Julep “Cora” Mystery Box Review + Free Box Offers

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Cost: $24.99/month (My Maven) / $39.99 (Maven Luxe).  Mystery Box: $24.99 One Time Purchase. (No-Longer Available)
Ships To: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
Coupon Code: Use coupon code “SPRING” to get a free 4-piece Spring Welcome Box!
Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Julep “Cora” Mystery Box

My Julep “Cora” Mystery Box arrived yesterday! Yesterday was a fantastic mail day.  I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t want my neighbor (who was over when the mailman arrived) to think I was any crazier than he already did after he saw that stack of boxes.

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription service (they also have nail salons in the Seattle area), but every once in a while they offer Mystery Boxes as well.  The latest Mystery Boxes, which were $24.99/each and promised a retail value of $100+ were as follows:
Cora (It Girl) Nail-Only Mystery Box ($24.99): This box is stuffed full of must-have polish and nail goodies, including Cora (It Girl), their exclusive midnight blue jelly glitter top coat.
~Pamela (It Girl) Beauty Mystery Box ($24.99): This box is stuffed full of can’t-miss beauty in addition to Pamela (It Girl), their exclusive jade lagoon shimmer.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
The Box

Julep ships via FedEx Smart Post and this Mystery Box took under a week to arrive to me.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
First Look

I was super impressed with the first look!  This box was jammed full and included the following:

~Julep Clean Slate Polish Remover Pads ($8 / $10): I totally love these for traveling, but be warned I have never been able to get glitter off with these.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Julep Clean Slate Polish Remover Pads

~Julep Luxe Care Hand Cream (Sample):  This is just a tiny little sample so I didn’t assign any value to it, but it’s nice product.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Julep Luxe Care Hand Cream Sample

~Julep Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum ($22.40 / $28):  Eek. I love this stuff!  As soon as I open the box and saw this I was happy and knew this box would be a win. This stuff is expensive but amazing.  I have one on my desk and will be throwing this one in my purse.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Julep Mighty Nail andCuticle Serum

~Julep Rock Star Hand Creme ($6.67 / $5.33): Julep’s Rock Star hand creme?  Well, it rocks.  For real.  It smells amazing and it really works.  It’s thick, but not greasy and it absorbs fast.  It’s a good one to put on at night before you go to bed.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Julep Rock Star Hand Creme

~Julep Lizanne – It Girl ($11.20 / $14): Lizanne is a sea green shimmer and was part of the March 2014 collection.  I owned this at one time, but it seems to be missing from my collection so one of my friends must have snagged it (I let them all come and shop my product closet).  It’s a gorgeous color so I am happy to get it again.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Lizanne (It Girl)

~Julep Hazel – Boho Glam ($11.20 / $14): Hazel is a wild violet and bronze duochrome.   It was part of the February 2015 collection and happens to be a color I already own.  Anyway, it’s really more of a violet than a bronze, but every once in a while, in certain lights, I do see a bit of bronze in it.

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Hazel (Boho Glam)

~Julep Shari – Classic With A Twist ($11.20 / $14): Shari is a delicate sweet pea creme.  I don’t own this color and while I won’t wear it a ton, it’s a great shade to have on hand for when you need a softer polish.


Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Shari (Classic With A Twist)

~Cora – It Girl ($11.20 / $14): Cora is not yet available in the Julep shop and (so far) was only available in this mystery box!  It’s a  midnight blue jelly glitter top coat and it’s fabulous.  It reminds me of mermaids and vacation and the ocean.  So pretty!

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Cora (It Girl)}

~Gift With Purchase: Leona – Diamond for April ($11.20 / $14): Leona didn’t come in the Mystery Box, but I used a free polish code when I ordered this box (spend $15 and get a free polish of your choice) so I thought I’d include it.  It’s the April 2015 Birthstone polish and is described as a Diamond birthstone iridescent shimmer.  It’s so pretty alone or on top of another color!

Julep "Cora" Mystery Box Review
Gift With Purchase: Leona – Diamond for April

All totaled I came up with a value of $81.87 for the Julep “Cora” Mystery Box.  That’s using Maven pricing (non-Maven pricing the value would have been over $100) and doesn’t include the free polish.  I am totally thrilled with this one and can’t wait to hear what everyone else received in theirs!

This box is no longer available, but if you aren’t yet a subscriber you won’t be able to snag this box, but you can take advantage of Julep‘s free 4-piece Spring Fling Welcome Box! Use the coupon code “SPRING” at checkout and your subscription will begin with the Spring Fling Welcome Box (a $58 value), which includes three beautiful Spring nail colors and a fan favorite beauty product as a bonus. You’ll pay $2.99 shipping, but for 4 products, that’s a steal!

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  1. Lyla

    I ordered the Cora mystery box also. So disappointed though because according to the tracking it was delivered Friday afternoon, but I never received it. Same with my son’s Koala Crate box-they were both supposedly delivered at the same time by USPS and we don’t have them. Bummed! Looks like a great box and I couldn’t resist ‘peeking’. Hopefully I’ll be able to get replacements sent….

  2. Sneaky Burrito

    I used a free polish code to get Hazel with this box.

    Now I have two Hazels because my box contents were identical to yours. Oh well!

  3. Alicia

    I snagged the beauty mystery box! I can’t wait to get it! This makes me even more excited for it! I wonder what comes in it? I’ve never gotten one before!

  4. Jenny

    Oh My I’ve been skipping out on Julep since I’m trying to use what I have 🙁 It is very hard. However I wish I would have gotten this on my mom’s name is Shari and its spelled that way. We never find things spelled right down here. LOL

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