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Dear March Madness, Day 1 is in the books and you did not disappoint! I am looking forward to seeing what Day 2 brings. Hopefully it’s a Michigan State win!

Dear My Brother, Happy early birthday!  And no, the pet resort hasn’t called me.  Your dogs are fine.

Dear WB, I know you think you are ready to give up naps, but you are NOT. No, you are NOT.  If you were ready to be done you wouldn’t be so crabby every afternoon.

Dear Abercrombie Kids, Why are the sleeves so long on all your shirts / jackets?  No seriously.  No 7 year old has arms that long do they? Can someone explain this???

Dear Jamberry Wraps, Although I didn’t do the best job ever applying you, I am shocked to report that you are still on my nails and look exactly the same as you did right after I put you on.  Amazing.

Dear Haute Look, Are you ever going to have another beauty bag for sale?  They were always so good, but there hasn’t been one in ages.  Bring them back!

Dear Spring, Welcome!  We have been waiting for you here in Michigan.  Let’s warm this weather up again!

Dear L, I can’t wait to see your Spring School Pictures!  I know you saw a picture of the outdoor scene they were using, but no, they were not actually taking them outside, so don’t worry, you didn’t miss out ;).

Dear My Local Target,  I know I haven’t been in all week, but I am okay, I swear.  I’ll come see you soon enough.


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  1. cindy

    Anymore from target on lily p collection..April right
    Yea the sleeves shouldn’t be so long they use to wipe mouth and nose

  2. kelsey ellen

    I love jamberry for that very reason. i’m rough as heck on my nails and they still look good.
    I actually sold all of my nail polish!

  3. Jenny

    Oh my did you see the NCState win!!! I about woke the house I was screaming so loud here. LOL So many close games yesterday it was crazy.
    HaHa when is your bros bday? Mine is Sunday and I have party with the girls tonight. I can’t wait.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I thought of you last night!!!! That was insanity!

      His birthday is tomorrow! Happy early birthday to you!

  4. Cheryl

    LOL, I was seriously just thinking to myself the other day where are the Hautelook Beauty Bags?!?

  5. Hannah

    UVA won this afternoon, so we’ll be playing you on Sunday…rematch from last year. Sorry, but I hope it turns out differently this year 😛 March Madness is way too stressful!

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