Friday’s Letters 2

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Dear Buddy, It took a few days, but you are now just as excited about having Buster around as the rest of us are. #bestfriends

Dear Hives, Good riddance.  Please never come back.  Ever.

Dear L, You are the best and SUCH a big help with Buster.  I am so proud of you!

Dear B, We miss you and can’t wait to see you next week!

Dear Costco, You always have the best treasures.  Love my new food scale!  And, as usual, you have the best-prepackaged chicken in all the land.  So good.

Dear Michigan State, Yesterday’s game was amazing.  Not sure how long it will keep up, but I am not going to count out the Spartans in March.  GO GREEN!

Dear April, Okay, I did some googling and realized that giraffes are pregnant for 14-15 months, so I now understand why this isn’t happening more quickly.  And to think, I thought 40 weeks was a long time to be pregnant.

Dear My Home Phone, I have no idea how you even ring because I have never given you out to anyone.  In fact, I couldn’t give you out because I don’t even know the number myself.  The telemarketers know you, though!

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  • Britney

    The home phone! ? We briefly thought about getting one when we got Uverse, but then decided it didn’t make much since. If we ever move to the country like my husband wants though, a home phone will be a necessity. I’m a big chicken about being out in the country without cell signal, especially by myself.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I was like we NEED a phone home in case the kids friends want to call them, etc. Little did I realize that kids really don’t call each other and he’ll have his own cell by the time he wants to talk on the phone.