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1. When do you take down your Christmas / Holiday decorations? I generally like to get mine down by New Years. Or soon after. I need to wash the couch cushions this week and will probably take down all the living room decorations then and everything else by the weekend. It always feels SO empty when I take the trees and stuff down, but I think I’ll be ready for it this week.

2. What was the best gift you gave or received this holiday season? I received the sweetest gifts from my boys and they are my favorites this year. L picked out a glittery candle for me at Santa shop and made me a fingerprint tree and “The Important Book” which is L answering questions about all of us (adorable). W made me an ornament and a handprint tree. SO sweet. And they were so excited to give them to me which I loved even more. As for gifts I gave, hmm. Santa gives all the gifts in my house so that limits what I can pick from ;).  We got my mom a Roomba which I think she was excited about, so I will go with that.

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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  1. Ren

    I take down everything the day after. Everything goes up the day after Thanksgiving so its been there for 1/12 of a year. My house seems so much bigger that it’s like getting a new zen-like living area. Well, except for the Power Wheels truck parked where the tree was this year. As soon as the snow melts off it will make the trek to the garage.

    The truck is probably the best gift we gave this year. Our 17 year old daughter opened an envelope that had a picture of the truck and thought it was a bad joke (because she always wanted a Power Wheels). When we told her to open the front door she just sat and cried for a few minutes. She put it together herself and has been driving it back and forth in the living room. I told her now her childhood has NO REGRETS. She posted a pic on Instagram and stated that “my parents really get me”. No finer compliment than that.

  2. Mary

    -We usually “close Christmas” around Jan 1st. I’m looking forward to that this year. My entire family came to my house for Christmas. It was a bit stressful and I’m glad to be done with it. I’ll miss sitting in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on though. That’s always so pretty and peaceful.

    -The best gift I received is one I asked for. The Echo dot. It’s super fun. Being an adult, I haven’t received a fun toy at Christmas for over a decade. This gadget is useful and plays games and such. And I have a feeling I’ll be listening t more music now.
    -The most well received gift I gave was a previously loved Coach purse in prestige condition. My mom wanted a particular older model coach purse. It took me months to find one that wasn’t in obvious used condition. She did not believe I would be able to find one and was very happy. It made it even more rewarding for me that the purse she carried in to Christmas was a total beat up fake-torn mess (I’m a bit of a purse snob) she said she was going to toss her old purse in the garbage. Then texted me the next day that she was just walking around her house with the purse on her arm. ?

  3. Margaret

    I also got an Amazon Echo Dot! I love it. My husband also bought me a beautiful necklace at Kohls AND gave me the kohls dollars he got buying the necklace. I’d love to buy something frivolous, but we need a new shower curtain…..

  4. Zelene

    The christmas tree usually stays until mid january, we leave it for Three Kings day and then some more days while we are ready to say good bye to all holiday season decorations 🙁

  5. Kam

    1. As long as decorations are down by Candlemas I don’t care. I’ll often leave colored lights up for Chinese New Year, and white lights up until the days grow longer.

    2. Best gift we gave? My sister loved her memory foam neck pillow. Received? A hug from my dog’s vet and his support if we decide to breed her. The love of my life being alive. Materially? New mattress, though I bought it so…. ha ha

  6. Britney

    Everything specifically Christmas (stockings, Santas, Nativity, etc) come down quickly. My outside lights and tree stay up until after New Years and come down pretty soon afterward. My tree takes hours to decorate, so it definitely stays up as long as I can get away with it.
    Received – KitchenAid Stand Mixer! I’m still excited about that one.
    Gifted – wind chimes that I got for my parents… my mom had me climbing on a BBQ pit just hours afterward to hang them up for her. The have the prettiest sound!

  7. Jennifer Davis

    My mom bought my dad a wooden bean bag game set and I hand painted the American flag on them and then “vintaged” it. On each one I painted “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave”. I also gave my husband an air brushing machine for his leather works.
    My favorite present is a toss up between my power pressure cooker, enameled cast iron pot, or the beautiful sweater and candle from my boys. I can’t decide…it was a blessed Christmas.

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