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~Good morning!  Not too much happening around here.  It’s still cold and yeah, that’s about it.  LOL.  Starbucks does have a fantastic new drink, the Tiramisu Latte, so that’s fun.  WB and I made a trip there yesterday after taking L to school and I tasted it out. It’s amazing.  It should be good though considering it has about a million calories.

Tiramisu Latte
Tiramisu Latte

~It’s been a slow start to the week subscription box wise, but I am still expecting Birchbox ManFor the FaithfulHammock PackHazel LaneKiwi CrateLittle Lace Box, New Beauty Test Tube and one or two more.  It will be a good end to the week for sure.

~Did you see that PopSugar has their Must Have Resort Box on sale?  I ordered mine (even though I am not headed to a resort anytime soon) and can’t wait to see what’s going to be in it. What do you think it’s going to include?  Maybe a blue clutch?  LOL!

PopSugar Must Have Resort
PopSugar Must Have Resort

~I came across this on The Impulsive Buy last night.  Cotton Candy Oreo’s.  No one seems to know when they will be released, but they seem to be for real.  This is one I may need to sit out.    That just doesn’t sound good to me.  Not like Red Velvet ones did!

Cotton Candy Oreos
Cotton Candy Oreos

~B and I watched Horrible Bosses 2 last night.  It’s not going to win any awards, but we both liked it.  We have the worst time trying to agree on what movie to watch.  I pick the romantic comedies and he picks the action movies or all the movies that were set like 100 years ago (or 100 years in the future) that I don’t love.  Any any of you and your SO’s the same way?  Any movies you’ve both watched lately and enjoyed?

Horrible Bosses 2
Horrible Bosses 2

~I’m working on breaking out the Subscription List into a few more categories (Book / Reading, Geek / Gamer, etc.) so try and make it more user friendly.  I originally made the list just over two years ago and I am absolutely blown away at how many subscription boxes are out there now.  I have probably added hundreds of boxes to the list over the years  Amazing!

That’s all from here.  What’s going on this weekend?


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  1. Cindy

    Loved whiplash and st Vincents recently got from’ve seen gone girl right? v’s has bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy..awesome sauce…also before u sleep and this is where I leave u

    1. Cindy

      Oh and the judge..Robt Downey Jr always amazing as is Robt duvaull..and b would like fury..u saw amer sniper right?

  2. Jamie

    Oh gosh, I will be so sad if the resort box has a blue clutch in it lol!

    We watched draft day the other day and I think it’s a good one, it’s all about the nfl draft, but it has such a sweet story.

  3. Jen H

    My hubby and I are the same way at the movie picking – I love the romantic comedies and chick lit picks and he likes action and the history movies. I can do the action movies okay but snooze at the history movies! I did drag him to 50 shades last weekend 🙂

  4. Brittany

    A movie that both I and my SO loved recently was an Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie called Blended.

  5. Jenny

    Oh that elusive thing called school. I’m sure mine will go back sometime. LOL

  6. Kelsey Ellen

    I have a pretty extreme weakness for anything cotton candy. I am SO THERE.

  7. Wendy

    We both like Sci Fi! (when did that happen?) I still like the chick fix too- but so does he -shhh don’t tell anyone. The worst thing is when I find out he went to one without me!) He also likes the cars and the guns- not so much my thing. We both liked the video Chef. The kid in the movie stole the show.
    Cotton Candy is awesome and in an oreo??? Whaaaat? I need to try this! (eat 3, bring the rest to potluck)
    Lol- the blue clutches! I never got one and have still not traded for one… but one day…. (temp tattoos anyone?) j/k

  8. PA Anna

    I’m tired of the snow and the colder than average temperatures. It is no fun playing in the snow when it too cold.

    My husband isn’t into movies 🙁 I’m expecting Little Lace Box and from what you wrote – For the Faithful and Kiwi Crate. It’s a blah day in a blah week. I need sunshine and temps to be in their 30s.

  9. JacLyn

    Did you else see poor Madonna fall on the Brit Awards last night? She did that weird bull dance again and couldn’t get her cloak undone. When the person behind her tugged to get it away, they took her with it and she fell down the stairs! She got up and finished, but ouch. She tweeted that she’s okay, but still. It hurt just watching!

  10. Mrs. L

    Yes, I bought the Resort box…but if there is any kind of blue purse/wallet etc in it I might throw it in the ocean!

    I’m waiting for the S’mores Oreos!

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