Ramblings of a Suburban Mom Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Valentine's / Galentine's Giveaway
Valentine’s / Galentine’s Giveaway

I meant to get this Valentine’s (or the more fun Galentine’s) Giveaway up sooner, but time seemed to escape me this month! But it’s here now and that’s all that matters! Here is what you could win:

~beautyblender BBF + mini solid cleanser ($40)
~Deborah Lippmann Sexyback Nail & Lip Set ($24)
~Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace ($60)
~bkr Glass Water Bottle with Heart ($36)
~To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han ($10.79)
~Whoopie Cream Body Wash & Bubble Bath ($18)
~Royal Apothic Tintie ($14)

All you need to do to enter is click “enter” below. There are lots of other entry options as well, but the only mandatory one (and honestly it’s the one the most people win from) is to click enter! Just make sure you come back everyday because you can enter every 24 hours! I will select the winner via Rafflecopter after the giveaway ends on 2.20.15 at 12am ET! Good luck!

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  1. Kiley


    1. Kate f

      Orchids, I love orchids!

  2. Erin

    Beach roses

  3. ashlee

    I love pink roses.

  4. Vicki

    I have always loved spring flowers like crocus and daffodils. Means winter is over!

  5. Rachel


  6. HeatherP

    This is an awesome giveaway!!! Very nice job.

  7. Breanna

    Carnations are my favorite

  8. Beth

    Lavender… If that is considered a flower.. not a typical flower, I guess. If I’m going to get a bouquet of something, I would prefer tulips. I’ve always liked the look of them in a vase.

  9. Staci

    My favorite flowers are sunflowers. But I also love peonies!

  10. Nori


  11. jmd

    I like tulips and irises!

  12. Holly OGorman

    Anything white, especially white lillies.

  13. Hannah

    I like seeing tulips in the Spring & sunflowers in the Summer/Fall, but in an actual vase I’ll take whatever my boyfriend gets me 😉 especially since Valentine’s Day is in the winter, I’ll welcome any flower into my home!

  14. Margo

    So hard to choose! I guess tulips or peonies

  15. e.


  16. faith


  17. wendy m

    Tough question! hmmm… Lily of the valley. In some countries they grow like weeds in the wild… lucky them!

  18. Anna


  19. Katelyn monahan

    I’m pretty simple to please, I love carnations!

  20. Allie

    Peonies!!! Cute giveaway!!

  21. Enrica H


  22. brandy


  23. Lauren

    My favorite flower is hydrangeas. I’ve been wanting the Tanner bar necklace and that exact BKR bottle for a long time. Thank you for your awesome giveaway!

  24. Beth

    I love lilies and orchids!

  25. Amy

    I like lotus flowers

  26. Shana

    Right now the daffodils in the front yard, spring is on it’s way! But Roses are awesome too

  27. Aoife K

    You need to teach men how to put together the perfect gift set, because THIS is it. 😀
    Perfect “pamper yo’self” gift!

    (And my favorite flowers are lillies, haha)

  28. meg

    My fav are ranunculas!

  29. Kelly S.


  30. Melanie


  31. Leana

    I love all flowers. Peonies are pretty and you can’t go wrong with some pink roses.

  32. Melissa Y.

    I love orchids!

  33. Becca C.


  34. mspotts


  35. Sarah Leppert


  36. Crystal LS

    My favorite flowers are orchids.

  37. Emily

    I love tulips

  38. Danielle

    Calla Lilies

  39. Colleen Boudreau

    Gerbera Daisies!

  40. Brenna M

    Such a wonderful giveaway!! Daisies and pansies are my personal favorites:)

  41. Melissa

    ranunculus And peonies

  42. Ricki

    The feathery, striped tulips.

  43. Amanda

    My favorite type of flowers are Orchids. P.s love your blog!

  44. alecia

    I love poppies and lily of the valley.

  45. Amanda

    Orchids! P.s love your blog

  46. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Tulips! Red ones! I grew up in Holland Mi, and Tulip Time is my fav time of year!!

  47. Danyelle

    Purple Calla Lillies and Sunflowers

  48. Kim

    Hydrangeas! Lilacs are also lovely.

  49. Ake

    I like Jasmine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Holly

    I love sunflowers!

  51. Stacey

    Gerber daisies! Though I do have a special place for daffodils in the spring!

  52. Maura

    Gerber daisy!

  53. Katelynn Dochod

    Orchids! <3

  54. Kat

    I’m a fan of peach roses!

  55. Adriana

    There are many pretty flowers but I do love orchids.

    1. Jennie

      Gerber Daisies are my fav. 🙂

  56. Breanne

    Roses 🙂

  57. Lauren


  58. Jessica A.

    My favorite are miniature gardenias.

  59. cindy

    Peony..have bushes in my yard over 70 yrs old transplant from my parents first home

  60. Kristen H.

    I love Jasmine flowers – maybe a little more for their smell than their looks.

  61. Beth K


  62. Kelsea Beth

    Calla Lillies!

  63. Jenn

    Tulips!! I’m a preschool teacher and one of my students gave me a bouquet of tulips for Valentine’s Day. These flowers have made me so happy on these freezing winter days.

  64. Lanie


  65. Sarah d

    Wish I was less boring, but roses!

  66. Shewn

    I LOVE gerber daisies!

  67. Kristin

    I have two Alstroemeria as they’re like little orchids and the come in so many colours but I love white carnations because they last so long and smell so pretty.

    I have wild English violets in my lawn that came from my grams, that came from her mothers that came smuggled in her bra from England. They have blooms in the spring and then again in the fall.

  68. Kim

    Gerber Daisies!!!!

  69. Sneaky Burrito

    My favorite flowers are orchids. Maybe I’m weird but I always liked live flowers in pots better than cut flowers.

  70. Kirsten

    I love orchids! But I can never keep them alive!

  71. Tamara

    Either Peonies or Peach Roses 🙂

  72. vicki

    Bought some daises in Costco last week and they were pretty spectacular plus they lasted a long time.
    Like Fresh as a Daisy (-;

  73. Sher

    I love anything purple, like orchids and lavender and lilac.

  74. SoKnitpicky

    I love orchids. Thanks for the giveaway. I think you’d be a great curator!

  75. Amanda G

    Gerbera daisy

  76. terri s

    love all flowers; too many favorites. but really love the ones that smell good too!

  77. Cymbre Martin

    I love me some classic roses!

  78. Lori


  79. Nicole

    My favorite flowers are the stargazer lily! I had them in my wedding bouquet!

  80. Katherine

    I love tulips!

  81. Jordan

    I love ranunculus! My friend told me that they looked like baby artichokes once, so now we call them artichoke flowers. But seriously, they are beautiful and a bit different.

  82. Becka

    Roses. And lilies. And orchids. Oy! I can’t decide… I love flowers.

  83. stacey

    I love peony flowers 😀

  84. Kiesha

    Tulips for sure! and sunflowers!

  85. Alicia N

    My favorite flowers are peony’s!

  86. Chelsey

    Plumeria flowers!

  87. Jamie

    My favorite flower is always changing. Sometimes I think Tulips are my favorite, sometimes I think I like Red Roses the most. I can never decide!

  88. Mary Rang

    Plumerias! BTW: this is an awesome give away.

  89. Ashley H.

    I’m fond of Ranunculus right now!

  90. Kristine

    I love sunflowers and the smell of peonies

  91. Kristi S

    Anything but roses…I know I’m weird, but I just can’t stand roses!

  92. Ingrid

    My favorite flower has to be tulips! 🙂

  93. pegg

    Happy Galentine’s Day! My favorite flowers are peonies!

  94. Cassie

    Tulips are my favorite flower, but roses have the most amazing scent!

    What an amazing giveaway! And seriously, I have been eyeing that Gorjana necklace for ages. *fingers crossed*

  95. Kelsey Parsons

    I love a nice bouquet of wildflowers.

  96. Sarah

    I’m not a big flower person but I love having magnolias, lilacs, or jasmine growing outside– they’re pretty AND they make everything smell so good.

  97. Amber Rinaldi

    Gerbera Daisies!

  98. Elizabeth

    I love daisies!

  99. Alexis

    Gerbera Daisies!! 🙂

  100. Bridget Heiple Reich

    Gerber Daisies! 🙂

  101. Chantel W.


  102. Krista

    I really don’t like flowers! Weird right? I feel like they are such a waste of money!

  103. Jenn S


  104. latanya

    calla lilies

  105. Callie


  106. Nicky

    Orange calla lilies! Ps. A tonight I am celebrating Galentines Day with all my lady friends! Love this holiday 😀

  107. Jackie H

    Tulips or a mixture

  108. Rebecca

    My favorite…well, it is a toss up between pansies and daisies. I am a lucky girl and answered the door today to a delivery person bearing a vase full of daisies and pink carnations. 🙂

  109. elizabeth


  110. Laura

    I don’t really like cut flowers.. but I’d be happy with plants! Especially food plants like herbs! If it has to be flowers, roses I guess.. my aunt and her boyfriend (or husband, not sure if they got hitched) are in town and he put together some insane flower arrangements in pots for my mom!

    (Side note: Do you know if the entries stick? Whenever I’ve entered previously and went back the next day the “Just click enter” entries never stick so it always leaves 5 points out)

  111. Kathy

    I love carnations. Best scent ever!

  112. Mparks

    Peonies are my favorites!

  113. Kristy

    My favorite flowers are Stephanotis. So delicate, so beautiful! They are gorgeous for a bouquet in a spring wedding!

  114. Tessa

    I love calla lilies — every color!

  115. Diane F

    Spring flowers! I love gerber daisies.

  116. Inna B.

    I don’t really have a favorite. Fresh and a light pleasant scent sounds good?

  117. Helen

    Any cut flower that doesn’t die after three days is a winner with me! Otherwise, a sea of bluebells is remarkably beautiful.

  118. Kara

    My favorite flower are ranunculuses. So underrated! I think the Bouqs “Marshmallow” bouq has them in it.

  119. Regan H


  120. Diana

    I love roses of course!

  121. PA Anna

    Tulips. I lived in the same general area as Jennifer as a child and loved seeing the tulips in the spring.

  122. Mieke

    Lilys! Stargazer lilys, followed by tiger lilys…. followed by carnations. 😛

  123. Kim S.

    Carnations because they stay pretty and fresh for so long.

  124. Jill G


  125. Jenny

    I love Sunflowers and Snap Dragons. LOL Random but when I was designing my wedding bouquest the florest even said I had cheap taste in flowers. haha I was able to get a ton of flowers as part of my package just picking what I liked.

  126. Kelsey


  127. Karen

    I love lilies

  128. calimarie

    Love so many kinds of flowers! My favorite right now is probably cherry blossoms.

  129. Kathryn Johnson

    Stargazer Lilies!

  130. Cathy


  131. Celeste


  132. Crystal

    I love the small tiny spray roses – any color!

  133. Laura

    Gardenias!! They smell so amazing.

  134. Caitlyn S.

    My favorite flower is a lily, hydrangea, rose, and there’s another one that’s puffy and starts with a P….
    I don’t have a one specific favorite kind. I love all flowers for the most part. Peonies! If I had to pick one that would be it 🙂

  135. Christine

    Probably silk flowers because I can’t kill them. Tulips and Daffodils are nice because when they start popping up I know our Wisconsin winter is finally coming near the end.

  136. JacLyn

    Daffodils! 🙂

  137. Angela

    Love hydrangeas!

  138. miranda

    I love Snap Dragons

  139. Caitlin

    Orchids! Also Tuberroses

  140. Bridget

    Pink Roses!

  141. Nicole Midgley

    Moonflowers 🙂

  142. Cheryl

    My favorite flowers are roses.

  143. Courtney Luna

    Pink lilies!

  144. Lindsay

    I love all flowers… especially the any that I’m given. 😉

  145. Jill


  146. Natalie

    Calla Lillies are by far my favorite flowers! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  147. Rebecca

    Roses are my fave.

  148. Rebecca


  149. Rebecca


  150. Gisele


  151. Lauren


  152. Melody B.


  153. sonya


  154. Allison

    Multicolor roses

  155. Stephanie S

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  156. Hildee


  157. Stephanie

    I love hydrangeas.

  158. Valerie

    Gerber daisies

  159. Alyssa

    Love Gerber Daisies

  160. udrey

    I love peonies and gerbera daisys.

  161. Lauren L

    Gardenias! They are so beautiful!

  162. Cassie

    I love ranunculus, hydrangeas, and peonies!

  163. Robyn


  164. Kayla

    Gerber Daisy!

  165. Dasha

    My favorite flowers are peonies and tulips

  166. Lorin Montgomery

    Looks like an amazing package.

  167. Genevieve kelley


  168. Amy

    My favorite flowers are snapdragons!

  169. Laura Royal

    I’ve always been a big fan of tulips!

  170. Gail Lake


  171. Kate L

    I love red roses because they are such a classic. I love sunflowers because they feel so pretty and summery to me (and because I went to high school in the 90s, so…). And the dahlias in our yard at our current home look like the most amazing sunsets you’ve ever seen, and they’re the size of dinner plates to boot. So gorgeous!

  172. Bonnie

    I like mixed and wild flowers for arrangements best. I like roses growing in the yard

  173. Treelilly

    love this giveaway! White Lillies are my fav.

  174. Chrissy

    Orchids. I love them!

  175. illy junus

    I love Jasmine and Orchid

  176. Debra Brownstein

    Irises are my favorite flowers

  177. Julia

    I was just looking at that Sexyback collection on Birchbox’s website. This whole giveaway is awesome!!

  178. Julia

    Tulips/Peonies/Pink roses!

  179. Judy

    Peonies! 🙂

  180. Jessica B

    Gerbera daisy

  181. ana

    I love cosmos or sunflowers

  182. Erin


  183. Ann Marie


  184. Wendy

    I love orchids!

  185. Shana


  186. Tuesday C

    My absolute favorite are Peonies but I love ALL flowers!! 🙂

  187. Kristy

    Stargazer Lillys

  188. Amanda Schwartz

    Tulips are my favorite!!!

  189. Stephanie Grant

    Carnations 🙂

  190. Zong

    My favorite kind of flowers are roses! Especially the pink ones. 😀

  191. Zaure


  192. Cheryl

    I like wildflowers.

  193. Sher

    I love any kind of purple flowers ? orchids, lilacs, lavender 🙂

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