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1)  Have you / your children decided what to be for Halloween?
My boys picked out costumes during the Target costume sale, but I always love hearing everyone else’s costumes!  Homemade / etsy ones especially!  What is everyone being this year?  What are the “in” / popular costumes?

2) How old is “too old” for Trick-or-Treating? I actually don’t think you can be too old. I’m not sure I always thought this, but there are a lot worse things teenagers could be out doing, so if you want to get dressed up (or even just toss on a mask) and get candy, I am happy to pass it out!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Zelene

    My older kid likes costumes, specially Star Wars but last year at 11 he did not look very excited with trick or treat and since he can take some of her younger sister I think he thinks he does not need to do it ?. And this year my now not so little girl told me that she wants to be a hero because she is not a little girl anymore, so she decided to be Rey from Star Wars and that maybe she could dress the mulan dress (because she is not a princess but a warrior) for the zoo boo so I can take some picures ?.

  2. Nicole

    My daughter is going to be Coraline for Halloween. It’s our favorite movie to watch together and she’s convinced me to dress up as the Other Mother. I’m sure she’ll get a lot of “what are you?’s” but I’m going to love it.

    I think high school is pushing it, especially if you don’t dress up. I hate when those high school kids come to my door wearing jeans and a have a pillowcase. Like, could you try a little?

  3. Jill

    1) my daughter wants to go as Minnie Mouse, Mulan, or Merida. I heard Pennywise from IT will be the number one costume this year. Ugh creepy clowns! I saw a fidget spinner costume. Thought that was fun.
    2) I guess when they start high school, but if a teenager shows up in some kind of costume I will be thrilled.

    1. Nicole

      I think for kids, Georgie will be very popular too. I needed a yellow rain slicker for my daughters Coraline costume and it was not easy to get a plain yellow one.

  4. Katherine

    1) My daughter, who will be five at Halloween, is super into the DC Superhero Girls show and movies. Her birthday is in October and she requested to dress up for her birthday as Wonder Woman and then for Halloween she wants to be Batgirl. She’s also picked out her brother’s costume, who is just shy of two, and he’s going to be Superman. We have an annual Halloween party and every year it’s a different theme. This year we’re doing Zombie Apocalypse, so I will be dressed as a zombie and my husband is pretty sure he wants to be a zombie hunter.
    2) I used to always get so annoyed when teenagers would show up for trick or treating, especially if they didn’t even make an attempt at a costume. But as I’ve witnessed from neighbors and friends there are far worse things that a teenager could be doing, so why not let them have some innocent fun?

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