Quarterly Co. Shipping Update

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Quarterly Co. Shipping Update
Quarterly Co. Shipping Update

Quarterly Co. has just announced that, beginning on 3.1.2015, they will be charging all subscribers a flat rate for shipping on their subscription boxes.  Previously recurring subscriptions were not charged shipping while one-time only subscription purchases were. Now ALL subscribers will include shipping fees.  Boxes that are $50 and $75 will have a flat rate shipping charge of $5 and $100 boxes will have a charge of $8.

The update also mentioned that the all subscriptions active before this time will receive a loyalty shipping credit towards their next box.  So if you are thinking of subbing to Nina Garcia or one of the other boxes, you will want to do it now!  Remember, Quarterly does NOT charge you until the box ships! So you can subscribe now and save yourself from having to pay the $8 shipping fee and still not be charged until it ships!  I am not super excited about this (I mean who wants to pay more), but maybe this will allow boxes to get out the door more quickly?  We’ll see!


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  1. Wanica McNeil

    After that last Nina box, Quaterly screwed up reminding me I can’t return and will have to pay more. I just reremembered , yes re-rememebered,to cancel a couple of their boxes. Whoever does their marketing stinks. You don’t have a product that was provided late, with non thrilling items (and i am not hard to please, loved the little plastic shoes traded for everyone) and then immediately decide to add two negative reasons to not buy. This one I will be living through you,Jenn. Maybe your super sleuth spoiler hunting will entice to me fork over $110.

    1. Wanica McNeil

      But if anyone knows what was in the $5000 box, I would love to know.

      1. Jennifer

        I feel like I saw this somewhere? Let me find you a link.

  2. Judy

    Quarterly must be going downhill slowly with all these lame changes :/.. They better ship promptly now that they are charging an extra fee. You guys can find the $5,000 box review here: http://totalstart.com/tim-ferriss-megabox-unboxing/ (no pix, and Im not impressed lol) Liz posted links to the exact items here: http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2014/12/tim-ferriss-5000-holiday-megabox-reveal.html .. Again.. Not impressed. Think Im heading to quarterly to unsubscribe, they didnt even email me about this change! So sneaky & unprofessional.

    1. Wanica McNeil

      Thanks so much. I agree,that wasn’t impressive at all. There was not a single thing I coveted. I didn’t even get the theme. If it was travel. Five grand,He could have blown it out the water. Louis V luggage, or a voucher for a personal jet service.Most people with that kind of money are not going to want a skateboard, maybe a snowboard, but who out of their teens skateboards besides Tony Hawk. I guess this proves I really don’t understand some of the things, people with money to burn, spend it on.

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