Friday’s Letters

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Dear My Headache, Please go away.  Fast.

Dear Build-A-Bear, Well, yesterday was a mess huh?  We didn’t go because it seemed pretty clear that everyone else would go and we’d be waiting in line  Plus I think we all know it’s the accessories at BAB that are the $$$$$.

Dear Straws, I feel like you are coming to end an as we know you.  I will miss you.

Dear Rain, Where are you?  We miss you.  Our lawn is a disaster.

Dear A Fresh Mani, It’s amazing what you can do for my mood.

Dear Summer Camp, What would I do without you?

Dear Calpak, You have the worst “warranty” ever.  Luggage breaks after once use and you want me to pay $25 and ship back a giant suitcase at my own expense.  I have an idea, build sturdier luggage.

Dear Fortnite,  I hear Season 5 is amazing.  My kids say thank you.

Dear W, I had fun setting up your little pool for 1.5 hours so you could play in it for 20 minutes ;).

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