So What Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I thought today was Thursday.  It is not.
~I can’t figure out exactly which font matches the old one I used to use exactly.  And it’s driving me crazy.
~Every time I watch Chicago Fire, I think to myself, when did Steve (from Sex in the City) become a firefighter?  In Chicago?
~I can’t wait to get gas this week and use all of my Kroger fuel points.  #solame
~I can tell which delivery truck is out in front of my house from the sound of it alone.
~I don’t care who wins the Superbowl – I just want to win my squares.
~I have a bunch of returns to make and I have been putting them off like it’s my job. So bad of me!
~I think I am more excited than L when he doesn’t have homework.
~I am going to miss that crazy girl that was booted off the Bachelor this week.
~I want it to snow here like it did on the East Coast!
~I will never understand why PEOPLE USE ALL CAPS.
~In a weird way, I look forward to the craziness of the drop-off lane everyday.
~I’m already ready for February subscription box spoilers!
~I can’t believe I am older than the internet and cell phones.  And not just a little older.  A lot older.

What are you saying “So What” to this week?

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  1. bisexual narwhal

    It took me way too long to figure out how to comment with the new layout!

    I have also been a day ahead this week! SO ANNOYING!

    1. theramblingjen

      I know! I’m trying to figure out how to me the comment bubble to the end! No luck yet though!

  2. Heather Poccia

    Knowing the delivery truck by sound, those are mad skills!! I am not worthy… I, too, become more excited than my kids when they say they do not have homework :/ I like o shut my brain off when they come home. They are a wild bunch and embracing mental peace requires not thinking.
    I have been searching for Februaury spoilers since the weekend, and I personally use caps because Im and animated speaker, and actually I’m kind of like Ross from Friends I OVER enunciate things haha, thats when i’m CAPPING my words 😀

  3. laura r

    I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.

    I got gas for $1.31/gallon yesterday. It’s $1.61 at the Fry’s gas station and I had a $0.30 reward! My empty light was on and I put $20 in and it got me to the Full line! I don’t think gas was this cheap when I started driving a million years ago!

    And I don’t believe you’re in your 50’s and older than the internet!

    1. theramblingjen

      I guess maybe I am just older than when cell phones and internet became household items!

  4. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    I totally know the sounds of the delivery trucks. They actually go down the road behind my house first so we know when its almost to my house. Even the boys know and will ask if he have anything coming with xyz so that they can meet the driver. 🙂
    I’m going to have to do some more pickup when N starts back in July and I’m kindof looking forward to listening to some more books. LOL That is what I do when we’re waiting. It has me pretty excited.

  5. Melissa

    So what if I have an interview today for an exclusive seminar I really want to get into and am shaking in my boots! So nervous! And so what if I don’t get in. Right???

    1. theramblingjen

      Don’t be nervous! You will do great!

  6. Brandy


    1. theramblingjen


  7. Annie

    you don’t want this stupid snow. but, you can come get it if you really think you do 🙂 I have a hard time believing you are a lot older than cell phones OR the internet. The world wide web was invented in 1989, but both cell phones and the internet have been around over 40 years. and if you ARE a lot older than that – don’t tell anyone, because you have me fooled!

    1. theramblingjen

      LOL. Okay, no, I am not over 40. But I do remember when we didn’t have internet or cell phones!!!! I remember my Dad getting a giant bag cell phone and we thought it was THE COOLEST thing.

      1. Annie

        We all had beepers in high school and thought we were amazingly cool. we even ‘texted’ each other in code, like 1-4-3 was i love you. I dont remember any others though…

  8. Erin

    We got hit with the storm here, not too bad only about 18 inches. I laugh about Steve from Sex and The City too being on Chicago Fire. The funny thing is his characters name is my husband’s name.

  9. Genevieve

    Just letting you know your blog is looking a little odd on my end. I can’t see if anyone has commented and if I click on one of the newest posts it doesn’t let me move to the next in either direction. But the older posts still look like they did before.

    1. theramblingjen

      Hmm, what kind of device are you on? Mobile or Desktop / Laptop? This is what the posts should look like at the bottom.

  10. Crystal

    Just letting you know that I’m still have older posts pop up and I have to refresh to get to the newest ones.

    1. theramblingjen

      I am going to try and do a big reset late tonight and see what happens! Fingers crossed.

  11. Nich

    OMG Jen your So What Wednesday had me laughing, especially wanting it to snow like it did on the East Coast and happy L has no homework. I think this is the best part of your blog. I am happy it’s sunny where I’m at that is my So What Wednesday!

  12. mini2z

    My So What Wednesday
    – woke up in pain after a painful night and a nightmare
    – Netflix is evil – being stuck at home I’m watching too much of it
    – my doctor’s is closed until Monday and they haven’t given me the insurance forms for work yet but I got paid today so it’s still ok
    – I’m liking your new layout BUT the blue for the titles is a little light – I don’t know if you could do it a shade or two darker I find it bit hard to read
    – I’m going stir crazy and it’s only week 2 of homebound….

    1. theramblingjen

      Hmm, the titles should be orange? Are you talking about the links?

      1. mini2z

        I like the orange – I can see it better – I’ll let you know when the the email comes tomorrow with the daily email tomorrow

        1. theramblingjen

          The titles have been orange since I switched it. The links in the posts are a green / aqua?

          1. mini2z

            I’ll grab a screen shot when today’s email comes – I don’t know if you tweaked the blue/teal but looking at “reply” above this looks darker than yesterday

  13. Squinj

    I am a piping designer so I do like plot plans and elevations and isometrics and stuff… And we write everything in capital letters.

  14. Stacie Seidman

    I can’t even watch Chicago fire without thinking, why is Steve trying so hard to fake a Chicago accent?
    I wish I could send my snow to you
    My dad sometimes uses all caps. When I asked him about it, he said that when he communicates with people in Asia (which he does daily for work) they sometimes are confused by our upper and lower case. Though most of the time I think people are just trying to be “loud”.
    Has anyone else had trouble commenting with Chrome? I have to switch to safari to comment here now. And I can’t at work at all, but I think it’s because they have blocks.

  15. Terri (Alexia561)

    I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Thursday! Maybe it was something in the water? ha!

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