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Two questions today…

1. Do you wear socks when you sleep? I asked this yesterday years ago and every once in a while I still get comments on the post. People have strong feelings about sleeping with socks on! Lately I have been going to bed with my socks on, but kicking them off once my feet get too warm. I don’t want my feet to be cold in bed, but I don’t want them to be warm either!

2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure television show? I have a bunch, but my main one is Teen Mom. I just cannot give this mess up.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these!


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  1. Kristin P

    1 – NOOOOO! If a sock twists while I am sleeping, I am awake the rest of the night. I do have the benefit of a cat that likes to sleep on my feet though, so I don’t have a need to keep them warm with socks.

    2 – Hoarders. My husband and I watch Hoarders every week. Also, 90 Day Fiance, when it is on.

  2. Sharon

    1- I usually only sleep barefoot unless it’s really cold! Then I love wearing those big fuzzy socks.
    2- The Bachelor! Also The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. I can’t stop!

  3. Britney

    1. Usually no, but when my feet are cold or I put lotion on them yes. However, when I do I usually kick them off at some point.
    2. Dance Moms and Little Women LA, I watch both weekly!

    1. Jennifer

      I need to get on the Dance Mom train!

      1. Britney

        Yes ma’am! I’m a Dance Moms addict!

  4. Susan

    1. No!!!! I do not like my feet sticking to the sheets. If I get cold I just put extra quilts over the bottom of my bed

    2. I have been watching Outlander while listening to the book lately. So far I think the book is better

    1. Jennifer

      I have never read the book or watched the series. Sounds like maybe I should just read the book?

  5. Sarah

    1. I used to never ever sleep with socks on, but now I do most of the time–even if I’m wearing shorts in the summer, I like socks to keep my toes warm!
    2) Hmm…the Bachelor I suppose? I’ve recently started watching Modern Family which isn’t really a guilty pleasure (cause it’s amazing!) but it makes me crack up every time, and I just love it!!

    1. Jennifer

      Did you watch the Bachelor last night? Hands down the best part was when JoJo’s mom took a big swig out of the champagne bottle!!!

  6. Jenny

    1. Depends on the weather as to if I wear socks. Pretty much if I’m wearing socks at home then I wear them to bed so in the flipflop days I don’t and otherwise I do. LOL
    2. Oh aren’t all my shows guilty pleasures? Currently I really like UnReal, Awkward and Younger that fall more in that line. All of my CW superhero shows are kindof pleasures in their own right. I mean guys in leather is always a good thing. 😉

    1. Kristin

      I LOVE Younger!!

    2. Jennifer

      Yeah, I think everything I watch could be considered a guilty pleasure. My TV viewing isn’t very upscale.

  7. WendyinCA

    When I was a kid, my Mom said if you wore socks to bed you’d get “stink-a-litus” to convince me not to wear them. To this day I cannot wear socks to bed and even more odd, I still have no idea why my mom didn’t want me to. I’ll have to ask her!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG please find out! How funny!!!

  8. Jen

    Yes to socks to bed, most of the time, but I don’t have strong feelings about it like some people do.

    My guilty pleasure show is Hart of Dixie. It’s so silly and predictable but I still watch it and give my brain a vacation in the process

    1. Jennifer

      Some people are SO serious about it! My husband would NEVER wear socks to bed. ever. He thinks it’s crazy.

  9. Sarah

    During the winter i always sleep with socks on, during the warmer months, never. I have bad circulation so my hands, feet and somehow nose always so cold at night.
    My guilty pleasure show is dance moms ! I actually hate all the drama and jusy like the dancing.

    1. Jennifer

      why have I never watched Dance Moms? It seems like it’s my kind of show.

  10. :Lily

    1) Now that the south is having some sort of mini polar vortex of its own, I got out the new soft socks in the BB ” Why Not Stay In” box and wore them last night. Very comfy and not scratchy or loose- most seem to be one or the other.

    2) My guilty viewing pleasure late at night is watching something familiar and humorous on TV with Amazon Prime and Fire TV. Right now, my ultimate go-to show is ” Frasier”.

    To the person enjoying ” Outlander”, it’s a fabulous show, topped only by the book series. 🙂 I discovered Claire and Jamie over 20 years ago and waited a very long time to see them on screen. It was worth the wait. 🙂 Love the show, too.

    1. Jennifer

      My box is supposed to arrive today and I cannot wait!!!!

  11. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I have a few Little Women LA, 90 Day Fiance, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Couples Therapy (Family Therapy coming next month …One of the girls from 16 and Pregnant will be on), Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 for sure!

    Teen Mom OG: Time to get rid of Farrah for good! The show doesn’t need her anymore..Let her go live in her $2,000,000 home, with her $60,000 engagement ring with Simon…because that looks like it’s gonna last forever…! lol He’s just on the show for the camera time, what a joke! I say take Farrah off and just show Michael with Sophia…he’s the only one I like…lol Maci: so glad to see Ryan finally stepping up for Bentley..hope it lasts! I like seeing Maci and Taylor together..they look like they genuinely have fun together…and I was glad to see Maci correcting Bentley to stop the behavior before it gets out of control. …Catelynn… not quite sure what happened with Butch and April since the wedding…they were able to be there together but now can’t be at their granddaughters party at the same time? Continuing to hope for Butch’s success and sobriety… Glad to see that Catelynn is getting steps to help with her depression/pp…. Always love the scenes with Tyler and his mom Kim ..she always tells it like it is but in a respectful way (I once spotted her on an episode of wasn’t for her house it was a friend she was helping)… Amber: finally seeing Amber and Gary work some stuff out and come to a reasonable agreement…sad though that Amber had to offer money ($1.200 a month) to get it done though… Still not sure how I feel about Matt..but he did bring up a valid point about Gary being so concerned about Ambers well being but does nothing to focus on his own health. Gary really does need to put his health first especially now with two daughters to raise… Of course will be watching the catch up show with Dr Drew and then ready for Teen Mom 2 to start…from the preview it looks like the drama level is at an all time high …!

    1. Jennifer

      Who goes into a store and complains things are “too cheap”? She’s so dumb. And that fight with Larry the Producer? OMG could she have been any ruder? I would have lost my mind on her.

      Kim was helping a friend on Hoarders? I need to find this on my tv at once.

      1. Kimm Jones Furlotte

        Found the episode for you! Had to search for others who spotted her in that episode, it was a couple years ago when I first saw it… Found it was called “Phyllis/Janet” from Season 4. She (Kim) first appears when everyone is there to start the clean up around the 23:00 min mark for Janet from Washington, Michigan… The whole show was good..the other lady Phyllis collects stuffed animals and dolls… Janet collects jars that she has peed in… 🙁

  12. Lisa

    No socks! Can’t stand sleeping with socks on.
    Guilty pleasure TV: long island medium and sister wives….sister wives is like a train wreck you can’t help but look….I’m in awe of this family and the way they function. Or lack there of.

  13. Lia

    1) I don’t wear socks to bed unless it’s like freezing freezing cold, which doesn’t happen much where I live. I do, however, HAVE TO have some kind of blanket covering at least my legs/feet. Even if it’s crazy hot, I will sleep naked and have a sheet and point a fan directly at myself. But I can NOT sleep if I don’t have something draped over my lower half.

    2) The Bachelor franchise. I somehow got sucked in when I kept hearing about what a horrible person Juan Pablo was. I watched the WTA episode to see what all the hubbub was about, loved Andi and I’ve been stuck ever since. I told myself I wouldn’t watch this season because I literally couldn’t even remember who the heck Ben was but….. I watched the first ep to see Becca and got sucked in. It’s so dumb because I totally read spoilers and know exactly what’s going to happen… but they get me every single time. But once again– I don’t like ANY of the options for Bachelorette (unless they go crazy and pick someone from way back) so hopefully I can stop now!

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