Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch Review + Coupon Code 16

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Cost: $24.99/month (My Maven) / $39.99 (Maven Luxe)
Ships To: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
Coupon CodeMonthly Subscription: Use coupon code “ONYX” to get a Birthstone Welcome box for just $2.99. Cupid’s Mystery Clutch: Use “GETCOLOR” to get a FREE full-pried Julep polish with your order of $15+.
Julep Cupid's Mystery Box

Julep Cupid’s Mystery Box

I hadn’t gotten a Julep Mystery Box in a while, so when I saw the latest Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch, I decided it was time to go for one.  This box was $24.99 and promised to include $100+ of beauty goods and nail color including the snowy heart glitter top coat Yuki (Classic with a Twist), and pink chevron glitter top coat va-va-Valentina (Bombshell)!  I have tons of Julep polishes so I anticipated a few repeats, but I really liked the two colors they promised to include.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

The Box

Julep ships via FedEx Smart Post.  I ordered this box on the 4th (the day it was released) and it arrived today (the 7th).  Not too bad at all.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

First Look

The first look was lots of glitter! I could see a bunch of polishes sticking out under the clutch too, but obviously I couldn’t tell the colors of those.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Second First Look

Turns out there were more than just polishes under there!  The Mystery Box actually contained five polishes plus the free polish I got with the coupon code (I opted for the January Birthstone polish).

~Glitter Clutch:This clutch is a great size and could hold a ton of things. I’m going to use it as a makeup bag or put it in my larger bag and instead of using it as a night-out clutch.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Glitter Clutch

~Julep Jessie (Bombshell) ($11.20 / $14): Jessie is a “deep Kalamata crème”. I originally received it in my November 2014 Maven box and I have used it a few times already. It’s a great winter color and I will give it to a friend.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Jessie (Bombshell)

~Julep Margit (It Girl) ($11.20 / $14): Margit is a “mushroom with rose shimmer”. That makes it sound much less attractive than it is though. It’s not my favorite of the bunch, but it’s okay.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Margit (It Girl)

~Julep Myriam (Classic with a Twist) ($11.20 / $14): Myriam is a “Casino red crème” and I am shocked that I don’t have this one already.  It’s fantastic.  It looks like it’s from an older collection and I am thrilled it was in this box!

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Myriam (Classic with a Twist)

~Julep Valentina (Bombshell) ($11.20 / $14): Valentina is a pink chevron glitter top coat.  Once I figure out what color to put under it as my base coat (hot pink or pale pink) this is going on my nails.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Valentina (Bombshell)

~Julep Yuki (Classic With A Twist) ($11.20 / $14): Yuki is a snowy heart glitter top coat.  It’s just about perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Yuki (Classic With A Twist)

~Julep Gel Eye Glider (Navy Smoke) ($12.80 / $16): I have a friend who adores Julep products so I will be giving this to her.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Gel Eye Glider (Navy Smoke)

~Julep Lip Gloss (Posh) ($16 / $20): Another fantastic item in here!  Julep has a great lip gloss (it’s not sticky at all and goes on very smooth) and this color is awesome.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box Review

Julep Lip Gloss (Posh)

All totaled I came up with a value of $84 (or $95.20 if you count the free Birthstone polish I received) for the Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch.  I used Maven pricing when I did my calculation – had I used non-Maven pricing it would have been well over the promised $100 value!  I am thrilled with this box and am so glad I went for it.

Did you order a Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch? What did it include?  If you are interested in ordering (they are available through 2.15.15) you can head on over to their site and use the coupon code “GETCOLOR” to get a FREE full-pried Julep polish with your order of $15+. Make sure to add the polish of your choice to your cart before applying the code.


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16 thoughts on “Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch Review + Coupon Code

  • Patricia

    Ooooh thanks for this review. After seeing the congrats code earlier this week I couldn’t resist this can’t wait to get mine. This is my first Julep purchase, I was perusing the store earlier and fell in love with the posh colored lippie I really really hope thats in my box too. Thanks again for the review enjoy your goodies!

      • Patricia

        Finally got my box I got the same eyeliner, lipgloss (love!!), and 2 glittery polishes the other 3 polishes are different from yours I got Fifi, Joann, and Logan. I m a little disappointed I got 2 Fifi’s since I used the congrats code but oh well. I cant believe I ve only ordered from Julep 1x and already have doubles lol. I also added on a mystery thing and got an eyeshadow palette and a brush and added on the wish list set(for a gift) and thats beautiful! Love the little wristlet too all in all good bang for the buck. Very fun!

  • Melissa

    Anyone have any ideas on how to keep Julep polish from chipping?? Mine lasts less than 24 hours even with several coats of their topcoat. Grrrrr

    • Cristina

      Really? I have a toddler and am always washing sippy cups and doing everyday chores and mine always lasts at least 5 days before it starts to chip.

      • Melissa

        Truly! And it is so, so frustrating. Do you use a bottom coat? Which top coat do you use? I’ve also tried layering the color with the top coat.

        • Emily

          I use orly color care polish bond as a base coat and Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat for the final top coat every time and my polish can last a week or sometimes 9-10 days. I am hard on my nails, and used to have the problem of julep polish chipping, but after finding that combo, my manicures last and look good. There usually is some chipping at the ends of the nails, but nothing bad.

  • Lily

    I just got mine today and got Logan, Joanne, and Fifi.

    Fifi ended up being a dupe since I used the “congrats” offer. All in all a great box!

  • Alicia N

    Loved this box! I also added one of the mystery add ons and got a little eye shadow palette of 5 gold and brown tones and a eye shadow brush and then I got a navy blue color as my free polish and then got a bright green color on sale so next season I have Seahawk colors :))

  • abbie

    Are the mystery boxes available to everyone? ( including non-mavens)
    Where do they list them? I haven’t noticed them anywhere on the site. Thanks!