Meal Delivery Subscription Service Comparison!

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There are SO many meal delivery subscription services out there right now that I thought I would do a quick breakdown so you can decide for yourself which is best for you.

Purple Carrot

2 Person Plan (3 meals): $11.33/meal
Family Plan (2 meals – serves 4 people): $9.25/meal

$68 (3 meals which each serve 2 people)


2-Person Plan: 3/week
Family Plan: 2/week              

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and West-Coast regions of the U.S.

Vegan Recipes

Price Per Meal

Min. Order Amount


Recipes in Box

Delivery Area


Blue Apron

2-Person Plan: $9.99/meal    

Family Plan:  $8.74/meal

$59.94 (3 meals which each serve 2 people)


2-Person Plan: 3/week
Family Plan: 2 or 4/week

Nationwide to most addresses (Tuesday – Friday in most locations).

Ships in insulated box.


Vegetarian: $10.49/meal 
Omnivore: $11.99/meal
Carnivore: $13.49/meal
Gluten-Free: $13.49/meal
Paleo: $14.99meal

$71.94 (3 meals which each serve 2 people – Omnivore Plan)



See Site

Organic Ingredients in eco-friendly packaging.


$5.50 – $16.75/meal

Vessel (shipping container) must be 60% full which is equal to 2-3 meals for 2 people.

As Requested

As Selected

See Site

Food arrives prepped in a reusable temperature controlled vessel.


6-meals: $11.50/meal
9-meals: $11/meal
12-meals: $10.75/meal
21-meals: $10.90 (2 deliveries)

$69 (6-meals per week)


6,9, 12 or 21/week

See Site (Most of the Western US is serviced)

Food arrives prepared in a refrigerated 100% recyclable vessel. Limited delivery area.

Hello Fresh

Classic Box: $11.50/meal
Veggie Box: $9.83/meal
Family Box: $9.99/meal

$69 (3 classic meals which each serve 2 people)


Classic Box: 3-5week
Veggie Box:3/week
Family Box: 2 or 3/week

Continental United States

Ships in insulated box.

Home Chef


$49.80 (2 meals which each serve 2 people. $10 shipping applies on orders <$40)



90% of United States

Ships in insulated box.

Just Add Cooking

2-Person Plan: $11.50/week
4-Person Plan: $9.08/week

$69 (3 meals which each serve 2 people).



See Site (Based out of Boston, MA)

New England Based. Limited Delivery Area.

Madison & Rayne

Chef Tasting Plan: $14/meal

$56 (2 meals which each serve 2 people)



See Site (Based out of Chicago, IL)

Chicago, IL Based. Limited Delivery Area.  4-week minimum for Chef’s Tasting Plan.

Meal Time Box

$7.75 – $10/meal (depending on selection)

$50 (5 meals)



East Coast / Midwest

Meals are pre-packaged and arrive individually packed and vacuum sealed in FDA-approved , BPA-free microwave safe packages. Arrives cooked and ready to heat.


Classic Box: $12.50/meal

$50  (2 meals which each serve 2 people)



Continental United States

Ships in insulated box.



$54 (2 meals which each serve 2 people)


2-4 based on selection

95% of the United States

Ships in insulated box.

Terra’s Kitchen

$11.99 – $16.99/meal

$64.99 min. order


2-4 based on selection

See Site

Food comes prepped in a reusable vessel.

If you have tried one of the meal delivery subscriptions which is your favorite?

**Unless otherwise noted, food arrives ready to be cooked.**

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  1. Erin B

    I have done Blue Apron for awhile now … I LOVE it! I love that you can skip if you want, and somewhat pick your 3 meals (there are 6 choices each week, but sometimes you can’t do certain combinations). The food has always been fresh (one time I was missing an onion so they gave me a credit, very nice customer service). I got my parents started doing it, because they have very different food tastes and my mom hates cooking lol my dad loves it! I also love how it got me to try new foods and dishes! 🙂 I’d definitely recommend Blue Apron!

  2. Nicole

    I’ve been using Freshly, I love them! They always have tons of great deals, it’s already prepared, fresh ingredients pre-packaged meals. I like the others, but sometimes it’s nice to have gourmet meals that I don’t even have to prepare.

    1. Jennifer

      I need to add Freshly on here! There are so many that it’s so hard to keep up!

  3. Cori

    Thank you. This is very helpful. If you ever go this again, would it be possible to add a column for if you cook the food vs it comes finished ? That’s something I didn’t realize was happening in some of these boxes now.

    1. Jennifer

      If I can find a better way to format it, I totally will. So far I think it’s just Freshly and Meal Time Box that send it prepared.

      1. Cori

        I did not know about Freshly. Thanks. Maybe a google sheet (Excel like) that you can plug into the page? Just a thought.

        1. Jennifer

          That’s what this is. But I only have a limited width on this page and adding more columns just doesn’t give me enough room. I mean it does but I can only get like two words in per sentence.

        2. Jennifer

          It does look really good in my spreadsheet though. LOL!!!

  4. Amber

    Do you plan on doing more of these comparison charts? This is super helpful! Would you have enough options to do one for all the “time of the month” boxes?

  5. Meredith

    Is there anyway of finding out where each company is shipping their food from? It would be helpful for those in other areas of the US to know, so as to avoid having the food spoil before it reaches there home.

    1. Jennifer

      I am not 100% sure. Some of the food delivery services ship from different warehouses depending on where in the country you live. If they ship to your location they *should* guarantee it’s not going to spoil.

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