February 2015 Wantable Fitness Edit Subscription Review

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Wantable Fitness Edit
Cost: $20 Styling Fee + Cost of Item(s) Kept.
Ships To: United States (Free).
Coupon Code: N/A
February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
February 2015 Wantable Fitness

Wantable Fitness Edit is Wantable’s newest subscription service. I tried them back in December and liked a few of the pieces I received, so I decided to give them another go. Each month your fitness editor will hand select 5 fitness pieces which you can try on at home before you buy. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $20-$60 each. There is a $20 styling fee and you can keep the pieces you like (the $20 styling fee will be deducted from the cost of the items you keep) and return the ones you don’t. You are only charged for the items you keep and if you end up keeping everything you get a 30% discount on all the items (or a 20% discount if you keep 3-4 items)!

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
The Box

Wantable Fitness Edit ships via DHL Global Mail (starts out with USPS and is delivered by USPS) and took under a week to arrive.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
First Look

There were two things that stood out to me in the first look.  First of all, this is my second fitness edit, not my third.  And second of all, the date on the information card is January 19th.  I didn’t receive this month until a good three weeks after that date.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Second First Look

I should have put on sunglasses when I opened this up because everything was so BRIGHT!  Wow!

The Information Card
The Information Card

Just like with the other Wantable boxes, you can customize you preferences for the Fitness Edit through their detailed quiz. You’ll get more of the items you Love, some of the items you Like and you’ll never get any of the items you Dislike. The only Dislike item I had was Undergarments.  Here is what I received:

~Climawear Beauty Bar Aurora Space Dye Tank ($39): This is a cute basic tank, but I thought the sizing on it seemed a bit small.  I don’t think I would have kept it for $39 even if it fit, but it didn’t so I didn’t even have to decide.  Verdict: Returned.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Beauty Bar Aurora Space Dye Tank

~Be Up Supreme Legging ($69): These are absolutely one of the craziest (some would even call them ugly) pairs of pants I have seem.  And you guessed it, I am keeping them.  How could I not?  There are subtle little cat faces mixed into this crazy colorful print.  I love them!  Verdict: Kept.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Be Up Supreme Legging

~Rebecca Michaels Printed Hoodie – Blue Cloud ($76): Could you imagine this hoodie with the pants above?  Wow.  That would be something!  The description calls this print “Blue Cloud”, but I would call it tie-dye.  I *might* have kept this, but the sleeves were so crazy.  They go to about your elbows and are kind of puffy between the shoulder and the below.  I am not a fan. Verdict: Returned

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Rebecca Michaels Printed Hoodie – Blue Cloud

~Jala Maksha Jogger ($62): These don’t look so bad on the model, but in person they reminded me of Hammer pants.  They just aren’t for me.  Verdict: Returned.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Jala Maksha Jogger

~Nux Nirvana Tank ($52): I really like the neon color of this, but not the price.  Or the style really.  Verdict: Returned.

February 2015 Wantable Fitness Subscription Edit Review
Nux Nirvana Tank

All totaled my pieces had a value of $298.  Had I kept them all it would have cost me $188.60 ($298 – $20 styling fee – $89.40 keep all 30% discount).  I just wasn’t a fan of this month’s Wantable Fitness Edit.  Except for the crazy leggings, there was nothing in there that I would have picked up on my own.  I will probably skip the Fitness Edit for the next month or two and then give them another chance down the road.

Do you subscribe to Wantable?  If so, what’d you get in your box (fitness, makeup or accessories or intimates) this month?


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  1. Melissa

    OMG, I am laughing so hard — I got those Hammer pants in my fitness edit and KEPT them!!! LOL. I swear, the other things in my fitness edit were SO BAD it made the Hammer pants look normal! The worst in that fitness edit was the pair of leggings that looked liked someone had attacked them with a razor blade all the way up to the butt!! NO idea how you’re supposed to work out in shredded leggings…

    1. Jennifer

      OMG. Those leggings sound very 1980’s!!! The hammer pants looked very cute on the model! It was like mine were totally different!

      1. Melissa

        I sort of feel more I Dream of Jeannie than MC Hammer when I wear them, though. I feel like I need those shoes where the toes turn up? And my calves are very cold when I wear them too because it’s FEBRUARY in the Northeast lol.

      2. Melissa

        I think they look cute on the model because of the way the picture is taken. It doesn’t show how short they really are.

  2. Jenny

    Oh WOW that was a very random box. I do love the crazy cat pants too and I starting singing Hammer time when I read hammer pants. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      I will admit, I do love MC Hammer!

  3. Krista

    I subscribe to the intimates collection and for the most part , I love the things they send, a great mix of thing si would not generally choose myself but for the most part they have been spot on with this box. I have tried other boxes they have but none have kept me like the intimates collections..


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