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Stocking Stuffer Giveaway
Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Well, I am bored at Jury Duty, so it’s giveaway time! I thought it would be fun to do a little Stocking Stuffer prize pack because if your house is anything like mine, sometimes Santa doesn’t exactly do the best job on my stocking ;). Here is what you could win:

~Urban Decay Naked on the Run ($54)
~Tocca Beauty Crema da Mano – Hand Cream Stella ($20)
~J.Crew BAND-AID Brand Adhesives ($5)
~Deborah Lippmann ‘Jazz Standards’ Glam Rock Nail Color Duo ($19)
~Elizabeth McKay Elephant Key Chain (Pink) ($24)
~Askinosie Chocolate® 70% Cortés, Honduras Single Origin Sipping Chocolate ($16.50)
~Rosanna Alhambra Small Vessel ($15)

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is click enter below.  There are lots of other entry options as well if you want more entries too and make sure you come back everyday to enter!  Good luck!

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  1. Kristi S

    Chocolate is always good!

  2. heidi

    Love that vessel! Fun giveaway

  3. Kirsten

    I love getting scratch off lottery tickets in my stocking! Hopefully *winning* tickets this year!

  4. Beth

    So, I’m not the only one with an empty stocking Christmas morning! When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told him “honestly, I just want stuff in my stocking. A bunch of Dollar Tree junk will do.” He laughed and said that he might could pull that off… So my answer is anything. I will take anything as long as there is something in there!

  5. H.C.


  6. Nichole Van Bruggen

    My husband and i only do stockings for each other, this year i am hoping for nail polish and chocolate and whatever else he puts in. Its always a surprise 🙂

  7. Nicole

    My mom always sticks some hair products in our stockings, but I could go for this in my stocking!!

  8. Wendy

    I love the polish colors!

  9. Maura

    starbucks gift card 🙂

    1. vicki

      Starbucks is always a good idea!

    2. Kate

      I second the Starbucks gift card! Or iTunes so I can rent some new movies!

  10. Madelyn

    I want bubble bath in my stocking!

  11. lia

    Honestly the only thing I’m hoping for is this little hook thing that clips onto the inside of your purse so you can hang your keys. Totally not fun, but REALLY needed .

  12. Holly

    Travel-sized versions of my favorite products!

  13. Kristy

    I love everything that could be in a stocking, thats one of my favorite parts of christmas. Little knick knacks and make up!

  14. Natalie R

    I would love some new nail polish!!

  15. Mandy B

    I would love some nail polish minis in my stocking!

  16. Jill G

    IF hubs remembers my stocking I would like a Starbucks giftcard.

  17. Sher

    I agree with an earlier commentator ? anything chocolate is good!

  18. sarah b

    I would love to get that Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette!

  19. Alexa Angell

    I really wish a Roomba would fit in my stocking, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s gonna happen 😉

  20. Jill


  21. Christeen

    Jewlery! Always a good thing!

  22. Kate


  23. JacLyn

    I’m happy with books and Amazon gift certificates! 🙂

  24. Lex

    the naked on the run pallet! it seems SO PERFECT

  25. Eve

    Santa never visits my stockings – they’re largely mantel decoration instead. But these last few years, I’ve really wanted cute stocking stuffers! Little minis of pampering or cute things I’d normally never get myself – bath products, little containers, “luxury” food/treats or just funny things seem adorable.

  26. Nicole Midgley


  27. laura maya

    starbucks gift card, chocolate, nail polish…

  28. Holly E

    I would love to have some natural soaps and some organic Argan Oil in my stocking

  29. Elizabeth

    It’s probably too much to ask for, but I’d love some sparkly earrings in my stocking!

  30. Britny Gill

    I want lots of lush cosmetics products!

  31. wendym

    I’ve already picked it all out & it should be here soon! (I told Santa that I’ve saved him all this money by me ordering sub boxes on black friday & cyber monday that’s plenty to stuff my stocking with! )

  32. sonya

    I want books, book gift cards, and more books

  33. Maria

    Love the ud!

  34. Angela

    I don’t get a stocking anymore so just about anything is appreciated!

  35. Stephanie

    It’s weird but I love getting razors lol!

  36. Arrie


  37. Pattie

    More Urban Decay makeup, I love that stuff!

  38. Megan W

    initial earrings!

  39. Lindsay R

    Starbucks gift card!

  40. Rachel K

    I love tasty treats, but I wouldn’t object to the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette. 😉

  41. Diana Morales

    This year we are on an extreme budget since I’m still on (unpaid) maternity leave. Hubby and I agreed not to buy gifts for each other so I will probably fill ours with fresh toiletries we would need anyway. But I WOULD love some jewelry 😉

  42. Chelsey

    necklace from tiffanys 🙂

  43. Sophie

    Oh. My. God! You’re my new hero. I’ve been coveting that Urban Decay pallet! Santa doesn’t usually visit my stocking, but Vosges Chocolates would be nice. Mmmm!

  44. Kim G

    What a fun idea! Hope jury duty isn’t too bad for ya! Happy Holidays!

  45. Bonnie

    Lotto tickets are always a fun stocking stuffer!

  46. chandra white

    I just want 2015 to be a healthy, happy year for my family!

  47. Gloria Marotta

    Starbucks gc!

  48. Lea

    Peppermint bark and lip gloss.

  49. Elizabeth

    I’m hoping for one of those chocolate oranges.

  50. Stacey

    This looks like my perfect stocking! I’m trying to get my boyfriend to give me one because it is my favorite part! A strange item, but I’m hoping for a BKR water bottle in my stocking 🙂

  51. andrea

    I want cash…and Starbucks gc and Sephora gc and THIS!!! Awesome, thanks so much!

  52. Lori

    Santa usually forgets me too but I’d live to get cosmetics, candies or anything my kindergartener makes

  53. LaurenKay

    I want really cute salt and pepper shakers

  54. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I want some Kate Spade earrings! 🙂

  55. Julie

    Lip Balm and Hand Cream

  56. Anastasia

    Perfect would be some nail polish!

  57. melanie

    gift cards for a blow-out!

  58. kelly

    Chocolates and starbucks gift cards!

  59. SQUINJ

    I want some of the new Fossil charms or a brighton bead in my stocking. And a ton of dvds (or blue rays) and a million dollars and a hott guy.

  60. Lisa

    Starbucks gift cards!

  61. Shelley

    Headbands and socks!

  62. Catie

    My mom always buys Ferrero Rochers for my stocking, so I’m looking forward to that! And I’m asking my fianc? to pick out a perfume rollerball for me, so I’m excited to see what he picks out!

  63. Shawn

    I’d love a Tiffany key charm in my stocking this year!

  64. Erin H

    Santa usually forgets my stocking too. I would love the Rosana Alhambra small vessel

  65. MurdocksMama

    Anything I don’t buy myself would be nice…haha! 🙂

  66. Liz

    I would love some ole Hendrickson eye cream

  67. Kristen

    Chocolate, gift cards, and or travel sizes of products from brands I love!

  68. Pattie

    Would love more Urban Decay makeup!

  69. Chrissy

    Plane tickets! My hubs and I haven’t been on vaca for 5 years!!!

  70. jmd

    Candy and maybe a little stuffed animal!

  71. Sneaky Burrito

    I don’t have a stocking but if we’re pretending, well, (winning) scratch-off lottery tickets (I know, someone up above beat me to it). Because my student loans are a problem…

    Chocolate is always good. Amazon gift cards are practical (that’s where I get cat food). And since I went nuts yesterday, I don’t *need* any beauty products. But I wouldn’t say “no” to them, either.

  72. Dasha

    I’m totally obsessed with that elephant keychain! I just couldn’t justify the price. I really hope I win this giveaway. Thanks 🙂

  73. Krista

    my number one thing I want is a Marc Jacobs watch, but the #2 thing I want is seriously that Naked palette. 🙂

  74. Jean Eckert

    I think there is a pretty good chance that Santa is bringing me a Tarte Lip Surgance Gift set and a Benefit Blush gift set in my stocking this year 🙂

  75. Lisa Walls

    This would be an amazing win! Appreciate the chance 🙂

  76. HeatherP

    Are you kidding me??? this is the ultimate and most amazing!!!!! JOY!

  77. Nicole M.

    CANDY! It’s the best part!

  78. Kassie

    That Urban Decay palette! I think it is SO beautiful! I also like getting fluffy socks in my stocking 🙂

  79. Kayla

    Makeup and stitch fix gift cards! 🙂

  80. E Ward

    Some handcreams and lip balms would be nice, it is so dry here this winter!

  81. nicole p

    I would love any nail polish!

  82. Rachel

    I want to get hot chocolate mix and some socks. 🙂

  83. Anna

    This is 100x’s better than anything my boyfriend will pick out lol!

  84. allie

    Something shiny, like a mirrored vanity for all my purdy makeup to live on!

  85. Denise Sanders

    I’d like some earring or nail polishes

  86. Heather

    love getting makeup, nail polish, perfume, gift cards and candy in my stocking 🙂

  87. Jessica

    I’d like to get the By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm…. its pricy so no way I can spend my own money =_=

  88. Debra Brownstein

    I would love lipstick and lipgloss holders from by alegory with some NARS Audacious lipsticks!

  89. Erica

    Gift cards! I always get socks and underwear (thanks Mom) and make a stocking for my husband. He usually doesnt do much for mine but last year I got a sephora gift card and I would not mind getting that again!

  90. Annie

    Santa was strongly advised to bring me Urban Decay’s new set of 10 eyeliners 🙂

  91. Angela

    Ooooh I’ve been eyeing both the vessel and the Naked on the Run!

  92. Stephanie McGuire

    I would love to get the Tiffany & Co. necklace that I’ve been spying for the last month or so in my stocking… We will see…. My hubby is a bit of a penny pincher, lol

  93. Hilda

    Fun giveaway! Good luck on jury duty.

  94. Zelene

    I think I love you are bored because we can love a giveaway hehehehe

  95. Ashley

    Perfumes, lipgloss and makeup!! Chocolate is always great too!! 🙂

  96. stephanie

    i wouldnt mind finding a lil puppy or kitty in my stocking!!

  97. Chantel W.

    Chocolate Truffles would be nice. 🙂

  98. Sara

    Little makeup or beauty gift sets

  99. Judy L

    Keys to a new car would be nice. 🙂

  100. Amanda

    I won’t lie, I just want some gift cards in my stocking this year so I can shop and not feel guilty 🙂

  101. Kelly Commerford

    Makeup of any sort!

  102. Loren

    Some starbucks and/or iTunes gift cards, nail polish, makeup….whatever fits! 😉

  103. Erin B

    I want to get some solar oil for my cuticles! haha Seriously suffering from majorly dry hands/nails! 🙁

  104. Amanda

    Nail polish and chocolate, how can you go wrong?

  105. Katie

    I’m hoping for a new RX jump rope for crossfit.

  106. Rosie

    Probably the best way to utilize jury duty time! I had to go last year and was only there for the day. Overall I thought it was interesting and luckily didn’t have any issues with missing school or work.

    1. Rosie

      And I would love to see a woodwick candle in my stocking. They are the best candles because of the soothing crackle sound, especially since I don’t have a fireplace.

  107. Allison

    I’d like to see that naked on the run palette and some lush bath bombs in my stocking 🙂

  108. Aly

    Dream stocking!

  109. Alisha

    Jewelry and Lush bath bombs!!!

  110. Lori

    All the things in this giveaway with the addition of some candy! 🙂

  111. Megan

    This giveaway!!! 🙂

  112. Kristin L

    My stocking hasn’t been filled in ages but- out of your list, I want the Naked Pallette most. However, if Santa wanted to be really nice, earrings and a fingerprint pendant of my Dads fingerprint.

  113. Ashley K

    I like a mix of everything in my stocking… some chocolate.. some gift cards.. some nail polish. Girl stuff! 🙂

  114. Tabitha

    I would love a set of makeup brushes.

  115. Amber

    I am hoping for Crest White Strips in my stocking HA!

  116. Kristin

    I am incredibly nerdy, so I would like Walking Dead action figures in my stocking.

  117. Courtney Carothers

    A chocolate orange and nail polish!

  118. Melissa K

    Chocolate and fun beauty and hair stuff! Lipstick and gloss and bobby pins and mascara OH MY 🙂

  119. Brittany Brown


  120. Kellie

    I want all kinds of goodies! Chocolate from the Chocolate Garden! Have you been? Its in Michigan and has been rated #1 in the country or something. It was truly the best chocolate ever.

    1. Jennifer

      I have not! I must google this at once!

  121. Denise

    I would love the Naked Pallet in my stocking!

  122. emiie

    My engagement ring, lol

  123. Swati

    The naked palette looks good and I’d love to have that

  124. Kate K

    Gift cards or accessories for my new iPhone or Macbook!

  125. Jill

    Starbucks gift card!

  126. Rose D.

    I would love that hand cream!!

  127. Elizabeth A

    I want a really lux travel wallet in my stocking-leather & zippered all around. And fill the rest with peppermint bark & marshmallow peeps!

  128. Robyn

    Fancy lip gloss

  129. Amanda

    The Naked on the Run is at the top of my list!

  130. Kalee

    My family doesn’t really do stockings, but I always get chocolate!

  131. Robin

    I asked my husband to plan date nights for us. I plan to do the same

  132. Gina G

    I love to get candy in my stocking! Wouldn’t mind getting a tablet either.

  133. Carolyn Warford

    Would love to win 🙂

  134. Gilly

    I’m Jewish, so no stocking, but I’d love to get some good nerdy t-shirts for Chanukah.

  135. kim

    gift card would be nice

  136. Kristine

    I want some chocolate and maybe some cozy socks.

  137. Beth Rang

    I never get anything in my stocking, but I think filling my son’s stocking is so much fun!!! I keep an eye out for fun little things all year long, and closer to Christmas, I try to find fun sweet treats too. As for me, I’d love an iTunes gift card and chocolate!

  138. Callie


  139. kathryn

    I’m hoping for some chocolate, chap stick, and maybe some practical (like a kitchen gadget or some other little tool).

  140. Tracy Thompson Parker

    I really want some Philosophy in my sock this year! Espcecially Falling in Love 🙂

  141. Elizabeth

    I love getting a bunch of cheaper presents in my stocking. It’s nice even as an adult to have a nice haul of little gifts in your stocking.

  142. angelique

    I absolutely adore the Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadows!!

  143. Diana K

    I love getting Starbucks gift cards!

  144. sara

    k cups and candy!

  145. Terri Q

    Chocolate is always a good stocking stuffer!

  146. Lauren

    This year I want the trifecta in my stocking: chocolate, makeup, and jewelry. Make it fit! 😉

  147. Stephanie

    I’m hoping to get some makeup from etude house.

  148. Paige

    I don’t have a stocking, but I’d like some Ritter sport hazelnut chocolate bars!

  149. jill

    Naked on the run is my first choice!

  150. Saydi

    I would love to win all of this for my stocking this year!

  151. Bonnie

    I want a date night stocking like I saw on facebook. You put in things you could use for date night like tickets to a play, or a movie and popcorn, gift cards for restaurants.

  152. Amber

    gummy bears!

  153. Diane F

    A Starbucks gift card and some slipper socks

  154. Brittany

    I love little stocking stuffers! Sweet Mint EOS Lip Balm, Sephora/ULTA gift card, cozy socks, chocolate – anything goes! 🙂

  155. Ingrid

    Gift Cards!

  156. Rachael

    I just had a baby so a necklace with her initials would be nice. Luckily her first name and my husband’s are the same initial ‘A’ so I would love that or a candle. 🙂

  157. Lanie

    I don’t know why but when I see a vessel I want it. Maybe also something sparkly to keep inside of it. Hot chocolate is a great pick too.

  158. Veronica

    I really want a notification that my house sold. After thank I’d think anything would be gravy.

  159. Anne

    You can get online during Jury Duty? I’ve seen people get turned away with ear buds, and no electronics to plug them into. It’s insanity.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! Free wifi, a bunch of tvs and magazines and games and books. They will even have a library book of your choosing waiting for you if you want! And you are encouraged to bring something to do so you don’t get bored. Of course, if they call you into the courtroom for a case you have to turn it off.

      1. Anne

        Wow. We weren’t allowed to bring cell phones, kindles, charger plugs nothing electronic. I’m surprised they allowed people to bring watches. Apple is onto something there. But it was torture. But it also made you realize how much we depend on these gadgets because, when we were told we’d be there into the evening, I didn’t know a single phone number to call to let anyone know I was chosen and would be late.

        This was in October. The case was first degree murder and aggravated malicious wounding. It was intense and took like 6 days. I think it’s so stressful when you basically have someone’s life in your hands. Granted they took someone’s, but I had nothing to do with that.

        1. Jennifer

          Once you actually get picked for a jury they make you turn our electronics off. But until you get sent to a courtroom you are fine to use them!

  160. Shawna Landers

    Sephora Gift Cards!!!

  161. Jen K

    I want the visor extender for my car because I’m short, and the sun always gets in my eyes. Thankfully, I do my own stocking . . .

  162. Jill

    So much better than jury duty :p

  163. Christa

    Sounds like you’re not doing jury duty downtown, since we lost power down there!
    I would looove the vessel and the Deborah Lippmann polishes!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. we all saw that on tv and were like wait, why can’t that be us??

  164. Bianca

    The askinosie sipping chocolate is delicious!!!

  165. Mary

    A new car! My husband totaled his last night and now I’m stressing!! At least ‘Santa’ got me six months of PopSugar before the accident!!

  166. Ashley M

    I want gift cards and peppermint candy in my stocking this year! Thanks for a chance to win!

  167. miranda

    I love getting chocolate

  168. Amy Tat

    I’d love any lip products. ^^

  169. Nicole Whelan

    Nail polish! I’ve been avoiding buying it at all costs (though Julep has tried it’s best to tempt me, and others too!!). I’m a great gift giver though, but would love some polish for myself!

  170. Amber

    a nice shiny diamond ring 🙂

  171. Candice

    Some comfy socks and Mr Q Cumber water for when after I give birth, if I make it that long 🙂

  172. Erin

    A winning lottery ticket! I want to open an animal shelter 🙂

  173. Linda

    I would love to have a gift card to Neiman Marcus so I can get myself some cashmere pajamas!!

  174. Blaire

    I would love to get chocolate in my stocking!

  175. Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to try Urban Decay Naked and the new palette looks AMAZING!

  176. Aoife K

    Since I’m a broke college student, my mom is awesome and fills my stockings with stuff I can use for college/ things I can’t afford becuase of college, like gift cards for gas. I’m looking forward to whatever she puts in there this year, everything is always so thoughtful! 🙂

  177. Kelsey

    chapstick, so much chapstick!

  178. Colleen Boudreau

    Chocolate & candy!

  179. Jen

    The Naked On the Run palette! 🙂

  180. Callie

    Ahh!! The vessel again! I want one so bad!

  181. Caitlin R.

    I would love nail polish… I’m a bit addicted…

  182. shawna

    I’d love a winning powerball ticket in my stocking!

  183. beth combs

    nothing for me, i just want my 3 kiddos to get theirs filled 🙂

  184. S

    Love the curation of the giveaway!

  185. Jenny

    I’d love a Disney Pandora bead or the more practical toothbrush. LOL I’m needing a new one and I need to get on figuring out what I want.

  186. Kate L

    Good chocolate, more cords for my knitting needle set, bath goodies, stuff like that.

  187. Stacie

    Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate 😉

  188. Kim S.

    Nail polish would be great. I just started taking care of my nails and keeping them freshly painted so more colors to my little collection would be good!

  189. Alissa younkin


  190. Carrie

    Bath bombs, colorful eye liner and candy

  191. Allison

    I would love to get all of this in my stocking. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Alyssa L

    This is awesome! Even better than my candy!

  193. Gretchen E.

    The Naked palette!

  194. ashley g

    Crispy Cakes!

  195. Sylvia

    A Sephora gift card would do the trick. I’ll take some chocolate and vinyl records, too. Thanks, Santa!

  196. Natalie

    a candle 🙂 I have been the biggest sucker for candles lately. I love your blog and you are so kind to do the many giveaways that you do. Thanks 🙂

  197. Susan

    Absolutely LOVE that elephant key chain!

  198. Maria A.

    Ahh starting to look a lot like Christmas! Such fun lovely giveaway. Santa baby I sooo want that UD palette lol

  199. Katrina

    I really don’t want anything. I’m happy with what I have.

  200. Staci

    I love getting makeup items in my stocking and my husband is actually good at picking them out, or maybe a new scarf 😉

  201. Ashley H.

    Lipstick and one of those chocolates in the shape & flavor of an orange!

  202. Akemi

    I always want food in mine.

  203. Jeanette

    Oh i hope I win!! I LOVE everything! DL is one of my favorite polishes, and I love the Rosanna stuff from BB!! Who doesn’t love UD and elephants and chocolate!!

  204. Shannon

    A completely checked off “Honey Do” list. If my husband did that I would be happier with that stocking stuffer than any other gift.

  205. Dena B

    Stockings are HUGE for all ages in our family and are big fun. Shopping for them is sometimes more fun than shopping for the ‘real’ gifts!

  206. Mary Ann M.

    We get stockings?!

  207. Enrica

    I would love to find some perfume (Flowerbomb) and some running shoes in my stocking this year 😉

  208. Kayleigh

    I love UD and that elephant keychain is adorable!

  209. Yvonne

    In my stocking I’d love an old fashioned locket or signet ring!

  210. Cara James


  211. Kara C

    I would love to get that Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette! Love those colors!

  212. Kim Kjerulf

    I love lottery tickets. That Urban Decay palette would be nice also.

  213. Wanica McNeil

    I’m sooooo blessed at this time of the year to have Everything I want, but I faithly log in to your blog to make sure, lol. This year my sister-in-law is getting a LV bag. She loves the ones I have (single,no kids) but like most great mothers would never ever spend the money on one until her kids had everything their hearts desire. This year, my bother and I plan on seeing (good) tears, your giveaway would be icing on the cake!

  214. Esther Sue Davidson

    i would love the vessel hope it’s not too boring for you

  215. Cynthia

    Hozier CD is what I told my fiance. We don’t get each other big gifts until later in the year, but we do eachother’s stockings.

  216. Stacey

    I’m not too picky. Chocolate, nail polish.. this prize. LOL

  217. Jennifer


  218. Gina F.

    lipgloss is always nice!

  219. TreeLilly

    Love Naked! Stuff my stocking!

  220. Alicia

    Chocolate! A Target gift card would be a nice touch as well!

  221. Audrey

    Starbucks gift card, dated ornament for the tree, anything thoughtful. Stockings have always been my favorite part of Christmas. I used to fill my mom’s when I was younger after my parents got divorced because she refused to do it for herself. She was always delighted. I really just wish my hubs would remember mine!

  222. Debbie

    Stockings are my kids favorite thing to get, they always tell me they don’t care about other gifts just my stocking. I would like a Pandora bracelet with charms.

  223. Helen Whaley

    Hmm, nothing specific – just general AWESOMENESS!! lol

  224. Mallory B

    A luxury chocolate bar, lip balm, fuzzy socks and maybe a Starbucks gift card!

  225. Heather

    I love that little elephant!

  226. Tuesday C.

    I love getting chocolate and LUSH bath bombs in my stocking! 🙂


    My mom still does a stocking for me… It sounds weird but it is always a must that she puts a lint roller in there… also would love a dunkin donuts gift card considering I am addicted to iced coffee!

  228. Crystal

    I love gift cards and candy canes 🙂

  229. angel gu

    candy and chocolate!!

  230. Tara

    Beauty products are always fun, or candy!

  231. Leana

    Fresh sugar lip treatment, tokyomilk items, treats, and whatever else he wants to add.

  232. Erin

    This year I want loads of pistachios and some jewelry.

  233. Holly

    I am hoping to get some makeup in my stocking!

  234. Ashley

    If we did stockings, I’d hope for an ulta gc from the hubby….he’s too scared to pick out makeup for me!

  235. Samantha Vermeulen

    I want chocolate and cozy socks!

  236. mary

    i want scratch offs!!! i love a good scratch off.

  237. Jackie Martelli

    a gift card to Target? Or Starbucks? Maybe some lip gloss?

  238. Hildee

    I want these in my stocking!

  239. gary

    I would like walnuts

  240. Alice

    I want gym gloves…I like to keep my hands all girly and I often drop weights on myself. Also geez you must be bored at Jury Duty, there are like a million posts today.

  241. Amy T

    Fancy chocolate or sweets! YUM!

  242. Ronelle

    I love your giveaways! I would like to find some tech gadgets in my stocking this year!

  243. Cyrille Perez

    Tickets to getaway to somewhere warm

  244. Katy

    anything from the giveaway

  245. Michelle Sluman

    Mommy alone time or an in-home barista, however neither of those won’t happen. So, chocolate would be nice!

  246. Stephanie

    Would LOVE to try the makeup 🙂

  247. Deanna magoun

    iTune gift cards 🙂

  248. Anna

    We don’t do stockings, but if we did I would hope for chocolate!

  249. Kelly s

    Love the urban decay palette!!

  250. Tamara

    Chocolate, nail polish, hand cream and a small candle…or anything listed in this giveaway! What a fun contest! Thank you! 🙂

  251. Kristin t

    Gift cards and Nail polish!

  252. Joanne

    Amazon and target gift card!

  253. Izzy

    I wouldn’t mind getting that hand cream in my stocking. I’m recovering from surgery so anything that can provide me with a little extra pampering would be nice.

  254. Alecia

    Chocolate! 🙂

  255. Susan

    Lots of sweet smelling lip balm, lotion, and candles!

  256. Whitney W

    That Naked palette is a great idea for my stocking!!

  257. Rachael

    I want a t3 whirl!!

  258. Brittany

    I would be happy to get anything in my stocking. Any kind of gifts make me happy, it’s the thought that counts!

  259. Grace

    i honestly just want socks but nail polish would be great too

  260. Sarah

    It all looks great! A naked palette is on my Christmas list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. Julie B


  262. Stephanie

    Naked on the run and cozy warm items- lush products for a bath, hot beverages and candles

  263. Brenna M

    I am really hoping for make up this year!

  264. Laura

    MmmMMm chocolate 🙂

    1. Tammy Davis

      Jewelry and craft pretties

  265. Adrienne W

    A Scheels gift card so I can get a kayak.

  266. Meghan C

    I’d like a kitten in my stocking this year hehe. Is that too much to ask?

  267. Regan H

    I would love to find that UD palette, chocolate or cozy socks in my stocking.

  268. Amy

    In my stocking this year, I would love an Amazon gift card!!

  269. Tara Archer

    Travel candles and Nars lipstick. 🙂

  270. Kristi


  271. lesley

    I always love hand cream :o)

  272. Ginger S

    Anything from Lush would be welcome in my stocking!

  273. Chandi Collins

    I have never experienced any of these!

  274. Niki T.

    Makeup for sure!

  275. Samantha

    Candy, chocolate, nice makeup or skincare, and jewels! 😉

  276. e.


  277. Katie

    Love your reviews and you got me started on some of the subscriptions based on your reviews 🙂
    Love this stocking giveaway, thanks.

  278. Deb Jackson

    A single piece of nice jewelery would be swell.

  279. Sarah

    I would really love these cute little clay bears that my boyfriend’s mom keeps in her brown sugar containers – to keep it fresh! Search for “The Original Brown Sugar Bear” on Facebook. I love that idea so much!

    1. Sarah

      Err, search for it on Amazon. :.) Not Facebook!

  280. Meredith

    I want that sipping chocolate SOOOO bad!

  281. Theresa

    Lip balm, starbucks card, and makeup!

  282. laura r

    Chocolate and socks!!!

    We usually get little camp gear in our stockings too- day trip first aid kit, carabiners/water bottles, survival kits, etc.

    Last year, we lived in WI and I was able to get a ton of awesome cheap fancy chocolate from Copps. Coffee beans, salted caramel, cranberry/pomegranates, they all tasted so good! I might put some mini hot sauces in our stockings this year!

  283. Sara Arcuri

    I would love some nail polish! 🙂

  284. emily o

    I would love something (anything) in my stocking that i didn’t put there….. I’m the one that shops for and fills the stockings….. Usually mine has a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution…… Just every day essentials for me…. It’d be fun to get anything like these in it though!

  285. Caitlin C.

    I would love getting anything in this giveaway in my stocking! I usually like getting things like makeup and of course chocolate!

  286. Sophie

    Sweets and socks!

  287. latanya

    some diamond earrings

  288. katrina b

    lip balm, giftcards, a book or magazine, snacks, socks 🙂

  289. meg

    Some Kiehls lotion and lip balm would be great

  290. Kelly

    Thanks for the giveaway! Always like beauty products!

  291. Ricki

    The two National Lampoon Christmas Vacation puppies from Raising Cane’s.

  292. Linda

    Chocolate! And gift cards : )

  293. Kayla

    I love stocking stuffers such as lip glosses, socks, or even a new watch!

  294. Sunshine

    Good quality makeup (like Urban Decay

  295. Sunshine

    And Fleece Leggings

  296. Rachel Faulkner

    I’d love the palette!

  297. Percylyn

    Starbucks gift card!!

  298. Rachel Uresti

    This mama would love a gift card for a foot massage in my stocking!

  299. Lacey LaVake

    I love all the cute little things my husband finds. He goes to the mall and gets help from the clerks for beauty items

  300. Jordan M

    Gift cards are I always what I find in my stocking!

  301. Tara m

    Chocolate and bubble bath make me happy :). Maybe some wine haha …would also love that UD palette but I don’t think my hubby would know what to do to get his hands on one of those …

  302. Judy

    Candles, makeup, trinket boxes, chocolate and wintergreen candy canes….and a new GPS and windshield wipers for my car. Lol

  303. Katy

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’m coveting that palette.

  304. Beth

    Chocolate or coffee!

  305. Lauren

    Lotto tickets!

  306. Crystal

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love some Caudalie products or a house cleaning service. 😉

  307. christina

    socks! you can’t ever have enough socks, especially because the trolls in the dryer take them all ;(

  308. Rebecca

    I would love nail polish in my stocking!

  309. Melissa Bean

    I’d love a Target gift card in my stocking!

  310. Dara

    Bath bombs, chocolate, and a gift card for a massage!

  311. Alicia

    See’s candy!

  312. Hannah R

    Gourmet chocolate!

  313. Stephanie S

    YOu Pick the best giveaway items!

  314. Sarah Breazeale

    the UD palette looks amazing!

  315. terri s

    bath stuff, love soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a good book!

  316. Sarah

    Anything! My stocking was always my favorite part of Christmas, no matter what my mom found to put in it. She’d even send my daughter home Christmas Eve with a bunch of stuff to fill it with when I was single. My husband doesn’t quite get it so my stockings the last few years have been… lacking.

  317. Jacquelyn Noell

    The Naked On The Run Palette. =]

    As for me personally I will never turn down alcohol boxed sets or gift cards.

  318. Erin

    Chocolates and a pair of cozy slippers!

  319. Amy

    If my daughers could stuff a cute light wrap robe in my stocking I’d be happier than a pig in warm mud. However, I’ll take a SBs or Target card lol.

  320. Kristin

    Lindt Chocolate – the red wrapped ones oh so milk chocolaty

  321. christine fortes

    Gift cards to subscription boxes

  322. Jennifer

    I would love the urban decay Naked palate or jewelry!

  323. Crystal

    I remember always getting lip gloss in my stocking from my mom…er…Santa…every year. That Naked Palette is a hell of an upgrade on just a lip gloss though. I definitely wouldn’t mind having that! I have Naked 1 & I love it!

  324. Sara W

    I want to get lots of chocolate in my stocking!

  325. Katie

    Makeup would be great in my stocking!

  326. Tiffany Mcguffin

    Do Tory Burch sandals fit in a stocking?

  327. Talaura

    colored pencils

  328. Jessica

    Maybe a few pairs of inexpensive pretty earrings, some Dove chocolate and a $25 dollar Sephora giftcard. Yup, that sounds NICE! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great Giveaway! Love your site.

  329. Laura G

    I would just love to have a stocking this year. Things are tight and rough right now.

  330. illy junus

    I would love some jewelry and makeup such as Urban Decay yes…thank you for the chance. BTW, my hubby got the jury duty for 3 days, and he didn’t like it all

  331. Kate

    Lottery scratch offs are always good in the stocking.

    I really like this giveaway, particularly that gorgeous nail polish and matching bag!

  332. Lisa

    I would like a trip somewhere warm and sunny!

  333. Jenifer

    Besides anything from this giveaway, I love chocolate and socks in my stocking!!

  334. Ashley

    A Bottle Breacher!

  335. Cassie

    I don’t eat as much chocolate as I used to but I would love some of that hot chocolate! I’m also hoping for a new set of measuring spoons because I really need them. 🙂

  336. Tabitha Sawicz

    candy, travel size products and SCRATCH OFFS!!!!

  337. Karen

    I’m hoping for candy!

  338. sonya

    i always like comfy socks! or hair stuff, chapstick- mainly mini stuff… haha

  339. Hannah

    That sipping chocolate…yum!
    I like getting bookmarks, random gadgets from Bed Bath & Beyond, earrings…I don’t really care haha

  340. Michaela T

    I hope to get the Rosanna small vessel in my stocking – I already have the medium and large and it’s always out of stock!

  341. Caitlin

    A little something sparkly. I’m not picky. Sparkly tights, nail polish, jewelry, whatever works.

  342. Melissa J

    That Urban Decay Nakeds pallette, Lion King show tickets, and a birchbox sub 🙂

  343. Caroline

    Some new cute roots socks 🙂

  344. Amanda Schwartz

    I’d like that pallet please!

  345. Kristin S

    Nail polish 🙂

  346. Britt Hildebrandt

    I love all of your giveaways – it?s always full of the best stuff!!

  347. Margo d


  348. Eric p

    Good giveaway

  349. Alice

    Lip balm

  350. Katherine

    Gift cards and chocolate!!

  351. Carrie

    more sub boxes, of course!

  352. Danielle


  353. Gail

    This giveaway would be NICE!

  354. Trisha

    I’d like to get another alex and ani bracelet in my stocking!

  355. Turquoise

    I would love to get some nice lip balm, and hand lotion. Hopefully Santa puts a lot of peanut butter cups in my stocking.

  356. becky

    One year I got a bunch of bath bombs in my stocking and that was the best! Would love more of those!

  357. Jordan

    I’m Jewish, so no stockings:( but if I had a stocking, I would love to get chocolate, maybe a nail polish or two, and a beautiful wooden spoon (or basically any kitchen gadget).

  358. Alicia N

    I’m needing some basics like bobby pins and hair ties which are always good stocking stuffers! And then something fun like mini make up or nail polishes 🙂

  359. Alicia

    nail polish! Those are some of my favorite stocking stuffers. I enjoy getting surprises though 🙂

  360. Gina C.

    I’m hoping for some new makeup!

  361. Noelle

    Earbuds! And a new NARS lipstick

  362. Jessica

    Things from Lush and candy and other little trinkets like that elephant keychain- it’s so cute!

  363. Kiersten

    I would love to get that palette in my stocking! haha. But I also love comfy socks!

  364. Marilyn

    Clarisonic Replacement brushes I so need them!

  365. Liz

    some hot chocolate!

  366. Faith


  367. Adriana

    I would like gift cards and jewelry!

  368. Kristen N

    I love getting little chapsticks and candies in my stocking! Just something cute and fun. My mom always includes a giftcard as well, which is a nice surprise. 🙂

  369. Ann krumbine

    I love any make up or nail polish. Also chocolate is great. Thank you for the giveaway!

  370. Rosanne

    Restaurant gift cards. Anything that makes life easier even if it’s for carry out.

  371. Amy

    Gift cards! So I can buy things I want and it eliminates the guesswork/stress of the person giving the gift

  372. Lizet

    I would like a gift card to someplace to eat.

  373. Eve

    I would like an Eileen Fisher scarf and some nougats.

  374. Lynda

    Nail polish

  375. Katelyn Monahan

    ld love to get some candys in mine.

  376. Nicole

    Gift cards!

  377. Tinisha Lambeth

    I would love that Naked palette. Chocolate is always a great option! Thanks!

  378. Tessa

    Chocolate and lip balm — my favorite things!

  379. Kelley

    We always got a new special pez dispenser every year. It’s the one thing we knew we would get and its always fun to see which one you’ll get. I’m going to be home for Christmas for the first time in a couple years, so I can’t wait to see my pez dispenser this year! 😀

  380. L

    LOOOOVVVEEE the naked pallette.

  381. Lesley

    I’m going back to my mom’s house in Michigan from Atlanta for Christmas, so I want some of her homemade cookies in my stocking! 🙂

  382. Julia

    I want some unique and fun items, or the items that i wouldn’t consider buying myself bc of the price etc 🙂

  383. Amy S.

    I hope I find makeup! Any makeup, collect all the makeup!

  384. Julie Gowan

    Lip balm!

  385. JESSICA


  386. anna

    Anything that I am not expecting

  387. Shanna Beam

    I want nail polish in my stocking, lol

  388. Lindsay

    Any kind of gift card! I just love getting gift cards!

  389. Lindsay

    In my stocking I would love to receive some dark chocolate, a pretty nailpolish, and maybe a gift card to World Market.

  390. Cheryl

    That pink elephant is adorable! I need a new keychain.

  391. kirstyn

    Sephora giftcard!

  392. Kelsea Etson

    Urban Decay Naked on the Run

  393. Lauren

    I’ve been wanting a sapphire ring. Hopefully it will show up in my stocking. 😉 I’ve been leaving not so subtle hints, haha! As always, thank you for your awesome giveaway!

  394. cindy


  395. Sierra pricher

    Chocolate. I need my candy

  396. Sarah

    Makeup and nail polish!

  397. Kristie

    Something I didn’t pick out, buy and put in it. 🙂

  398. Pilar

    A key to a new car would be nice to find in my stocking

  399. monica

    i would love all of this especially the naked!

  400. Erin

    I would adore some dark chocolate truffles and some cozy slippers!

  401. Erin

    I always love getting lottery tickets and chapstick in my stocking!

  402. Valerie

    Nail polish

  403. Jana Williams

    Thank You for All Your Amazing Blog Posts, Newsletters, and Giveaways! I Have Learned So Many Awesome Things about Products & Subscription Boxes for Products that I Didn’t Even Know Existed before I Read Your Blogs! I Think I Already Told You This Before but I am Not Currently Working b/c I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Wreck and I Did Not Heal as I Thought I Would & I Have Developed a Lot of Very Problems Since Then! That Was Over Eight Years Ago & I Had No Insurance but I Was Working at a Spa as an Esthetician & Make Up Artist at the Time and I Loved My Job! I am Just Now Getting the Financial Help I Needed for the Medical Bills and it Has Been a Very Long Road! I Am Hopeful that Things Will Start Looking Up & I Can Go Back to Work and Maybe Even Be Pain Free if that’s Possible! Since I’m Not Working I Told My Family that I Would Rather Not Receive Presents Since I Couldn’t Buy Them Anything but My Parents are Really Just So Sweet & Amazing that I Know They Will Probably Get Me Something Anyways; I Don’t Know What I Would do Without Them! If I Had a Choice though I Would Love Some New Books in My Stocking b/c I am in the Bed a Lot and I Get Really Bored and I Love to Read b/c it Distracts Me for a Little While and I Can Live out Someone Else’s Life for a Change! I also Love Make Up & I Kid You Not the Two Things that I Really Wanted this Year Was that Deborah Lippmann Jazz Standards Nail Color Duo in the Beautiful Sequined Bag! The Other Thing I Wanted was Strangely Similar to this, it was the Too Faced Lip Stick Trio in a Pink Sequined Bag Just Like the Other One! I am Not Picky at All but as Long as I am With My Family & They are Healthy an Happy than that’s All I Care About! Thanks Again for this Chance & I Hope You and Your Family Have a Great Christmas Too! Take Care!

  404. Lindsay

    Kinda silly but I really want fuzzy socks in my stocking.

  405. Rachel Beltz

    I would love to get some nail polish or mini eyeshadow sets! Basically anything beauty related would make me happy!

  406. Jennifer Pittman

    I would like chocolate, lip balm, and maybe a subscription box if I could fit it in :).

  407. mai tran

    I’d love to have any romance pocket book in my stocking this holiday.

  408. kelly s


  409. eri

    I love getting nice candy

  410. Becky

    I want a coupon book from the kids that say things like ‘no fighting’, clean room, 1 hr uninterrupted quiet….

  411. Kelly

    I want naked on the run!

  412. Leah

    Anything would be appreciated, but there’s some cute jewelry I found on Etsy that I’d like to receive!

  413. Mindy Glazer

    I would ALWAYS love to find nail polish in MY stocking!! 🙂

  414. Erika Chilton

    I would love gift cards & makeup in my stocking! 🙂

  415. Tara Woods

    I want Amazon gift cards and makeup palettes.

  416. brenda disimone

    gel nail polish

  417. Vikki Billings

    I would love a couple of cd’s and some new perfume!

  418. Erin

    Lots of candy

  419. Christina L.

    I’d be pretty happy with some Reese’s and hand lotions/candles! 🙂

  420. Chrissy

    I hope to get Taylor Swift tickets!

  421. Jamie

    I always love to find chocolate in my stocking! 🙂

  422. Kelsey


  423. Jen botto

    Awesome giveaway!

  424. Jaime

    I have been on cloud 9 all day. Thank you for making my stocking special this year!

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