So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I am scared I am going to wreck the lawn while B is out of town this summer. He takes great pride in having a nice lawn and I don’t want to mess it up.
~I think voting is fun.
~I haven’t watched Paw Patrol in about a few weeks and I kind of miss it.
~I still think that fountain coke from McDonalds is incredible and probably always will.
~I really enjoying hunting for Lilly items at Target.
~I don’t understand why Baxter can’t bark when he ends up getting trapped in a room – like when he falls asleep under WB’s bed and the door gets closed with him inside.
~I can never get my Dubsmash videos of the kids timed right.  Maybe one day.
~I’d like to think that this guy is for real.
~I love Jimmy Fallon, but I miss Jay Leno and his headlines.
~Buddy might be crazy, but the way he can’t let “his kids” out of site they are all outside is very sweet.  He’ll even go in the neighbors yard with them.  He needs to know where those kids are at ;).
~I might want a mini-van for my next car.


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  1. Debbie Jensen

    It’s been more than seven years, that my kids watched Little Bear and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and I still miss them. You can always hire someone to take care of the lawn until B comes back, I live in California and we can’t water are lawns because of the Drought. I enjoy my Astro van, it fits eight with room for other stuff, but they stopped making them, pity, it drives like a truck and is safer than a mini van.

  2. HH

    Do you have any opinion on the LLB controversy happening on MUT and MSA?

    1. Jennifer

      I finally caught up last night. I loved their boxes but that email! I’d like to see if they are going to make a statement or send out an email about it or something. You think you’d they’d have to to right??

      1. HH

        I agree. The way this has blown up, they need to address it publicly.

  3. laura r

    I think voting is fun too! I vote by mail (well, I get my ballot in the mail but usually just drop it off at a polling place election day because I procrastinate on getting it into the mail) and like to research everything and vote accordingly. Even more fun, which I know sounds insane, was working the poll during last year’s midterm election. The pay isn’t great, considering you’re there for like 15 hours, but getting to see everyone vote was so neat. It’s really interesting to see who actually comes out and votes. We had like 200 people come in the whole day, and the majority of them were the elderly. A lot of them required assistance to get there, but they still came and voted. There were a few people who had just turned 18 and were excited to vote for the first time. I was really disappointed to NOT see more of the youth voters out there. Not counting the 18 year old newbies, I’d guess that less than 5% of the turnout was in the 20-35 range. I’m thinking about doing it again next year for the presidential election.

    Side note, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about Little Lace Box lately on MUT and MSA. I know you’re a big fan of them, do you have any insight? I’ve been on the fence about subscribing.

    1. Jennifer

      I’d probably hang off till it all shakes out!!

  4. PA Anna

    Yesterday at my little Target I found Lilly votive candleholders! I’m happy about that

  5. Amy

    Oh please don’t go for the mini-van–you don’t appear to be a mini-van driving momma lol. I had one when my 2 oldest were little and I actually hated it and couldn’t wait to get rid of it. I know it’s just my opinion and I’m not hating on any mini-van driving parents, trust me–I just didn’t like it at all. The concept was great–more room, etc etc–I just hated it. I love driving SUVs much better. I think you should talk your husband into buying you the Land Rover Discovery–which would cost you about the same as a tricked out mini-van 😛

    I know what you mean about the lawn care. We have about 4 acres of land around our house and my husband hates to let anyone drive the riding mower. A couple of years ago he had 2 very serious abdominal surgeries and one that ended up really infected with a wound vac and he would seriously stand outside and WATCH me cut the grass and b!tch the whole time about my lines and wasting gas etc. He’d be waving at me to get my attention and I’d just pretend to not see him and continue on my merry way cutting all over lol. He hated it. He taught my then 14 year old how to cut it and she did a better job than I did (as he believed) so he fired me from that job and let her do it. He has a certain way of doing his lines and different heights for different places blah blah blah.
    I got my Mother’s Day Glossbox and while I LOVE it, I was disappointed that my thermal face mask had leaked inside the box and down the sides of the product. 🙁 I mean, hey it didn’t cost me a fraction of what it would have had I went out and bought it (which I doubt I’ll ever do) but that stuff is like liquid gold and I don’t want to waste a drop! I can’t wait to try the rollerball (smells so nice) and the lip plumping gloss.
    Is it mean that I really don’t want to go to Muffins with Mom on Friday???? I’d rather take my son to breakfast at McDonald’s or to go get a donut but because he really loves that kind of stuff, I’ll have to drag my butt up to the school cafeteria.
    My son used to LOVE Fireman Sam and we had to always search for it on-demand–but we watched it over and over and over. I bet WB would love that!

  6. Nicole

    I completely agree about Coke from McD’s! My husband will never understand my need to hit the drive-thru just for a McD’s Diet Coke!

  7. Rose D.

    It’s the McDonalds straws. They are wider than normal straws, so you get a bigger hit of soda flooding your taste buds. My husband will go to McDonalds, get a soda, and use the cup all day just for that straw.

  8. Susan

    We have a guy that we pay to mow our lawn. I have an aversion to mowing due to spending all of my teenage years mowing 2 acres as one of my “chores.” I am completely over it, and told my husband before we bought our first house that I don’t mow, I’ve mowed enough to last a lifetime. Then hubby developed allergy/asthma problems & can no longer do it, so we hired someone. Best money ever spent…

    I completely agree with you on the McD’s coke. I think there must be a special formula that coke sells to McD’s only because it tastes so much better there.

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