So What Wednesday! 11

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I have been wearing two watches (at the same time) quite often lately.
~I really like reading conspiracy theories about the Royal Family. I don’t know that I believe any of them, but I like reading them.
~I just about jumped up and down when I saw the damage (or lack of) report from my lease turn-in inspection! I guess backing into the garage door is considered normal wear and tear.
~Watching Deadliest Catch makes me want to fish.
~I gave up on Big Brother this year and am not even watching Bachelor in Paradise. And I am okay with that.
~I am basically stalking the mailbox (even more than usual) to see who L got as a teacher this year. No news yet.
~I actually suggested to B that we live on a beach – off the grid when we are older. I obviously was not thinking clearly when I suggested that.
~I can’t wait to see little WB walking into school with his backpack on!
~I want it to be fall, but I don’t want it to start getting dark so early.


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11 thoughts on “So What Wednesday!

  • HeatherP

    The KEEP watches look more like jewelry than a watch, yes it has a watch face, but they are so decorative, I can definitely see you getting away with that and an apple watch
    I noticed it getting darker earlier just the other morning. I took for granted my 5:45 am jog. bcs its getting much later now.
    Also, you are not the only one to back into your garage. I have done this. My kids were making a racket, I thought the door went up, it did not. Silence. my garage door needed tobe reshaped back.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I laughed at your garage story! How did you car do? My door is a little rounded, but not bad enough that I care to fix it.

      • HeatherP

        Well I drive the dodge durango, thats a beefy car. so nothing happened to my car, not even a scratch, but the garage door. ugh. there was no hiding my misdeed from my husband. I got every eyeroll and bad woman driver comment in the book. the garage door didnt work either until he pushed it back in place, we had to disable it ( i shake my head thinking about it). the garage took the damage. I have many “noisy kids ruining my car” moments. Trust me, if you do it, have no fear I did it already 2-3 times even. And the best part is that these “things” are always ALWAYS preceeded by me yelling back to the kids to stop the noise.
        Oh the sheepish blank stares.

  • Melissa

    I love reading the royal conspiracies too!! Love it — their family is so much more messed up than mine and they’re stuck being insulated with each other and running away from paparazzi. Makes my life look peachy! I have to say, though, I TOTALLY believe the Harry is not Charles’ child one. He doesn’t look anything like Charles/William! And where’d that red hair come from?? LOL

  • Mrs. L

    What royal gossip? The Harry paternity one that’s popped up again?
    As for fall…it was 102 here two days ago…today I woke up to overcast, wind and it feeling like fall. My first thought was “where are the pumpkin spice lattes???????” (My store has the stuff to make them, just not allowed to yet.)

    • Melissa

      Hmm, most recently the rumors have been that Kate gave birth several days before they reported it because she looked too perfect at the baby reveal. I actually believe that one, too. While I could see the current Queen dragging herself out of bed just hours after giving birth to greet her subjects, Kate has been less dedicated to royal work. And I’m sure she doesn’t want anyone to see her looking less than perfect. So why not wait a few days before announcing the birth? She gets some rest and everyone gets to see a perfect baby and a perfect Kate. Everyone wins.

  • Lia

    I think once this season of BiP is over, I’m finally done with the franchise. They focused so much on Shawn & Nick that I hardly remember any of the guys, much less care which one of them becomes the new bachelor! BiP is out of control this year though. I feel like a lot more people are “playing the game” so on the one hand it’s not as much fun because it’s kind of mean, but it does make for a LOT more drama. Honestly, I think I’ll be better off once it’s all out of my life.