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Dear Ford Credit, PLEASE do not look too closely at that red Escape I just turned it. I may have once backed into a closing garage door, but I would prefer if you didn’t notice that.

Dear WB, What happened to you yesterday? You were actually swimming in swim class! OMG! I was so proud. Keep up the good work!

Dear Kerri from Dating Naked, OMG I cannot believe you got rid of Mason. NO! He was the best! Maybe he’ll end up being the next Bachelor? #teammason

Dear MEPS Survey Lady, Not that I don’t think you are totally cool and fabulous, because I do, but I really hope this doesn’t take too long today.

Dear PTO Calendar, Well, you are looking mighty full this year aren’t you? I might as well get all these dates marked down now!

Dear Sesame Street, I can’t believe you are moving to HBO. The end of an era ;(.

Dear The Detroit Lions, Undefeated! You are off to a good start, but I suspect it won’t last.

Dear Kathie Lee, I can’t wait to see you back on the Today Show next week!  Since I watch your show every day I feel like I know you (yes, I know I sound crazy) and I was so sad when Frank passed away ;(.

Dear Baxter and Buddy, You two have been troublemakers lately! I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I hope it’s over soon!


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  1. heidi

    Sesame Street will still air on PBS. They said the HBO episode will air about eight to nine months before they air on PBS. The good news is it now gives them 35 episodes a year instead of 18. I have 5 kids ages 6 to 12 and I swear sometimes the episode I watched with my 6 year old are the exact same ones that were on when my son was 12!

  2. heidi

    also we don’t have Cable, so I still have to watch them on PBS. I’m just excited there will be newer and more episodes.

  3. Turquoise

    HBO actually saved Sesame Street. They were really low on funding. The show may have ended if HBO didn’t step in. 9 months is a long time to wait for new episodes. I’m so happy the show and Jim Hensons legacy will be able to continue.

    1. Jennifer

      I honestly probably wouldn’t even notice if the episodes were new or old. At least it will still be on PBS!!

  4. Lyndie

    I know you love your new Explorer but how did you like your Escape? It’s on our short list for our next car because there’s no way I’m fitting a car seat in the back of a 2 door Civic. LOL Did it get decent gas mileage?

    1. Jennifer

      I really liked my Escape. It got okay gas milage and it drove great!

  5. Mellissa Rose

    I love dating naked!! You totally got me hooked. I caught up on YouTube the other day. It was and is amazing. Now I sound like a crazy person.

  6. lisad

    I have a 2015 escape and Im very happy with it. I upgraded to leather sets (a must for chicago winters) it’s a great size for us but I dont need a third row of seats.

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