Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box #NGQ06 – Complete Spoilers

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Thanks to MUT, we’ve got complete spoilers for the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box #NGQ06 - Complete Spoilers
Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box #NGQ06 – Complete Spoilers

The #NGQ06 box will contain:

Baggu Solid Navy Canvas Duck Bag ($26)
Chic Buds Clutchette Power bag ($49.99)
Flight001 F1 Caffeine Supply Eye Mask ($16)
Flight001 Standby Champion Luggage Tag ($7)
Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit for Her ($16)
Emi Jay Classic 5-Pack Hair Ties ($11)
– Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Paper & Compact ($11)
Weleda Skin Food (1 oz. travel size) ($12.50)
Flight001 F1 X-Ray Passport Pink ($10)
Shoebox Pro One Year Voucher

All totaled I came up with a value of $159.49 for the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. (not including the voucher). What do you think of the spoilers?  Are you excited to get your box?

What is the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box?
Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. Quarterly Co. offers subscription boxes (which are shipped on a quarterly basis) from well known curators which are filled with things they love.  Nina Garcia is the Marie Claire Creative Director & Project Runway Judge and her box runs $100/quarter.


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  1. Jenny

    Seriously? There is nothing high dollar or “wow” about this box. I travel constantly and it does nothing for me. I don’t even feel like the value is there. I could probably find this stuff on sale and it would cost me $100. It would actually be cheaper because I wouldn’t even waste my money on some of it. I checked out the website for the travel tools and there is way better stuff than what she chose. I am soooo disappointed this. I expected this to be a redemption box after all the constant delays and lackluster response to the last boxes. I wanted to give her another chance, but after this one, I think I’m done. They could’ve done a lot with this theme. What a disappointment.

  2. HeatherP

    I liked the original Nina garcia boxes i know it was mentioned in the past, is Nina Garcia really behind the boxes anymore or ever for that matter? I feel like basic black is bland and safe. The phone case we got last summer is how i imagine her style. I did not subcribe last couple of NG boxes but when i did, it was because i liked the idea of having a little bit of her fashion/style sense. Like Rachel Zoe boxes. Some trendy education, and I Think this is now missing here.

  3. Jennie

    I received my box yesterday spoiler free and I really liked it. It is funny because when I look at the spoilers it doesn’t seem as exciting but I loved opening the box. I know it isn’t super high value, but I will use everything and was excited that I got the coral chic buds clutch which was the one I had hoped for!

  4. Jen Southwell

    I have been subscribed to Nina’s box from the beginning but with the delays I decided to cancel two weeks from ship date In order to fit in a MK bag I really wanted. I was still hoping to see a return of the old Nina boxes but am happy I chose the bag.

  5. Simi

    This is such an epic fail, especially since they had six months to get it right.

    Where is the “fashion editor flair” of the first two boxes? There is not one wow-item in this box. I would have expected a nice travelling plaid / poncho, high quality travel wallet or some unexpected item only Nina Garcia can get hold of.

    Instead there are some really cheap (hairbands?!?) items, more suited to kids (neon passport cover?!?) or first time travellers. Especially when you are flying long-haul, you will receive most of the items as a gift from the airline you are flying with.

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

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