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~Happy Daylight Savings time!  As usual I am lifting Jen’s Sunday Sentiments and making it mine tonight.  Are you loving this extra daylight as much as I am?  Ahh, it’s fantastic.  I feel like my spirits have improved already.  That might be because we spent all day out in the sunshine too, but I’m happy.  I know a lot of you probably don’t consider 35 degrees to be OMG play outside weather, but after the nasty winter we had, it’s downright warm!

"Warm" Winter Fun
“Warm” Winter Fun

~Have you heard about the “Dancing Man“?  Basically there was this guy dancing at a night club and some other people who were made fun of him and then posted pictures of it on 4chan.  Other people saw it, got mad and created a campaign to find this guy and invite him to the world’s largest dance party just for him.  And they did!  I love it.  I’ve probably read the story a dozen times and I smile every smile.

~I’m in such a good mood tonight that I am going to send out a newsletter today or tomorrow.  And it will have a giveaway so make sure to check it out.

~The winner of the February 2015 Little Lace Box is Mary Mundal!  I’ll be e-mailing you soon Mary!  I also re-emailed all the winners of the Random Acts of Kindness giveaway.  I had a “little” problem with my e-mail last week and couldn’t find any of the original responses.  Right now the only giveaway that is happening is the March 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box one.  Don’t forget there are spoilers in that link.

~I got sucked into the hole that is Pinterest this weekend.  I don’t even bother pinning anything anymore since I haven’t been crafting much lately.  But my mom decided that we are making these candle holders so I will report back.  I’m hoping that this isn’t one of those projects that looks super easy buy turns out to be super hard.

Candle Holders
Candle Holders

~I got my first set (?) of Jamberry’s a few weeks ago, but I have been too intimidated to apply them.  I didn’t realize I was I was going to have to break out the hair dryer for this! any of you Jamberry experts have any tips?

That’s it for now! Hope you have a great night!

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  1. HeatherP

    jamberrys!! Theres a bit of a process that i have found that worked. Cleaning the nails with dish soap and then alcohol is key! And then holding the nail sticker with tweezers and heating them properly. When i did it first few times i did not prep my nails and they came right off. My sister showed me how and they last. I just have nail ADD and need to change before the week is up.

  2. Bobbi K.

    You want to heat them but other than that they are super easy to apply. There are dozen of how to videos that are great. Just did mine last night! I also trim the excess with scissors and then use clippers to trim it to my nail instead of a nail file. I feel I get a better seal at the end and a lot less frustration.

  3. Hannah

    We had a great day here. 61 degrees & sunny. The best part was that we found our dog this morning & he has been missing since Wednesday! We’ve had 0 degree nights & a snowstorm since then, but somehow he survived. Nothing like hugging your pup after such a terrible 4 days 🙂

  4. Terri Q

    I get sucked into Pinterest all the time, so don’t feel bad! I’ve yet to try any of the crafts I’ve pinned, but have made several recipes. I even have a board called Pin Now, Read Later for when I’m in a pinning frenzy! I know, it’s sad…. but fun!

  5. Jenny

    I still can’t believe you have so much snow. We got to over 70 yesterday and will be that warm again today. N has been wearing shorts. LOL I even did my toys so I could wear my rainbows today 🙂
    I just got a Jamberry sample too. I’m going to try and get to it today for an accent nail and see how I like it. It looks complicated but I’m sure its not that bad once your get to really doing it.

  6. Erin B

    I LOVE Jamberry! So much so I started selling haha! I was super intimidated at first!! Watch the application video and the one that someone above posted about using a baggie – that’s my favorite method. If your nails are curved there are also youtube videos about a “baseball method” that helps the wraps stay on curved nails longer. Definitely wash your nails first and use an alcohol wipe to clean them! Once I did a couple nails I felt much better and realized it wasn’t as hard or time consuming as I anticipated. Good luck! Post a pic when you’re done! 🙂

  7. mary m

    Yay I won! After the TOTALLY LONG cheerleading weekend I had (the things we do for our kids….) I really need something for me. yay! 🙂

    Thanks for always doing all of these giveaways Jen–you rock!!

  8. Kelsey Ellen

    I’ve been exclusively using Jams since August 2014- so much that I’m selling all of my nail polish! It’s a definite learning curve for sure.. but it does get easier. my first set I applied I was like “THIS STUFF IS AWFUL” but now i’m a pro. it doesn’t even bubble around the edges anymore and lasts for ever. I ended up investing in one of the little heaters because I was a mess trying to use my hair dryer- if you have a space heater- use that – it works a lot easier than the dryer.. and that’s pretty much what the heater is anyway.

  9. Beth

    For the Jamberries – I was scared to death of them and now wear them all the time 🙂 Break out the ziploc bag and use that method with the hairdrier. Get them hot enough it almost hurts. There are lots of You Tubes on the ziploc bag method – just google it. I swear by it. My current jamberries are exactly 14 days old today – and have gone through a carribean vacation with all that sunscreen, sea salt, etc and still are holding strong. They need to come off soon,but only because my nails have grown out!

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