Friday’s Letters

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Dear L, I loved hearing all those good things about you at conferences yesterday! You are amazing!

Dear Duvet Covers, Why don’t you all have ties on the inside so I can hook you to my comforter?  Instead you shift all around and leave one person with all the comforter and the other person with basically just sheets.

Dear POPSUGAR, We’ve been getting lots of spoilers for March boxes and I think it’s time we got some Resort Box spoilers!  I’m ready whenever you are!

Dear My Voice Controlled Remote, You are awesome except when I actually, you know, have to say what tv shows I watch out loud. “Watch Teen Mom”, “Watch The Bachelor”.  #soembarrassing

Dear B, You are the best! Thank you.

Dear The Presidental Candidates, How do you have other jobs? Like being Governer or Senator or whatever? When do you actually have time to do stuff for those jobs?

Dear Daylight Savings Time, I am not overly excited about losing an hour of sleep, but I am excited about gaining an hour of daylight!  If only there was a way to do both.

Dear W, I am so sorry I couldn’t get Justin Bieber Radio to work on Pandora yesterday.  So sorry.  I really tried, I swear.  #noseriouslyitried

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  1. Cindy

    Besides that hour in the morning I’ll miss that it will be darker again in the am for awhile!

  2. Jackie

    Cracking up at the thank you note about Justin Bieber…lol!

    1. Jackie

      I mean letter.

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