So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~W wants to be a member of the Paw Patrol when he grows up.
~I like when there are fights in baseball.
~I told the door-to-door meat salesman (for real) that I was the babysitter.
~I think I am finally starting to understand the need for a shower cap.
~I have POPSUGAR Must Have Box FOMO, so I pretty much know before they even announce a box that I will be getting it.
~I love looking at other people’s vacation pictures.  For real.
~I am looking forward to seeing what the Target designer collaboration will be.
~I am also looking forward to the current collaboration hitting 70% off (fingers crossed it will).
~I am constantly in awe at the ease my 8-year-old has in making friends.  He can pretty much be happy playing with anyone.

That’s it from here! What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. ceb104

    I totally do the same thing with door to door OR telemarketers! Except I say I rent and can’t make any decisions.

  2. Britney

    My husband is technically the “owner” of our house since he bought it before we got married. I always tell them I’m not the owner and can’t help them. 🙂

  3. Ragan

    Door-to-door meat salesman? Never heard of that. Easy answer though, since it’s a vegetarian household. (My husband eats meat sometimes at restaurants but at home the only ones eating meat are the dog and cats.) We got some Mormon missionaries the other day but at least they were polite. And perhaps slightly afraid of the Rottweiler who greeted them when the door opened (Nyx is a sweetie but she is a BIG dog). We just didn’t answer the door when the Girl Scouts came by selling cookies.

    1. Jennifer

      We get SO many door-to-door salespeople here. Art and furniture out of semi-trucks, cleaning products, vacuums, windows / doors / siding. It’s the oddest thing.

      1. Ragan

        You know, I live on a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood that a lot of people don’t know even exists. You have to turn in where it looks like an apartment complex and keep going back. I think that helps cut down on the random door knocks. Of course all the apartment kids show up at Halloween but that’s fine, big bags of candy are cheap at Target.

    2. Sara

      We don’t have many door to door salesman, it’s just the Jehovah witness people mostly. We’ve randomly had AT&T U-verse people go door to door, but as soon as you say you despise AT&T they back off real fast lol. My brother’s house had a door to door meat salesman once, I was feeding his dog and answered the door. I thought it was super strange.

  4. Amber

    I get 4 to 5 solicitors A DAY! They’re awful! If I don’t answer, they’ll look in my windows, or bang and ring for 5 minutes. One shouted “I know you’re in there” through the door…others have shouted profanities at me. They act as though it’s a requirement for me to open the door. If I do open the door and say no to them, it’s then a fight. They refuse to give you a card and you must schedule right then & there, LOL. Sorry, this is clearly a hot button for me 🙂

  5. Sara

    At my old job people sent in wedding photos or vacation photos all the time, I always took the time to look at all the pictures lol. It was the highlight of the job!

  6. Hildol

    you can put up a no solicitation sign and if they do, tell them you’ll report them. also a real or fake camera deters then from the profanity. all they need to see is what looks like a camera up high and the light. or a doberman. I let mine come to the door with me. they don’t know he is a sweetheart lol.

  7. Lauren

    Omg man in so thankful I live in a no solitarily neiborhood. We used to get multiple a day and I hated it!!! I too used to tell them I’m the nanny, it always worked.
    We’ve have a few over optimistic solicitors here and right away I say did you see the big signs that said it’s 24 hours surveillance and no solicitation Bubba blah and they say please and call the police and they would run away. Over optimistic solicitors here and right away I say did you see the big signs that said it’s honors 24 hours surveillance and no solicitation and they say please and call the police and they would run away ! Hahaha I love it!!

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