BarkBox Review + Coupon Code – March 2015

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Cost: $29/month
Ships To: United States and Canada.  Shipping is an additional $5 to those outside the continental US and in Canada.
Coupon Code: Use code “RAMBLING” save 15% off ANY subscription plan.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout (the dog), head product tester for BarkBox. Boxes can be customized based on the size of your pet (I get the Small box for the furries) and you can add an additional toy to your box for an extra $9/month.We have been getting BarkBox for ages and have always been satisfied with them.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
The Box

BarkBox ships via DHL Global Mail (starts out with DHL and is delivered by the Post Office) and took under a week to arrive to me.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
First Look

Baxter (my Shorkie) was resting in my office my I did some unboxing until I opened up BarkBox.  He could either smell something or he knows the box because as soon as I opened it, he was right next to me!

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
The Information Card

The March 2015 BarkBox theme is “Island Paradise” and included the following treasures:

~Swag Co. Parrot ($9): This is a BarkBox exclusive! It’s super sturdy and there’s no way my boys will be able to rip into this.  They aren’t heavy chewers, but they can easily rip apart a stuffed animal.  That’s not happening here though.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Swag Co. Parrot

~Yeti Corp Golden Nugget ($7.99): You can either microwave these or boil them before serving.  Either use them as a food topper or popcorn teats.  They are made from Nepali yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice.  That combination doesn’t sound good to me personally, but the dogs thought they were fabulous.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Yeti Corp Golden Nugget

~PetProject Squeeki Tiki ($8): This could be the kind of toy that ends up getting “lost”.  LOL!  It’s so squeaky and the dogs have already mastered getting it to squeak every single time they touch it.  On the bright side it’s BPA free, cadmium free and lead free and they love it, so there’s that.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
PetProject Squeeki Tiki

~Etta Says! Toasted Coconut Bitz ($7):  I suspect these were what Baxter was after when he was helping me open the box!  They are made in the USA and are 100% natural.  Both boys approved of these.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Etta Says! Toasted Coconut Bitz

~Etta Says! Bison Chew ($3):  I haven’t given these one to the boys yet, but they love to fight over these types of chews.  There could be 10 of them in the house, but they always seem to want the same one.  Eventually though one dog will let his guard down and the other will snag it so they do end up “sharing”.

BarkBox March 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code
Etta Says! Bison Chew

All totaled I came up with a value of $34.99 for the March 2015 BarkBox.  I believe that every single toy, treat and snack in this box was new to us this month and I  love when that happens!  If you are looking for a dog box, I don’t think you can go wrong with BarkBox!


Do you subscribe to BarkBox?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  If you want to subscribe or learn more, click here. A monthly subscription is $29/month, but if you opt for a longer subscription, the price drops as low as $18/month (that’s what I get)!  And you can use the code “RAMBLING” to save 15% off ANY subscription plan!


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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Nicole

    I really hope you don’t get three comments from me! Every time I try to comment, it tells me Access Denied.

    I always assumed that each month the theme was the same for all of the different sizes of boxes. I get the large dog box for my german shepherd and our theme this month was Movie Night. It’s cute but I love that island theme!!

  2. Jodie KIngsbury

    HI, my box was so cute this month. I received things for a medium dog so we got different things. The only thing that was the same was the golden nuggets. I threw them away. I tried boiling one and microwaved another. They were still as hard as a brick and I didn’t want my puppy to break any teeth. She loves the other snack and her toys so I still got a great deal.

  3. Jack

    I got the same box (Island Paradise) for tiny dogs. Everything was great. I had the same doubts as Jodie about the golden nuggets. I even used a small hammer to break the nugget in two and supervised my dogs while they were eating them. Same worry about teeth… Both my dogs loved them. One loves anything he can have but the other is extremelly “picky” and even hate hard treats/food/toy. I still cant believe it, but he actually ran away with the nugget and ate it all!!! He’s only 5 pounds but he ate that nugget very easily (still wondering how though).

  4. Stacie

    We got all the same treats, but different toys. My pugs got a little stuffed banana toy and a canvas bone instead. They seem to love barkbox toys better than all the others. They are usually the first ones pulled out of the pile when I clean up…
    I’ve gotten the “nuggets” for my dogs before, but in larger sizes. They are super long lasting, but I do worry when they get small. I had read you can microwave them and they’ll puff up, but I had never tried it until this box. These puffed right up like popcorn for me! I read some of the other comments that they didn’t, try putting them back in a bit longer.

  5. Terri Q

    We received the medium box with the Island Paradise theme, Haven’t tried the Golden Nugget treats yet, but the bison chew was devoured right away! I usually cut them in half, so maybe that would work for your two dogs? Not thrilled with the two toys we got this month, but the Grandma Bowser’s mango biscuits were a big hit! I’ve cancelled most of my subscription boxes, but we’re still getting BarkBox every month! Something seems off with this….ha!

  6. Sandy

    I have never heard of so much variation in boxes. Your box is great. Mine was disappointing. I got a tiny little stuffed turtle that is so small it fit completely in my 10 lb dog’s mouth. My other toy was just a stuffed bone-shaped toy. I received the same treats.. Thought the Etta’s coconut treats were great. I am so over these chew sticks we get. Caution regarding the Himalaya bone pieces. Do not give these unless you get them to puff. They are a choking hazard due to their size. When they are long bones they are fine but you are suppose to take them away when they become small and puff them as recommended.

    1. Jack

      Hey Sandy! I got the orange squeeki tiki and its too big for my dog. Do you want to trade it for the turtle? 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    I have two medium-sized dogs so we received pretty much the same items as everyone here has mentioned. They loved the Bison chew stick which I broke in half for them to share. The Grandma Bowser cookies were a hit except two of the cookies in the package had mold on them – I guess you can chalk that up to there being no preservatives in the cookies, but not appealing and makes you wonder how long they have been hanging around. I microwaved a Yak nugget and it puffed but I’m wondering if it’s going to be too hard for my guys – it resembles raw hyde bone at this point. Might try boiling it as well. The toys were the message in a bottle and stuffed Fetch bone with squeakers. These are both fun and the dogs are enjoying them.

  8. Alison

    My pooch loved the coconut bits in this one. I was surprised! The toys are accumulating. I had to get a basket from Ikea to store all of them.

  9. Britani

    I’m actually getting a puppy in a few days and ordered her first Barkbox earlier in November! I got the New York City themed box and I love the look of everything in it. I got the small-sized box since she is only 8 weeks old, and the toys seem perfectly sized! I had to go buy a hard chew toy though because she received two plush toys and I’m not sure what her preferences are. I even went and bought a basket for all of the things I’m expecting in the future! She’s going to be one pampered pup! Can’t wait to open the next Barkbox with her!

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