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Dear Instagram, Hmm, I didn’t realize you had that incoming message request feature. Sorry to whomever I haven’t replied to in 22 weeks.

Dear The Secret Life of Pets, I hope you are as good as I am expecting you to be!

Dear The New Radio Station in Town, You are everything. It’s all anyone can talk about and I don’t blame them one bit. Way better than the sports talk that used to be on.

Dear My 4th of July Decorations, You are now Olympic decorations.

Dear Paw Patrol, How about you bring that summer tour to my town?  My kids (even L would be down) wouldn’t mind seeing that Paw Patroller roll into town.

Dear My Thumb, I have noticed that, if I don’t move you, you don’t hurt. Sounds good to me. #textinginjury

Dear Instagram, I must say, I am not down with your changes. I hope soon you will give people the option to switch back to old view where it sorted by time and not by popularity or whatever the new way is!

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  1. Karissa

    The Instagram changes make me less likely to spend time on there. It’s annoying and stressful to browse now. And it keeps throwing people’s continuing posts out of order and making them confusing. When Pinterest started spamming my feed with recommendations, it turned me off, and now I rarely pop in. I’d hate to see the same happen with Insta.

  2. Hazel

    I agree on the Instagram thing. The reason I started using it was because it sorted by time. I have pretty much stopped checking mine because of it. If I wanted to see the same posts I saw 3 days ago, I’d get on Facebook.

  3. Lauren

    New radio station?!! What tt?!! Where I I been. What channel is it?!! And I heard that paw patrol is going to be at the fox!!! ?

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, they are! But I want the Paw Patroller bus thing to come here!

      It’s 105.1. Put it on right away! It’s amazing!

  4. Stephanie McGuire

    Do you live close to Detroit… The live show rolls through in November… I’m hoping to take Delaney to the show in Denver in December… She’s obsessed and would LOVE it!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I do live outside Detroit! But they have this Paw Patrol Tour bus (The Roll Patrol) hitting some cities / events this summer and I want them to come here!!!

  5. Stephanie McGuire

    Thank you so much for the heads up on the tour bus thing, looks cool, it’s not coming to our town either. But my mom did buy tickets for the live show for Delaney’s birthday!!!

  6. Lauren

    Oh yes, we so need that to roll through here!!!

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