue Gembon Earrings

~Pantone Coffee Mug (There are variations in the Pantone color received) ($16): I like coffee mugs of all sorts, so I like this.  It’s unique and fun and I really like the color, so I’m cool with getting it.  I wouldn’t have gotten it on my own, but I do like it!

Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ04
Pantone Coffee Mug

All totaled I came up with a value of $274 for the #NGQ04 box.  It’s well over the $100 cost of the box and while it’s probably my least favorite of her Quarterly boxes, I am keeping it.  Quarterly does allow you to return boxes (which is awesome) and when I saw the spoilers I was thinking it would go back, but once I got it and checked it all out in person, I decided to keep it.  I am quite pleased with the variations I got, but would have loved to see more of that promised sparkle in here.

Did you get the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box?  What did you think and what variations did you get?  Are you keeping it? This box is now sold out, but you can get signed up to get the #NGQ05 box here.
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  1. HeatherP

    I just think this box would be ok with one more “wow” item and then I would be happy. The polish looks cool. I did not get mine yet.

  2. emiie

    I got the dark grey bag, same mug color, and similar earrings but mine had pearls. While it does not wow me I think it was an okay box but except for the serum there wasn’t anything I would have actually used. For the first time with quarterly, I returned it actually this morning. BTW, Quarterly customer service is awesome — totally responsive and emailed me the prepaid labels right away.

    1. Jennifer

      They have amazing customer service. I have never heard a bad thing about it!

  3. Anne

    Hi everyone. I haven’t even opened mine but I’m returning it. I would have preferred the first or second Nina box to this one. I don’t wear earrings so it doesn’t work for me. Not sure if I will stay subbed or cancel…

    1. Jennifer

      I really like that they let you return.

  4. Liz R.

    So glad I was able to cancel. Can u c this grandmother at the park with the grandkids wearing a Balling cap. LOL!

    1. Jennifer


  5. PA Anna

    I’m glad that you like the box. It’s not my style. but I enjoyed reading the review. I don’t wear earrings, but I think the pair you received look great. A

    1. Jennifer

      I did get a good pair I think!

  6. leana

    I think I’m one of the few who liked the box. Not the best box ever but good enough for $100. I got a blue mug and my earrings were a little different.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t hate it either! What color bag did you get?

  7. Lynda

    I received a lavender mug – earrings with pearls and the diamond – really disappointed – already emailed to return.

    1. Jennifer

      What color bag did you get?

  8. Andee

    My package is still coming in the mail since I live in Buffalo and mail service is still delayed here from our recent winter storm.
    Still… I’m actually excited about this box. I like subscription boxes because they bring things into my dress and into my home that I would normally ignore… It is a way to try things I didn’t know I liked! I would never *think* to wear a fringe bag or a Brian Lichtenberg beanie, but I’m excited to try to incorporate them into my style.

  9. Jenny

    Totally thought of you this morning. One of the morning shows had trends on this morning and they said it was all about the Fringe bag and they had some on there. So maybe NG is just way ahead of the rest of us with these bags and you will be dieing to have one in a month or so. LOL

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