So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~L spelled my name wrong on the all about my mom Mother’s Day thing he did, but spelled Chipotle right. LOL! I love it!
~Listening to W use the voice controlled remote just about makes my day. No one taught him. He just figured it out on his own. “watch paw patrol”. LOL!
~I’ll never understand how there can be so many hundreds of parents at school, yet it’s the same 15 of us volunteering for everything.
~B couldn’t even figure out L’s extra credit math puzzle. I think we both NEED to find the answer to this puzzle, just to see where we all went wrong.
~I broke down and ordered the Disney Lego Minifigures from the internet. I finally realized there was no way I was finding them locally.
~I am so curious to see what my thredUp payout is going to be.  You just never know.
~The earlier I go to bed, the more sleep I need (this makes no sense I know).
~I need to stop looking at Pinterest for school carnival ideas.  Because all this stuff just isn’t going to be able to happen in the next few weeks.
~I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!

What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Annie

    Girl, it is SO intimidating to join those 15 PTO parents. Yes, they usually say Hi when you first get there, but they all know each other. And each other’s kids. And spouses. And it’s like the scary high-school cool girls clique. I always feel like the third (or 16th) wheel. They claim they want help with events, but when you sign up, you feel sooo out of place. It’s like you’ve shown up to THEIR event and oh, you can take out the trash for us. Don’t get me wrong, they do amazing things for the kids and I’m very grateful, it’s just super uncomfortable to try and join them.

    1. Jennifer

      I can totally see that! I felt like that at the school my son went to for kindergarten. His new(er) school is much less of a PTO clique!

    2. Maria

      For me the hard part is that those 15 moms schedule the meetings for events after drop off or in the middle of the day and I work-so I always feel lame saying that I can’t attend the meetings because of when they schedule them.

      The Lego Disney figures should be out again soon-the key is finding that nice Target employee and having them check the back for a box that they have not put out yet-I have had them check for the DCPI code of 204-00-1379. That is how I was able to purchase some.

      1. Jennifer

        Ours are at night.

        I have been looking up that number and nothing. Well, nothing new. I wonder why it’s taking the Targets in Michigan so long to get them? Where do they come from??

  2. Britney

    I got a whopping $20 from Thredup. I didn’t send a lot in since it was my first time… I was testing the waters! It was so worth it, though… I didnt have to do anything but throw some clothes in a bag. I just wish they took men’s clothes…

    1. Jennifer

      I was *almost* going to call you out in here and ask you about your bag but I didn’t want you to think I was crazy!

      1. Britney

        Haha! Nope, wouldn’t think that at all… I’m surprised you don’t think I’m crazy for commenting all the time!! (I swear I’m not crazy, just on the internet too much!) 🙂

  3. Jaime

    Maybe this makes me sound like an a$$ but I’m the mom who ends up donating the bulk of the money so I feel it’s perfectly within my right to sit it out. There has not been one program/field trip/carnival/holiday that I haven’t spent 200+ on. All of the children got to go to a crazy expensive field trip because I volunteered to pay for the kids who’s parents simply couldn’t afford it. That’s my part. I am perfectly content with it.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s volunteering too!

      Were was this field trip? I don’t think we have any super amazing ones!

  4. Jaime

    It was to a zoo over 100 miles away. We chartered buses and catered lunch. It went beyond school hours. It’s the biggest zoo in our state.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, anytime you can’t take school buses it adds so much extra expense to the field trips! And a 100 miles on a chartered bus takes a long time!!! I bet the kids loved it though!

  5. Tara m

    I hear with the PTO volunteering!! I am on the board of our PTO and it is pretty much the same 7-10 parents at everything! The worst is when the parents who don’t do anything then complain about how stuff is done…its like listen I’m not getting paid here! lol…we are trying to build our volunteers from the bottom grades up its seems like new parents to the school are more excited about helping.

    1. Jennifer

      Always. The kinder parents are so much more into it. By the time your kid is in 5th grade you are just about done!

  6. greta

    I love reading about stay-at-home-mom problems!

  7. Jill

    Did you check Walmart for the minifigures? I got a few last week there.

    1. Jennifer

      I did. Nothing! Unless they are sold out?

  8. Esmeralda

    I tried to volunteer at my son’s school but they never called me . I had even signed up to do the book fair event and they never called to follow up or give me any info . So I figured they had enough help ? Or just didn’t need me lol

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh!!!! That sucks!

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