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Dear The New Mailbox, You are perfect. Even the mailman said how great you were!

Dear L, I can’t wait to see what April Fool’s Day tricks you are going to try to play on me.  I am sure you’ll end up getting me since I am super gullible!

Dear Rain, Enough already. I think we are set for the next few months.

Dear Spring Break, We may not be going anywhere, but we are still going to have fun!

Dear Boss Baby, I think you might be my new favorite cartoon and I haven’t even gone to see you yet.

Dear Telemarketers, Enough already.  Whatever you have I don’t want it and I am not going to fall for it.  And no recorded voice lady, my Microsoft Windows hasn’t been “suspended” and I don’t need to call you immediately.  I don’t even use Microsoft anything and even if I did I wouldn’t appreciate a computer voice telling at me into the phone.

Dear My Neighbors, With the news that Trading Spaces is coming back to tv, which of you can I talk into participating with me??  Just a note – I will be mad if I end up with a hay wall.

Dear The Today Show, What are the odds of adding an afternoon hour? Maybe around 2pm?  I would love that!

Dear W, Yes, that new Paw Patrol episode with Sweetie and the Crown is amazing.  I think it’s even better when you tell me everything that’s going to happen before it happens though.  LOL!!!!!!!  Totally cracks me up.

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One thought on “Friday’s Letters

  • Jenny Louthan

    We replaced out mailbox last summer with one that was a bit bigger. I LOVE it and so many of my boxes fit into it now. It doesn’t look that much bigger but it really is and my mailman even comments on it.LOL I think he just likes not having to walk up to my door everyday.