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Dear 2nd Graders, You did awesome leading the sing-a-long at school yesterday! I loved watching you guys!

Dear My Cousins, We can’t wait to see you all this weekend! Let the fun begin!

Dear Baxter, I don’t care what B and L say, I don’t think you look like a sloth. Although, you do have the same sleep pattern as one…

Dear Sports Illustrated, It’s MARK. Not Mike. MARK. LOL! Whatever. #spartanswill

Dear Hay Barrels, You are heavier than you look. I am sure the neighbors were entertained trying to watch me drag you to the compost pile.

Dear Starbucks, Don’t run out of ugly sweater cozy’s before I get there!

Dear B, I am so excited to have you home for the next few weeks!  January is going to be insane, but we’ll worry about that in January.

Dear Homeland, I can’t wait to see how you wrap this season up.

Dear Friend & Family, I am loving all the Christmas cards we have been getting!  I don’t know why, but seeing the same pictures printed out are 100x better than looking at them on Facebook.

Dear Free Expedited Shipping, Thank you.  Just thank you.


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  1. Jamie

    Omg homeland! I can’t wait! And I am already sad that this is the last episode 🙁

  2. Nikki Gawel

    I went to Starbucks this morning to get the frapp and the sweater cozy and they didn’t even know what I was talking about and said that they haven’t seen them in 3 years. So, I emailed Starbucks. I was not happy!

    1. Jennifer

      The girl in the drive thru at my store was clueless too. She went and asked someone and figured it out! I hope they get back to you!

  3. Kelly

    I ? Quinn!

  4. Melissa

    LOL!! Hay bales = ~40-50lbs!!!!

  5. Jessica G

    No sweater coziness at my Starbucks either. Boo.

  6. Susan

    No sweater cozies at my Starbucks OT the two others my friend and I tried yesterday. :-(. One said that they weren’t doing it until today. To whoever above who hearts Quinn – I am not sure who you are talking about but my middle name is Quin.

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