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~Good evening! First things first, did you know that pineapples don’t grow on trees? WHAT? Why did I just discover this yesterday (via this Buzzfeed article)? I feel like I have been living a lie. Also poppyseeds under a microscope? Nope. I don’t like them anymore.
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.26.53 PM

~We saw “Secret Life of Pets” yesterday and OMG it was adorable. If you haven’t gone to see it yet, go now. Also, our local theatre got these amazing new trays that fit in your cup holder and it’s all B can talk about. Oh and they got blankets too.

~I clearly haven’t been to Home Depot in a while, but they sell Shiplap! I had no idea. I tried to talk B into shiplaping something in the house, but he denied me. Probably for the best, but it looks very cool.

~Can I just say how much I enjoy Pokemon Go?  Seriously we’ve been having such a good time with it and I enjoy talking about it like 100x more than I like talking about Minecraft (which I do not understand) with L!!  LOL!

IMG_0875 (1)

That’s it from here! I hope you are having a great night!

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  1. Britney

    I didn’t realize that pineapples grew that way until they were on sale at our Home Depot last summer. Of course we bought one, but the squirrels got to the fruit before we could. This year it has sprouted two fruits! I have to replant it in a bigger pot soon. Hopefully we’ll get one this year, even though I’m not supposed to eat them.

  2. Sandy

    Had no idea about the pineapples either — that is exactly how I felt when I realized that “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was the same song as the Alphabet Song (a, b, c, d…..) — like I’d been lied to my entire life !!

  3. Susan

    I only knew about pineapples because our family took a trip to Hawaii when I was 15, and we got to tour a pineapple farm. Then after the tour, you could fill out an order form, and get some of their fresh pineapples sent directly to your house. We only did it once, but fresh pineapple is the best thing ever.
    Your new theater looks awesome, we haven’t seen that movie yet, but hopefully we’ll get to soon.

  4. Susan

    You can root a pineapple top. Kind of like you do an avocado pit. You cut off the top of the pineapple and trim back as much fruit as possible the. Put it over a cup of water. (Google it for better instructions). You ought to try it. The boys would probably enjoy watching it grow. We did it in college and I still have the plant (and it is somehow still living even though I ignore it!!)

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