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~Good evening! We had SUCH a busy weekend around here. My cousins came into town Friday night and we went out for BBQ, went to Zoo Lights and then saw Star Wars! I am not real big into Star Wars (that’s an understatement) and think I have only watched two of the movies in the series (I know, I know), but I must say, it was good. I could have used a little cheat sheet on who was related to who, but it was good.

Weekend Fun
Weekend Fun

~The wood floor in my office was also started / finished this weekend! B did an awesome job and I am so glad we (he) decided to to take it on as a DIY.  He likes doing that kind of stuff and it saved a bunch of money.  I now just need to get my office reorganized and get that chair (I don’t know where it’s going, but it’s not my office) out of the corner and we’ll be back to normal.


~I posted these on Instagram, but I wanted to share how some of my other clay ring dishes (from the A Beautiful Mess tutorial) turned out.  I figured out how to marble them (just keep smushing and mixing that clay together) and am now in love.  A little more practice and I think I could have them looking just like the ones they made.  I don’t know what I would do with all of them, but they are fun to make.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish
Marbled Clay Ring Dish

~Have you heard of Eco Flower (wooden flowers)?  I first discovered them a few days ago and am kind of obsessed.  I’ve never seen them in person and am super curious about the quality.  If you have ordered them, give me the scoop!

Eco Flowers
Eco Flowers


That’s it from here.  I hope you are having a great Sunday night!!!


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  1. HeatherP

    I tried the jewelry dishes too!! Thank you for posting about them. We had alot of fun with them this weekend!!

  2. Lisa

    The floor looks great!

  3. Jamie

    Wow I love the floor! We need to do that at our house, but we have tile in some areas so I am a little worried about what will happen when we pull it up.
    Your run dishes turned out so well!! How many colors did you use? I bought a couple different ones, but they don’t really go together, I was kind of thinking/hoping I could just mix the colors with the white and end up with lighter variations but I’m not sure if that’ll work yet.

    1. Jennifer

      That would be scary to see what’s under the tile! Fingers crossed they tiled over beautiful wood floors or something!

      I used three colors for the pink one (white, gold and pink) and two colors for the green one (green / white). And then painted the edges with gold paint! What colors did you get? I think I want to go get more white. I like how that brightens them up!

      1. HeatherP

        I used teal, gold, and silver. But i like how yours turned out much better. They really look like the beautiful mess ones. I also added those metallic tattoos we received so many of in our sub boxes. They add a really nice touch. But the clear gloss spray paint made the colors pop.

      2. Cindy

        What was your floor before? Don’t remember? Carpet? For yoursinus / allergies wood floors much better!

  4. Jamie

    I got white, sparkly green, sparkly red, teal, fuchsia, and an almost navy blue. I’ll tag you on Instagram when I finish! 🙂

  5. Jen

    Thanks so much for sharing the Beautiful Mess tutorial and pics of your clay ring dishes! They look awesome and now I want to try it out too!

    The ecoflowers are beautiful, and I really like the idea of having flowers that will last more than a week.

  6. Ake

    I love both the idea and look of those flowers, but I’m not seeing a lot of reviews of them online. Please share if you order some!

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