Style Quarterly by PäshBox Giveaway!

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Style Quarterly by PashBox Giveaway
Style Quarterly by PashBox Giveaway

The folks over at Style Quarterly by PashBox (which is a quarterly box full of fashion and beauty surprises) asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway for them and I jumped at the chance.  The prize consists of:

~Ticket Chocolate 3-Chili ($18)
~Bauble Bar Jewel Swing Drop Earrings ($32)
~View from the Villa Scarf ($19.99)
~Halogen Foldover Clutch ($48.98)
~Ivy & Oak Creamsicle Body Scrub Set ($18.50)
~Coffee Mug (not pictured)

If you are interested in subscribing, Style Quarterly has also given me a coupon code to share! You can use the code “SQHOLIDAY” to save 20% off your first box if you sign up by 12/12/14! Your first box would ship in March 2015 as the December 2014 is sold out!  Best of luck!

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  1. Beth Rang

    I think I like the scarf and chocolate best.

  2. Maura

    Love the scarf!

  3. Rose D.

    I want that clutch!!

  4. Ashley

    The scarf

  5. laura r

    That scarf, the scrubs and the chocolate. In that order!

  6. Amanda R

    The body scrub for sure. My scarf collection is almost getting out of hand with all of these subscription boxes!

  7. Elizabeth

    I want to try those scrubs!

  8. Sarah Plunk

    the earrings are fabulous!

  9. Allison

    I like the scarf best!

  10. Jenifer

    The scrub set for sure!!!

  11. Debbie

    Love the earrings the most..

  12. Samantha Bender

    Love the scarf!

  13. emiie

    Love the scarf and the scrub!

  14. Shawn

    I just love those earrings!

  15. Erin B

    hmmm I think the scarf. Or maybe the mug, b/c I have a mug obsession!
    PS I am so BUMMED b/c I don’t like my initial mug at Target! 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Oh no! What color / pattern is it?

      1. Erin B

        Gold with Light blue stripes.
        I dunno, just not my style I guess.

      2. Kelsey

        I would love to win the earrings! I?m not usually too big on dangle earrings but that color is beautiful.

  16. Beth

    The scrubs!!

  17. Deanna Magoun

    Love the scrub set!!

  18. Candice

    The chocolate! I’m 9 months pregnant though so all I can think about is chocolate 🙂

  19. Christeen

    I really like the body scrub.

  20. Anastasia

    I love scarf the most!

  21. Jen K

    The scarf looks adorable!

  22. Katherine

    The scarf!

  23. Elizabeth

    The clutch! I have about 1.5 million already, so of course I NEED another one. 🙂

  24. Mandy B

    The earrings!

  25. Jaime

    I love it all

  26. JacLyn

    The creamsicle body scrub sounds wonderful! 🙂

  27. staci hoover

    The scarf for sure is my favorite!

  28. Tabitha Sawicz

    love the scarf and my daughter loves hot chocolate.

  29. Lori

    I really like that scarf.

  30. Nicole A.

    I LOVE that scarf, but I’d need to see this coffee mug you speak of to be certain! I’m always missing out on this dang box! fingers crossed!

  31. Alicia N

    I would love to win those gorgeous earrings!

  32. Sher

    The clutch looks great!

  33. Alicia

    Hmmm… The scarf is different pattern than what I normally wear but it’s cute. I’d says the scarf!

  34. Laura

    View from the Villa scarf! So pretty!

  35. Amy

    Love the scarf! And the earrings. Gorgeous.

  36. Shelby Stewart

    That scarf and those earrings are to die for!! I love them!!

  37. Emily

    i would love to receive the scarf!

  38. Joanne

    I like the scarf!

  39. Jody

    The chocolate.

  40. sonya

    I am most excited about the scarf!

  41. Jordan

    I am loving that bag!

  42. Jessica

    Love that scarf!!

  43. Pilar

    Halogen Foldover Clutch.

  44. Breanne

    The hot chocolate…I’ve wanted to try ticket chocolate for a while but I haven’t been able to justify spending that much for hot chocolate for myself 😉

  45. Cheryl

    The scrub set!

  46. Crystal

    Love the earnings and scarf!

  47. Sarah

    The clutch is super cute!

  48. Lanie

    I need a new body scrub. Plus the clutch is pretty cute.

  49. Anna

    Love the clutch!

  50. Adriana

    Scarf and scrub!

  51. Theresa

    I like everything in this box, especially the scarf (and the earrings)!

  52. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d love the Halogen Foldover Clutch

  53. Akemi

    I can never say no to chocolate!

  54. Nicole Midgley

    Everything! Especially the body scrub set 🙂

  55. Jeannie Mirani

    Ooh, the scarf and the earrings! And the chocolate!

  56. Karen

    The body scrub!

  57. Melissa J

    Love it all, especially the clutch!

  58. Jennifer Sharpe

    OMG, I love everything!! Chocolate sounds DIVINE, the scrub sounds luscious – I am just excited about everything!

  59. Caroline


  60. Gail

    Love the scarf!

  61. TreeLilly

    Those earrings!

  62. Katrina

    Is that a contest entry form or an IQ test? Sorry, that is frikkin ridiculous. My time is more valuable than spending 15 minutes clicking and giving free advertisement to Quarterly. I’d rather just buy the products than be treated like a Kindergartener. I can see the advantage to YOU and THEM, so I’m sure this is some yet more intrusive method of selling boxes. I am so turned off by that approach, especially at Christmas. Fact is your odds of winning are one in thousands. Why humiliate yourself yelping and begging to get a clutch? I will never participate in a contest again of this type. It’s offensive and juvenile.

    1. raisin

      Most blogs use these forms for contests

    2. Jennifer

      It is pretty standard, but I am sorry you feel like that! You really only do have to click enter! You by no means have to do any of the other stuff at all!!

      I did just revamp the style of the entry form so hopefully it is easily to read now. Because before, yeah, it was way confusing with all those colors.

  63. L

    Would love all of it but definitely the scrub.

  64. Kristy stevenson

    I love love the scrub!

  65. Lisa D.

    All of it, but especially the body scrubs 🙂

  66. Elizabeth A

    Love the clutch!

  67. Jackie H

    Scarf and earrings!

  68. Alisha Reynolds McCoy


  69. Lynda

    The scarf!

  70. Marilyn

    The body scrub need it this time of the year

  71. terri s

    the earrings and scarf most and the bag too! thanks.

  72. Tinisha

    The body scrub would be perfect right now! Thanks!

  73. Loren

    Definitely that clutch! So cute.

  74. Katelyn Monahan

    I would like to win the scarf and the earrings, they look gorgeous and I would have loved to receive them in a box.

  75. Danita Reyna

    Loving the scarf!

  76. Nicole

    The scarf. It looks beautiful.

  77. Caitlin C.

    The scarf!

  78. Shelby Osborne

    Scarf is so cute

  79. Katherine

    Love the scrubs and the clutch!

  80. Kim S.

    I would love the clutch.

  81. nicole

    I really love that clutch

  82. Emily

    Body scrub sounds amazing and much needed for the winter.

  83. Caitlin

    That scrub!

  84. dina wardrip

    The scrub

  85. Diana Morales

    I seriously love everything! I most want the scrubs because I never splurge on that type of thing for myself. I also LOVE the purse!

  86. Izzy

    The scarf & the scrub set, but the whole box looks fantastic

  87. Kelley

    I love the clutch!

  88. Kathy

    It’s between the scrub and the scarf, but I guess the scarf wins by a nose.

  89. Kristin t

    I’m obsessed with scarves right now!

  90. Rachel Faulkner

    I love the scarf!

  91. Julia

    I like this clutch the most!

  92. Aubrey

    Wow! This looks great!!

  93. Lauren S

    This looks like a great box, but I would love to get those earrings and that scarf!

  94. Jen

    I am loving that clutch! Super cute – thanks for the chance to win some fun gifts!

  95. Tamara

    I would most love to win the scarf! 🙂

  96. Hilary A.

    Everything looks awesome, but the scarf is my fave!

  97. Ashley

    Love Love Love the scarf!!!!

  98. Diana Vuong

    I like the chocolate and scarf!

  99. cindy


  100. Kristy

    the scrub sounds great!

  101. Veronica S

    Would love the scrubs, scarf or purse!

  102. anna

    the clutch!

  103. Stephaie

    the scarf !! so cute

  104. Soon perez

    The clutch

  105. Robyn Bayetis

    Scarf looks cute!

  106. Mallory B

    Definitely the scarf! And the hot chocolate…

  107. Audrey

    Scarf or coffee mug!

  108. Jill


  109. Jenn L

    The earrings and the clutch! This box looks fabulous!

  110. Eve

    The scarf.

  111. Nancy M.

    The Creamsicle Body Scrub set sounds intriguing…

  112. Cyrille Perez

    The clutch please

  113. Kassie

    I love the scarf!

  114. Lauren

    I would love to win the earrings the most!! Cute!

  115. Percylyn

    The scarf

  116. Kristin

    I think I like the clutch – it’s not blue!

  117. Sarah

    I LOVE the scrub! 🙂

  118. gary

    the chocolate!

  119. Julie S

    Creamsicle body scrub set!!

  120. Chantel W.

    loving the scarf & the clutch

  121. Tori Franklin

    Love that scarf!

  122. Illy Junus

    I love the scraves but everything is beautiful

  123. miranda

    the scarf looks cute

  124. Lindsay

    love the scarf, the chocolate, and the body scrub. Yay for little indulgences!

  125. Cheryl

    The scarf or the clutch.

  126. Chrissy

    I can never have too many scarves!

  127. Sierra pricher

    The scrub. I go through scubs constantly!

  128. Wendy

    Ooh the buff n scrub set!

  129. Melanie

    I love the earrings!

  130. Mary

    The body scrub set looks great, perfect for a relaxing Sunday at home 🙂

  131. Sophie

    I love that scarf.

  132. Susan

    The scarf is so cute!

  133. Ginger S

    The earrings!

  134. Talaura

    I would have sit and drink that chili chocolate while I made up my mind about what I liked best.

  135. Kathryn C Johnson

    I would love the scarf!

  136. Lindsay

    I want that clutch! It is so cute!

  137. allie

    the earrings or chocolate 🙂

  138. Debi B.

    I like the coffee mug and love the scarf…….

  139. Crystal

    Bauble Bar Earrings! I have been obsessed with Bauble Bar lately. Their “Buried Bauble” deals are too good to pass up!

  140. Erin

    Love that scarf! The chocolate sounds intriguing as well, and I could always use a new coffee mug!!

  141. Valerie

    The body scrub set!

  142. Nicky

    the chocolate 🙂

  143. kelly s.

    I would love the clutch!

  144. Stacey

    The body scrub!

  145. Jill

    I like the body scrub!

  146. Diane F

    Love the scarf and clutch

  147. Nicole C.

    My favorite is the Bauble Bar Jewel Swing Drop Earrings.

  148. tallcapp

    The Halogen Foldover Clutch is my favorite of all.

  149. Kristen

    I like the clutch.

  150. Tara

    So hard to pick maybe the scarf?

  151. Christian Alejandro

    The would all make excellet gifts. the scarf would be great.

  152. Jen Grant

    I really like the scarf – it all looks awesome! Thank you 🙂

  153. Roisin D

    love the clutch

  154. Megan

    I want that scarf soooooo badly!!! So cute!

  155. kathryn

    That clutch looks fantastic! I love the colors/graphics on it

  156. marilyn

    My favorite – ticket chocolate chili!

  157. Allison

    That scarf and those earrings are to die for!

  158. calimarie

    Would love to win the body scrub the most, thanks!

  159. laura

    the earrings are gorgeous!

  160. Jennifer Pittman

    I like the ~Halogen Foldover Clutch.

  161. Alice

    I would like the earrings because they would not be something I would pick out myself.

  162. Charlene Kuser

    I would like the View from the Villa Scarf the most.

  163. Brittany

    I would love to have that scarf! Perfect for Christmas!

  164. Stephanie schwartz

    Body scrub looks great!

  165. PA Anna

    The body scrub

  166. Dawn

    I think the scrub looks interesting but I really like that scarf. It’s not quite what you would expect for fall/winter but it’s pretty and I think it works.

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