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1) What is your favorite brand / style of jeans? 
I rarely wear jeans so I have no answer for this one.  I am mainly looking for recommendations!  What is your favorite brand?  Style (boot cut, skinny, boyfriend)?  And what’s the price point like?

2)  Which TV show do you wish they’d bring back?  They’ve brought back Full House.  Gilmore Girls.  And now Will & Grace, so what other show(s) do you wish were back on the air?  This hasn’t been off the air long, but I would love to see more Breaking Bad.  What is Jesse up to now?? Also, Friends!  I know that is an easy choice, but I would so watch that every single week again!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Nicole

    My favorite expensive pair are Hudson Jeans (about $178). However, what I mostly wear are much cheaper. I love NY&Company jean leggings (you can always find a deal on their website, usually BOGO), Mossimo jeans at Target and even the Denizen brand at Target. I tend to only stick with skinny or bootcut style.

    One of my favorite shows in the world is Friends, but I just don’t know how you could continue it and have it be as good, I don’t think it’s possible. It’s so hard to answer this really, lol.

    1. Jennifer

      I agree. Would it be the as good if it came back? I’d hate to risk it! There are places (restaurants / bars) that I have had such a good time at that I never want to go back to because I had such a fabulous time there. I don’t want to spoil my memory if it’s not the same if I go back. Is that weird? LOL!

  2. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    YES to “Friends” was just saying that the other day….and I would also LOVE to see “Malcolm in the Middle” back….before there was Walter White there was Hal and he was the best! ….and I would love to see “That 70’s Show” but maybe they could jump them ahead a few years and make it “That 80’s Show”! 🙂


    Thank you again Jen for checking on me…’s been a tough time here in Vegas… Starting to see more and more of my friends who have connections to people who were there…some who were injured and to some who will never be coming home again….

    1. Jennifer

      Are you watching “90’s House” on VH1 (I think). I have been meaning to watch, but haven’t gotten around to it.

      So so sad ;(. It’s hard to even fathom.

      1. Kimm Jones Furlotte

        No I haven’t seen it….saw the previews for it…then forgot about it….lol

  3. Jenny Louthan

    I’m a Lucky girl and even with my booty I love their skinny jeans. They don’t seem to grow like some others do. If you are looking for a cheaper jean I like the simply Vera from Kohls and randomly my mom gave me a pair of Levis and they fit great. I’ve not worn Levis in forever but this pair actually fits so I might try to find another pair. I live in jeans in the winter so I don’t mind spending a bit more if they are a great fit.

    Oh what show should they bring back. How about Party of 5. I’d love to know what the Salingers are up to. Or 90210 with the original cast. Jennie and Tori and Brian would be fantastic. Oh and Veronica Mars. I know they made a movie which was great but I could go with a weekly dose of Kristen Bell. Love her.

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