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1. Do you have cable? A home phone? I am thinking of ditching cable again – but keeping my home phone. We didn’t have a home phone for years, but I figured with L getting older, he’d eventually need a phone number to give to his friends. As for cable, we didn’t have it for years either, but I was SO bored when B was out of town once that I signed back up for it.  But I only watch a few channels (and we have an antenna that will get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.), so it’s not really worth it.  I wish cable companies would let you choose exactly which channels you want and then bill you accordingly!

2. Speaking of cable (sort of), what was the last thing you watched?  I watched some odd Catfish special last night. It was interesting (Catfish always is), but the reenacted scenes were weird.  I think they could have just told the stories without the scenes.

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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  1. Amy BB

    We ditched our home phone (sort of) at least 5 years ago in favor of Magic Jack. It works great and is a fraction of the cost the phone company charges you!
    We recently got rid of cable and the results are mixed. I mostly watch You Tube or Netflix which we stream via Google Chromecast. We also pay for HBO at at cost of $15 a month. We both work a lot and this seems to be fine….but….my husband loves football and just told me he is purchasing a $300 football package which probably delineates any savings we have accrued!

  2. Tabitha

    We have a landline. We barely use it but I like having it for emergencies. It’s also helpful when we have a babysitter over without a cell phone.
    We have satellite TV and we’ve been thinking about alternatives. We had cable before satellite. I just don’t like paying so much for the services!
    I totally wish we could just pick certain channels too! Never gonna happen though.

  3. Lia

    We just got cable (basic) again after three years of just Netflix/Amazon/Hulu. It was the same price to get it plus “faster internet” as our old internet bill. Except it so NOT faster! It’s horrible. If I’m watching something on the roku and dare to open a browser on my phone or laptop the roku starts freezing up. It’s the WORST!

    And to make it worse… The last thing I watched on actual tv? The Olympic closing ceremony. Yeah. I never ever watch the stupid cable. >:(

  4. Britney

    We have very basic cable, mainly local channels. It’s cheaper to bundle that with the internet than without it and somehow we have free HBO. We also use Netflix and SlingTV… Sling is awesome, $21 a month, we have ESPN, Lifetime, etc. There are several add on packages, but the basic works for us. I highly recommend it. The only show I miss is Sister Wives, but that’s ok.
    I have to many shows that I watch! I need to cut back and read more!

  5. Heather

    We have an internet line and no phone. My oldest has a cellphone and other than that the kids facetime me on their ipads when I go out. I had Sling on Roku for a while which gave me the major channels that I watch, I liked it. But we are good with just Hulu, Netflix and we have Amazon Prime. Also with the kids back in school soon, the tv won be watched much.

  6. Jennifer Davis

    We have antenna and the Amazon fire stick. Plan was to ditch our $150-180 cable bill. We ended up keeping basic satellite cable cause it was the way to get unlimited data for streaming. after the initial costs of the antenna and fire stick our monthly bill is definitely lower. No landline.

  7. Kelsey Ellen

    I ditched real cable over 5 years ago… and I actually recently broke up with Netflix as well. So currently we have internet, Hulu, AmazonPrime video.. and I just signed up for Sling and I am SOLD. I pay $25 a month for a few live channels I actually watch. I have the “blue” version which gives me A&E, History, Lifetime, H&G, Logo, TruTV, Fox, and a handful of other things as well.

    N and I got sucked into a marathon of Impractical Jokers… then the weird Catfish episode you mentioned and topped it off with a mini-marathon of House Hunters- Tiny House edition. N was the first one to realize it was being reenacted b/c the actor of the first dude was WAY more suave than the real guy.

  8. mary m

    We have cable. We watch quite a bit of TV, but 1/2 the time it’s via Netflix or Amazon… The kids tend to mainly watch Netflix or Amazon. Or youtube.

    We’re currently watching Mr. Robot. I didn’t really know what it was about before starting it. Good series, season 2 is currently being aired on USA (I think there is only 1-2 episodes left…). We’re a few episodes behind.

    1. mary m

      And no landline, but we have 4 iphones. Only the 4yr old doesn’t have one. But she does like to facetime people using the ipad 🙂

  9. Karissa

    We ditched cable/satellite a few years ago (3?), and I rarely miss it. Between Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, I get almost everything I need. I wish we could get local channels, but we don’t get good reception out here. And I miss Turner Classic Movies. Not enough to pay nearly $100/month though.

    We’ve never had a landline, but I’ve been considering getting one. my eldest is seven and will probably start wanting to chat with her friends soon. It’d also be nice not to have to leave one of our cells behind when we have a teenage babysitter. (None of ours have their own cells.) I’d like to get one that’ll work in a power outage for emergencies.

  10. Kathy

    We are limited to satelight internet and satelight TV and pay way too much! But we do watch a great deal of TV with the ability to auto record with the DVR feature. If I could have Cable Internet and I would then buy a KODI box…my friend did…..One time box cost… Hook it up to your cable internet and you can vertically find any movies, series available on the web. For home phone service (we have limited reception in our house, one corner of the house) in that corner we have a dedicated older cell phone on our family plan that is hooked up to a XLINK box that uses Bluetooth to connect it to the regular home multi-headset phone & answering system. This just costs us like $12.

  11. Kelli

    We have a landline only because we live in the country and I don’t trust our cell service in case of emergencies. And we just switched from Dierctv to Dish Network. Mainly we have it so my husband can watch NFL.

    The last thing I watched was Vice Principals in HBO. Very funny show, not politically correct but very funny.

  12. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    We have both a land line and cable. We also have Netflix..but have been debating trying the Fire Stick ..I want it for access to the BBC as I LOVE the show The Great British Bake Off (new season just started/season 7).. the episodes pop up on Youtube but they get pulled quickly due to copyright issues…so when you see them you have to watch them quick..with the Fire Stick I could watch the episode as it airs in the UK… My husband wants it to be able to access Canadian channels like the CBC…to watch more hockey games..

    The last thing my husband and I watched together was the latest season of “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix… with most of our regular shows on season finale we now have some time to catch up on our Netflix shows! lol The last thing I watched was “House Hunters International” ….I prefer it over the regular House Hunters…I love how people move to a foreign country and want to live like the locals and then do nothing but complain about the size of the bedrooms, kitchens etc…lol …and I never pick the house they end up picking! haha

    1. Jennifer

      Tell your husband not to be jealous, but we get the CBC via an antenna (or cable) here. One of the benefits of living close to the border!

      1. Kimm Jones Furlotte

        He really missed Hockey Night in Canada on the he will be jealous… ! Now that we have an NHL team in Las Vegas (they are still deciding on the name)…. he will get to see more games on TV… Would love to live on the border… so that we could stock up on all our favorite Canadian goodies that we miss… and to see family and friends…lol 😉

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