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~Good evening!  We watched The Good Dinosaur Friday night and it was just as good the second time as it was the first time.  Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, we all highly recommend it.  It’s a little sad, but really cute.
IMG_3147~Super random, but does anyone know anything about the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box?  It says on the website that the next package ships in March 2016 and it still lets you purchase subscriptions (although with Quarterly you aren’t billed until it ships), but I have not heard a word about this box.  No theme hints, spoilers, nothing.  If you know anything, fill me in! Also, if you know anything about the next Allure Beauty Thrills box, I’d love to know what’s up with that one too.  I *think* they usually go on sale in mid-April so I suspect we should be hearing something soon if they are planning on doing another one.

~Who’s been watching Fuller House?  What do you think?  I haven’t gotten a chance to start it yet and am hearing mixed reviews.  I’ll still end up watching, but I am curious to hear what everyone thinks.

~The Amazon Luxury Beauty Deal is still going on, so if you haven’t done it yet, there is still time. Basically all you need to do is spend $50 in the Amazon Luxury Beauty Shop (items must ship from and then enter coupon code “LUX25BACK” at checkout and you will receive a $25 Amazon credit to spend on a future purchase.  If you are needing to pick up some beauty items anyway, take advantage of this!
Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.13.48 PM

~I heard that Wonderballs are coming back! Has anyone successfully located these yet?  Where? I hear that some WalMarts are selling them, but I haven’t been successful at mine. I need to check a few more and I am hoping they have them.  I wonder if the fact that these are now able to be sold again means that we’ll eventually be able to get KinderEggs here too?
Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.29.22 PM

~Does anyone follow @thedomestichousewife on Instagram?  I am pretty much obsessed with her cookie decorating videos.  She makes it look so easy, but I know it’s really not.  They are right up there with the Tasty videos for me.
Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.22.40 PM

That’s it from here! I hope everyone is having a great night!

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  1. Loren

    Totally random & unrelated, but since you were asking about candy being sold in stores…the Snickers Cruncher has been advertised on TV for months now, & I have yet to find it in any store, in the check out aisle, in the candy aisle, etc,. I just don’t understand.

    1. Jennifer

      I have seen the Snickers Crisper but never the Cruncher! I am going to have to look!

    2. Amber

      I have also seen them at Walgreens if you have one of those!

  2. PA Anna

    I checked Quarterly’s twitter the other day. The NIna Garcia box theme is SS’16 trends. Sounds like it has good possibilities if she is involved in curating the box.

    1. Jennifer

      Agreed I hope it’s better than the last one!!!

  3. Jen

    According to quarterly’s Twitter. The next Nina box will ship in March! I had to get it because I am hoping after the nice long break it will be a great one! The spoiler is SS16 trends and there is an article in Marie Claire about trends from the runway 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I hope the long break means we are getting an AMAZING box!

  4. Britney

    I watched Fuller House all in one day… it’s cheesy, but that’s what I expected and I’m fine with it. 🙂

  5. Rose D.

    Loved Fuller House!!! It was so very much a continuation of Full House.

  6. Nichelle

    Watching Fuller House now and I love it!

  7. Jenny

    I ordered The Good Dinosaur for C for his Easter basket. I can’t wait to see it.
    I watched Fuller House. It is really corny but I enjoyed it. It definitely falls in the guilty pleasure category. I’m glad they are making more as I think they are going in a good direction so while corny it could turn out to be a pretty good show.

  8. Amber

    I have not watched Fuller House yet but my 7 year old daughter is obsessed with it! She loves Full House and was literally counting down the days for the Fuller House release lol. She has watched every episode and is looking forward to the second season.

  9. Erin B

    I loved Fuller House – the 1st episode made me tear up lol I thought they did a good job bringing back old jokes and story lines!! It IS cheesy, but I so expected that. LOVED it and can’t wait for season 2! 🙂

    Have you been to Target recently. Their dollar section (whatever it’s called now) has some SUPER cute St. Patrick’s Day stuff!!!!! I was so excited! 🙂

  10. Liz

    I am only on the 7th episode of Fuller House and love it. People are complaining about how cheesy it is, but that is how the show is and was. I’m already excited for season 2!!! lol

    1. Jennifer

      They have them at Target! And CVS!!

  11. Tiffany

    I found wonderballs today at walmart!! $1 in the check out isle with the other candy 🙂

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