Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review

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Beauty Box 5
Cost: $12/month.
Ships To: The lower 48 United States and Canada via the Postal Service.
Coupon Code: N/A
Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box

Beauty Box 5 delivers a sample box of all things beauty. Each box contains 4 – 5 samples of a variety of makeup, skin care, fragrances and everything in between!  Boxes are $12/month if you do a month-to-month subscription, however, I originally subscribed a while back when they had a crazy deal that brought the cost of an annual subscription down to $6.58/month.  But that year is over and to be honest, I don’t know how I am still getting this box? The credit card I used to purchase the subscription has expired so I am not totally clear how I am being billed for this?  I really do need to contact them this month.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
The Box

Beauty Box 5 ships via DHL and took under a week to arrive.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
First Look

Not a bad first look. Beauty Box 5 is totally a hit or miss subscription so you really never know with them.  But this month looked okay.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
The Information Card

The July 2015 Beauty Box 5 theme was “Summer Night Out” and included the following items:

~OFRA Lip Gloss (Apricot Dream) ($12.95): This color is fabulous.  It’s really sheer and light, but super glossy.  It’s not at all sticky either. I don’t dig the scent of it, but it’s not strong enough to make me not want to use it.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
OFRA Lip Gloss (Apricot Dream)

~OFRA Lip Liner (Baby Doll) ($13): I don’t have too much use for lip liner, so I will likely end up passing this on to a friend.  The color is pretty though and the staying power is great.  It’s been on my hand for hours and I have washed my hands quite a few times since then.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
OFRA Lip Liner (Baby Doll)
Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review

~Nanacoco Nail Polish (Hope of Spring) ($3): I almost did my nails with this shade today but ended up going with something just a tad darker.  It’s a gorgeous shade though and I’ll use it soon enough.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
Nanacoco Nail Polish (Hope of Spring)

~Love Life Skin Collection (Samples): This line was originally created to help chemotherapy patients’ sensitive skin recover.  The information card says that the sensitive formula will give your skin a “majorly healthy glow”.  The samples are so small though there just aren’t enough uses to really get an idea of how it works.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
Love Life Skin Collection

~Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos ($9): I have so many of these metallic tattoos.  I just can’t really see myself wearing them though.  Years ago? Yes. Now, not so much.  I just don’t go anywhere where I could wear these.

Beauty Box 5 July 2015 Subscription Box Review
Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos

All totaled I came up with a value of $37.95 for the July 2015 Beauty Box 5.  All in all, I liked this box.  I will use the nail polish and the lip gloss so they make the box worth it.  But unless I am still getting that crazy discounted rate I originally subscribed with I am likely going to cancel this box for a few months.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5?  What’d you get in your box this month?  I know there were some variations! If you are interested in subscribing or want to check out more, click here.


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  1. Laura K

    The polish I got was bright yellow, and every darn bit of it went in the trash. This may be a relatively cheap box, but it was one of my biggest subscription mistakes. I don’t think I’ve received five products that I could actually use.

    1. Jennifer

      Color variations can be so hit or miss! Sometimes you get fabulous ones and sometimes, well, you get yellow. I have a few yellow polishes already and I think I have used them once. On my toes!

    2. B

      Haha, that’s funny because I LOVE yellow polish. Everything from highlighter yellow to marigold/orangey yellows. But I also have a medium-tan skin tone so bright colors really work for me. Nudes and pale pinks, however, make my hands look sickly.

  2. Kelly

    I’ve seen people use temporary tattoos cut up as nail decals too. Haven’t tried it yet, but looks easy.

    1. Jennifer

      Now that you mention it, I have too. I should look into that. I know I have a few sheets like this around here.

  3. Crystal

    I am so sad! Haha… I canceled my BB5! I have received many different subscription boxes and sadly I was never lucky enough to get the tattoos! They look so pretty, I so want to try them!

    That Nanacoco color is gorgeous! You totally lucked out the lip gloss color is so pretty and not sticky = perfect! And that lip pencil is such a great color too, my goal is more lip pencils! I should try to get this box but I doubt I would get these great colors that you did! I would love to swap with you for something? Haha

    what swap site do you use?

    1. Jennifer

      I will just send them to you! I will send you the tattoos and the lip liner!!!! E-mail me your address!

  4. Angela

    I got my box today, and I got the same items. However my lip liner came in Nude, and the Lip Gloss in Sunshine, and polish in Las Vegas Dream. I prefer to shade of lip liner you received, but the nude is useful. When I saw the neon orange lip gloss, I laughed and thought I am not going to wear this, but I decided to open and try it. It actually looks clear with tiny sparkles; so I like it! It smells/tastes awful. I will see if I can wear it without eating it because I do like it even if it makes me feel like a kid-so maybe just at home or the beach. 😉 I LOVE the shade of nail polish Las Vegas Dream! It’s a cheerful berry pink with silvery micro-glitter; so it almost appears metallic when I wear it. It looks different on (lighter and more metallic/chrome) than in the bottle! It also makes me feel like a kid. Such a happy summer color! I have no use for the tattoos, but maybe I will try one, and I will use the lotion samples as a little “spa” treat. I am not sure either if I’ll renew my BB5. I prefer other boxes, but there are some fun/useful surprises with BB5 too. If I could find that deal you had, I’d sign up again!

    1. Angela

      I forgot to say my nail polish had leaked, and a lot of the colored papers were stuck to my bottle. It’s good that paper was there to catch the leak. Nothing else got polished! 🙂 There is a lot left in the bottle, but I can’t close it tight because of the blob of dried polish I’m fighting to pry off. I wonder if they will send me a new one.

  5. Amber

    I got the polish in this crazy glittery pink- which I love, but it won’t get much use until next spring. The tattoos are weird and not a new sample, even for this box, so they’re a miss for me. Haven’t tried the packets yet, but I don’t forsee me ever purchasing the full sizes, they’re just not products I need. I got the lip liner in nude. And as a black girl, let me tell you: white nude is different from black nude. So I was very surprised that this lip liner is almost too close a match to my natural lip color- you can’t even tell I’m wearing it! The lip gloss smells nice, but the quality is eh. The sparkles don’t transfer visually, but when you run your lips together you can feel them. The color is like the color that preteen lip smackers lip glosses have- purely for looks in the tube with no color payout on the lips.

    This was a good box this month, but I strongly suggest anyone wanting this box to wait until there’s a deal and get the annual sub. This box is hardly worth the eight bucks an annual sub makes it come out to, let alone the twelve dollars it is month by month. Some months look like this, but there are also months of dollar store eye shadow pallets, empty bottles, and toothpicks.

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