Friday’s Letters

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Dear Jersey Shore, You were extra amazing last night!

Dear USPS, Thank you for finally getting my packaging moving. It only took two weeks of it getting scanned and rescanned and scanned again in the facility, but it finally left!!!

Dear Rain, Thank you for making everything green again!!!

Dear Running Outside, Wow, you are even more difficult than I expected!

Dear My Roots, You get so grey, so fast. If I wasn’t so annoyed about it, it really would be quite fascinating!

Dear Smile Direct Club, I wasn’t sure about you, but it turns out you really do work!!!

Dear B, I can’t wait to see how the house turns out (he’s painting the outside)!  So far, so good!

Dear School Lunches, You are so much more enjoyable to pack at the beginning of the year.  Now it’s like are you sure you don’t want to buy kids?  ARE YOU SURE?

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