Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Blue Apron
Cost: $59.94/week (3 meals per week which each serve two people).
Ships To: Continental United States.
Coupon Code: Use this link to get $20 off your first box.

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Blue Apron is a weekly meal subscription service. They’ll provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.  They offer a 2-person plan which includes 3 meals per week for $59.94/week or a Family Plan which serves four people and includes two recipes ($69.92/week) or 4 recipes ($139.84/week) per week. I  received the 2-person plan which included two servings of three different recipes.

All Blue Apron deliveries arrive in a refrigerated box which keeps the food fresh so you don’t even need to be home to accept delivery.  It drives my husband crazy, but I like to let the boxes sit outside even when I am home to really check how fresh they stay.  I left this one outside until about 7pm (I think it was delivered at 2pm) and everything was perfectly chilled.  The ice packs in it were still frozen solid actually.  The packaging (which is A LOT) is recyclable, but I do wish they would figure out a way to reuse it all.

Each week Blue Apron allows subscribers to choose three of their featured six recipes for the week (for Family Plans you have four recipes for the week) to choose from.  Here is what we selected for the week of April 25th:

~Seared Salmon & “Green” Potato Salad: As you can see all of the meals include beautiful recipe cards with a little bit about the recipe, deals on ingredients, cooking time, prep-time, etc.  Recipes are easy to follow and generally all ingredients are included – with the exception of salt & pepper, water, etc.  We loved this meal.  The “green” potato salad (it has sautéed spinach, crisp celery and delicate scallion) was probably some of the best potato salad I have ever had. B did say he thought it could have used a little more sour cream, but really, what couldn’t?  One note: The mustard seeds which are used as a topping on the salmon cook like popcorn.  At least ours did. They were flying everywhere and B and I were cracking up.

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review
~Korean Bao Sliders with Gochujang Mayo & Sweet Potato Tempura: These were SO good!  bao are steamed buns and are almost like a thick pita. But softer.  I can’t believe I am saying this because I am not generally a fan of spicy things, but I thought this needed more gochujang mayo.  It was more flavorful than spicy in my opinion and was fabulous.  Once we find a place locally that sells these buns we will be making this again.

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review
~Za’atar Chicken & Pearl Couscous with Asparagus & Pink Lemon Compote: I thought the Korean sliders were my favorite meal of the bunch until we had this one.  It was so flavorful and looked like something you’d find in a restaurant.  We both LOVED this and we will for sure be making it again.

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Blue Apron April 2016 Subscription Box Review

We loved this week’s Blue Apron!  We save all of the recipe cards from our meal subscription boxes and when we don’t know what to make, we reference all of the cards we have on hand.

If you want to try Blue Apron use this link to save $20 off your first box!

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  1. Britney

    I always want to order one of the grocery boxes, but this I think about how much cheaper it is to go buy all that stuff at my local grocery store. Plus, I can be a little picky.
    A little off subject, would you know when Hamptons Lane normally ships? I finally broke down and ordered the first part of the month, but it’s taking forever to ship!

    1. Callie

      It would take me at least an hour to drive to the store and track down all of these ingredients. Time is $.
      And well it might be cheaper if you can buy the exact amount you need for each recipe – that’s nearly impossible. You can’t just buy a spice packet or a small bit of rice or two buns or three pieces of lettuce. I end up spending more and wasting more.

      That’s how I justify it at least. 🙂

  2. Nia

    168AsiaMart on JohnR, just south of the Oakland Mall may have the buns.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! We were trying to think of local places that would carry it! I am sure they would!

  3. Chau

    I got the same recipes as you this week and agree wth everything! The chicken was the most surprising – I did not expect the delicious flavors and texture! Super delicious. Callie, that’s how I justify blue apron too – the perfect sized portions and the trip to the grocery store do it for me too saves time and money. Also, having Blue Apron has kept my fianc? and me from eating out a lot where we’d be spending a lot more. One last thing: he and I have bonded over making these meals that we haven’t before when making recipes out of books/internet. The recipes in Blue Apron are really well constructed.

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