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Dear People Who See that Dress as Being Black and Blue, How? This is one thing I will never understand. And frankly, I wish I never would have looked at it. I just do not get it.

Dear WB, No, there is not a frog in your room. No, you do not need a drink of water. No, you are not scared of your Paw Patrol stuffed animal. No, you do not need to tell the dogs something.  But yes, you crack me up.

Dear Spring, Are you ever going to get here?  Please hurry.  We are freezing.

Dear Disney, Do we really need to go see Cinderella to see the new Frozen short?  Isn’t there another way?

Dear “Keychain Access”, You are literally the best thing that ever happened to me. You know how often I forget my passwords?  Every day.  More than once a day at that.  But with you I just need ONE password and then can look up any password I have saved.  Amazing.

Dear Starbucks. I was so excited about your Coconut Milk and then discovered it’s not really coconut milk.  Why?

Dear My Old Teachers on Facebook, Why didn’t I realize how cool you all were when I was in high school?  I mean seriously.

Dear Me, Uhh, how did it take you almost a week to realize that one of your prints on the Gallery Wall was hung sideways?  LOL.

Dear Big Hero 6, Why didn’t anyone warn me about how sad you were? I should have asked L about it before I watched.  He would have warned me.

Dear Llamas That Escaped, OMG, I couldn’t have enjoyed watching you run free any more than I did.  The kids and I were cracking up.  I don’t know if it was funnier to watch you or watch the people trying to catch you.  Awesome.


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  1. Alena

    Big Hero 6, made me SOB. I mean SOB! SO. SAD!

  2. Adriana

    I don’t understand that dress thing either…me and my dad see white and gold while my mom and brother see blue and black. I don’t understand! Lol. Aww I love llamas, I can imagine how funny that must of been.

  3. brandy

    it changed color! it’s cray.

  4. Melissa B

    I don’t get the dress thing either. It’s white and gold. I don’t get how you can see any other color.

  5. Cymbre Martin

    The iris of our eye is what detects color, the more it protrudes the better your receptors are, but if they are less pronounced you won’t see color correctly aka you will see a white and gold dress like I do.

  6. Geneiveve

    It was white and gold when I first got to the page and after I scrolled down and back up it turned blue and black.

  7. Chrissy

    Wait, it’s not coconut milk? What is it then?

      1. kay

        it’s not that much different than any other coconut milk drink type things, here’s the ingredients for silk’s coconut milk as an example
        coconut milk from a can is what the people looking for it to be “real food” are mad about… but most people who drink coconut milk are drinking cartons, just like the silk. i’ve never seen anywhere open up a can of coconut milk as a non-dairy option in coffee, and I live in Portland (which means I bet somewhere here does… but i haven’t seen it yet! 😉 )

  8. Sara

    The owner of the original photo “came forward” and said that the dress is, in fact, blue and black 🙂 If you look up the band “Canach” – they are a Scottish band who are the original people that sent the photo back and forth with their mother, and they showed a photo of her actually wearing it at the wedding and it is completely a navy blue and black in the proper lighting. So weird.

  9. raisin

    I saw one dress on IG that was black and blue posted by one person I follow, another person I followed posted a white and gold dress. I came back to both pages and each one the same color as before. So I think the internet is playing major mind buck games on us lol…

  10. JacLyn

    I found a link on the dress yesterday:

    I still see white and gold, though! I guess I can see how the white could be blue, but I do not understand how gold could be black! My girls see white and gold, too, but my husband sees blue and black and thinks we’re all crazy! lol

    The llamas escaping were so great. <3 And that guy that lassoed from the back of the pickup truck! We've had cows escape and wander around here, but never llamas. haha 🙂

  11. Stacie

    About that darn dress…. On the computer screen, I can only seen white and gold. However, if you look on your phone, and scroll it all the way up it kind of looks blue and black that way. But only kind of. And you have to angle the phone. But evidently it actually is, in real life, blue and black. Mind blown.
    Ha, loose Llamas… I can’t even imagine! A few years back I had a little pony and he got loose in the snow. It was hilarious. He was totally playing me trying to catch him, and he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He was away from the street, and safe from harm, so it was pretty hilarious.

  12. melanie

    what is this keychain access thing? i need details. sounds like a complete lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Erin

    I could only see it white and gold for the longest time. Once I looked at a dark blue and black dress, the original dress looked blue and black. It’s weird!

  14. Jenny

    I’m so ready for spring. We are on day 8 of snow days. N has only gone to school 1 1/2 days in the last two weeks 🙁 No idea how we will make all these days up.
    I haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet. Both boys went with other people but I keep hearing its sad. I’m going to have to be in a mood to watch it I think.

  15. lia

    Oh my gosh! I totally thought that stupid dress thing was a joke I didn’t get until my friend posted it. So I asked my fiance what color it was and he said “Uh… blue and black obviously” and I FREAKED OUT. Because he’s totally not someone who would be “in” on an internet joke that I wasn’t. We were both freaking out on each other for an hour over it. Then this morning…. I see it as blue. For a while I could kind of switch it (like that picture that is either a duck or a rabbit) but now… it’s just blue and black. I can’t see it as white anymore. WHAT THE HELL!?!

  16. Mrs. L

    I find whole dress thing to be fascinating because, well, SCIENCE!

    And as far as the coconut milk…my friend tried it in a flat white and said it tasted amazing! Until after he was finished and then it had the chemical aftertaste. I, of course, will have to give it a try this weekend, because, well, I try everything 🙂 There is no way they could use real coconut milk (shelf life, etc) but I wish they had something a little less chemical

  17. PA Anna

    Ugh! The dress. I see white and gold. My boys see blue and black. I looked on my phone and tilted it and could see a little black.

  18. Terri Q

    When I first saw the dress, it was white. I looked again and it was blue and black! I swear it’s an internet prank to drive us crazy!

  19. victoria

    I can’t believe the llamas made national news, I live 15 minutes away from where they got out. My husband told me, I was like how in the world did runaway llamas make national news lol

  20. Kelsey A

    Enough about this dress. I want to hear more about this supposed frog in WB’s room

  21. Tina Edwards

    According to the Wired article the dress IS black and blue. *shrug* I don’t care what color it is. Its a very ugly dress lol.

    As for the Frozen short it will pop up on You Tube probably pretty quickly. The shorts usually do. 🙂

  22. dana00marie

    Ah yes… the crazy dress. I can actually see both now though at first all I saw was white and gold. If I focus on the “lace” or whatever I see gold and white. If I focus on the other part I see black and blue. SORCERY! Big Hero 6…dang Disney stop trying to make me all emotional.The llamas really were the best….way better than the dress.

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