So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I swear everyone in the world being on Fortnite at the same time is making my internet slow.
~Target is killing it with their shoes this season. #iwantthemall
~This nice weather is making me very unproductive.
~I have, however, finished a bunch of books this week.
~I have no idea how I got myself on the Spring carnival PTO committee, but I regret it.
~I am dreading call the Post Office to figure out what happened to one of my packages that seems to be getting scanned every day, but never actually going anywhere.
~I was way too excited that Costco was passing out birthday cake yesterday.
~I never thought that Justin Timberlake song said: “It’s gonna be May”. #itwasalwaysme

What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Karissa

    I?m in spring carnival hell over here too. Somehow I managed to volunteer to run the whole thing, and I only kind of know what I?m doing.

    1. Jennifer

      It always seems like SUCH a good idea before you actually volunteer!!! We have “outsourced” a bunch of things this year. Like we used to do food and games in-house. Now we have food trucks come and we have a company coming to do games / prizes. We seem to be okay on raffle baskets too, which is always a pain! When is your carnival???

      1. Karissa

        TWO WEEKS!! ? We?re doing food trucks too, thank goodness, and my best friend is handling the raffle (which we legally have to call an auction, since raffles are illegal in schools in Utah ?). The booths and decor are looking daunting, but I?m also in that weird denial zen state right now. ?

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