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Mommy Mailbox
Cost: $33.95/month
Ships To: United States
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Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review
Mommy Mailbox subscription boxes are carefully curated to make all mom’s lives better, easier and sweeter. Boxes contain products which typically retail for between $55-$75, and each box contains 4-6 surprise gifts that change each month.
Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review

Mommy Mailbox ships via USPS during the first week of the month (or the last few days of the previous month). Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review
The March 2016 Mommy Mailbox box was curated by Bethany Menzel and included the following items:

~Botanical Journal by Rifle Paper Co. ($15): Rifle Paper Co. has the most gorgeous prints and this “mint floral” one is no exception.  The pages are printed with metallic gold lines and accents. You can use it as a Journal (it says Journal on the front) or just a notebook which is what I plan to do with it.Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review

~Coffee Mug by Little Black Letter Company (~$10): I love getting coffee mugs in subscription boxes (it’s probably one of my favorite things to get), so it’s no surprise that I LOVE this!

Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review~It’s So Big Mascara by Elizabeth Mott (10mL / full-size) ($20): I heard on a local morning show this morning that mascara needs to be tossed after 3-months.  I guess I knew that already, but it was a good reminder that I had a lot of opened ones that needed to go.  That meant that I got to open this one up and test it out right away. I thought it lengthened well and didn’t get all clumpy when I went back for a second coat.
Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review~Peppermint Halo by Sage (0.3fl.oz) ($~20): You roll this on your temples to relieve headache pain and tension and it is supposed to work in just four minutes.  It’s a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender and you know what, it really did work.  This is going in my purse immediately.

Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review~Sun Cups by Seth Ellis Chocolate (~$1): I didn’t think these were quite as good as those peanut butter cups that came in the February LLB, but these were tasty!  They are peanut-free, glutem-free and dairy-free and are made from all-natural milk chocolate.
Mommy Mailbox March 2016 Subscription Box Review

All totaled I came up with a value of (approximately) $66 for the March 2016 Mommy Mailbox.  I mention it every month, but Mommy Mailbox is not just for moms!  Don’t be scared away by the name. It’s a fabulous all-around Lifestyle box!

What do you think of Mommy Mailbox?  If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, you can check them out here.

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3 thoughts on “Mommy Mailbox Review – March 2016

  • Valerie

    Happy to see a Canadian company (Saje) make an appearance! Sadly, the Peppermint Halo doesn?t work for me at all. I don?t think I?ve ever had luck with natural/placebo type treatments.

  • Jennifer

    I think I really like this subscription box. I don’t receive it, but I think when we can spend a little more frivolously again I may give it a try.