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Dear L, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much, and I am so lucky to be your mom! Can’t wait to celebrate.

Dear Disney Lego Minifigs, We found a few of you and you really are adorable.

Dear Flowers, I am glad I didn’t plant you last weekend because we may have a frost this weekend.

Dear Old iPod, Looks like I should have saved you.  And really, why didn’t I?  I did love that teal iPod mini I used to have.

Dear Dollar Tree, I continue to be amazed at some of the deals you have.  Like the clear gift basket bags I have been on the hunt for.  2 bags for $1?  Yes, please.

Dear Teen Mom, I missed you this week!  I was all set to watch on Monday and then nothing.  I’ll be extra ready next week.

Dear Trader Joe’s, I cannot wait for the day (if there ever is one) that you open a location close (well closer than 30-45 minutes) to me.

Dear W, You completely crack me up. Never a dull moment with you and I love it.

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  1. Kristin

    A frost?! I’m kinda jealous. It’s in the upper 80s here and with the humidity yesterday it felt like 95. ?

  2. Ragan

    I would be rolling in it if I had saved my old iPods. Instead I traded them in for a Target gift card (and a low value one at that). But, both had problems with the screen and had been heavily used so I guess they might not’ve been worth thousands.

    I do have a working 3rd generation iPod nano in red. But I actually still use it…

    1. Jennifer

      I think I did something similar with mine! I do wish I still had that mini. I would still use it!

  3. Jessica a

    I agree with you about Teen Mom this week…I feel almost lost by them not being on…

    I wish there were Trader Joe’s in Hawaiii…when visitors come, we always ask for treats from there.

  4. Zelene

    Happy Birthday to L!! I hope you have an amazing day of celebration 🙂
    I love Dollar tree for school projects too, the boards usually are 5 dlls everywhere and in DT just one dollar, the first time I saw that, almost bought all of them just in case (but I just took one hehehe), or the time a bought a helium ballon for each kid in my girl class, they were so cute, just one dollar and they stayed like 4 weeks in the air :O, that was a surprise, the ones i bought in party city usually float like 3 days tops 🙂

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