So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I have read three books in the last week.
~I am still not sure what was so exciting about Prime Day.
~Cookie decorating videos are life.
~ Jay Cutler needs his own reality show.
~I think I want a romper.
~Jenelle’s (from Teen Mom) Twitter is a constant source of entertainment.  So.much.drama.  None of it is her fault though.  Never.  LOL.
~Taking Shellac polish off is no joke. #whatisthesecret
~If a place is called “Cookies” and doesn’t actually sell cookies, well, that’s a disappointment.
~My hair color lasts about two weeks before the grays start popping up. HOW!!!!

What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Jodie Kingsbury

    HI, Getting shellac off–Go to Sally’s beauty supply store and get a bottle of pure acetone. Pour it in a bowl and let your fingers soak for about 10 minutes. It should fall right off with just a little buffing around cuticles and edges of nails.

    I do that if I get tired of my nails before my next appt.

    1. Ashley

      You can also put the acetone on a cotton ball, then put that on each finger and wrap that finger in foil. Apparently, the insulation is even more helpful? I don’t know why, but I’ve found it does work faster.

      1. Jennifer

        Ohh, I think that’s what they do at the salon. But it seems to take forever even that way. LOL!!! Maybe they just try to take off the cotton / foil too quickly.

    2. Jennifer

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zelene

    Rompers from Gap are amazingly super soft.
    I finally got my library card and it is amazing, I never imagine they would have so many option for me and the kids, and the kids were exited that they got prices and a free book for summer reading ? Right now I am reading the fault in our stars and I am in the queue for the book I want, but since I am in #45 in the waiting list I think I will have time to read other books in my own queue.
    Right now I am into korean dramas (dramafever) so I am not reading in all my me times.

    1. Jennifer

      What book are you 45th in line for?? I am all about the library. I can’t pick out books quick enough. It’s amazing!

      I will check out GAP rompers. Thanks!

  3. Rose G.

    Rompers are the best. Thank you to StitchFix for that.

  4. Deena Jenkins

    I like the rompers from Piper & Scoot. It?s an online store, but the owner does try on sessions on the insta stories and it really helps. I also love that it?s a small business.
    My kids and I are going to the library every week and checking out tons of books, so we?ve been reading a lot this summer. It helps that the MLB team here gives away tickets if the kids reach their summer goal.

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