3-Month Subscription Box Giveaway – Winner’s Choice! (CLOSED)

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3-Month Subscription Box Giveaway - Winner's Choice!
It’s giveaway time! Today’s giveaway is for YOUR CHOICE of a 3-month subscription to ANY subscription box out there (max. value $150). If you opt for a box POPSUGAR Must Have Box, Bespoke Post, fabfitfun, etc. you will get 3 months (quarters) delivered right to your door. If you’d like to try a service like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club or Gwynnie Bee I’ll send you a gift card for $150 and you can set up your preferences / shipments on your own. Whatever box you want, you pick and we’ll make it work! I did this once before and it was a hit, so I figured let’s do it again!

If you want to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back every day to enter. Also, make sure to bookmark the “Giveaways” tab so you never miss a Giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: No purchase necessary. This giveaway is sponsored by Subscription Box Ramblings and is not in any way sponsored by or associated with any of the brands / products included in the giveaway, their subsidiaries or affiliates. Please read the Official Rules which are located in the Rafflecopter widget under “Terms and Conditions” prior to entry. Please note this giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only. 18 years of age or older.
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Deb

    Hmmm. This would be a toss up between fab fit fun and new beauty test tube.

  2. Colleen Paulsen

    What a cool giveaway!

  3. Colleen Paulsen

    I’ve had my eye on Smartass and Sass, so fingers crossed!

  4. Kate L

    Omg, I’d have such a hard time choosing! I’d probably pick either a gourmet food box, or a yarn subscription like yarnbox or knitcrate.

  5. Brandy


  6. Adrienne Austin

    I think I would choose FabFitFun – they seem to have the best boxes lately. POPSUGAR’s been hit or miss for a while.

  7. JacLyn

    Hmm, maybe Blue Apron? Boxycharm is nice, too. 🙂

  8. Rebecca I.

    If I win, it would be a hard decision between Stitch Fix (which I already love) or PopSugar (which I’d love to try)! Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!

  9. Kristin L

    PopSugar Box!

  10. Jaclyn

    I think I’d choose New Beauty Test Tube.

  11. W

    If I win, I would love to subscribe to either PopSugar Must Have, FabFitFun or Luxe Pineapple Home.

  12. Valerie M

    Ooh awesome giveaway! Most likely fab fit fun or popsugar!

  13. Marie

    I’m not sure which box I would pick

  14. Andrea

    So hard to decide! Maybe one of the food ones or fabfitfun?

  15. Tara m

    So many boxes but I would pick Togo society I love their eyes and have been dying to try to subscription!

  16. Erin

    GlobeIn! I am loving their selections lately.

  17. Elisabeth

    Avenue A, Adore Me, PopSugar, or DeGusta box

  18. Heather

    Hmmm…. i would possibly pick fabfitfun but there are so many others to choose from as well. 🙂

  19. Yolanda

    Oh I would love to win this, I think I would pick FabFitFun. Great giveaway by the way! ?

  20. Kristin McCann

    Ohhh FabFitFun or another fave is always Popsugar!!

  21. Pilar

    I would choose FabFitFun.

  22. Rceli

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

    If I won, I would probably pick FabFitFun or Terra Bella because those are boxes I have not had a subscription for yet AND I’ve been eyeing.

  23. Kam

    I don’t know. Maynmbe a foodie box, like Hello Fresh?

  24. Paulina Salgado

    I think Blue Aprom. I’ve been wanting to try that one

  25. Asya

    I would probably prefer fab fit fun.
    Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  26. jmd

    Oh gosh, so many… Maybe PopSugar or Degusta, maybe Brass Calipers or Rebecca Mail.

  27. Debbie

    This is a great giveaway, not sure which one I would choose!

  28. kate

    Probably FabFitFun

  29. terri s

    Probably a food one or maybe Julep; love them and not getting it right now. Thanks great giveaway!

  30. Marion

    Either FabFitFun or GlobeIn!

  31. Amanda

    I’d probably pick Stitch Fix, because I haven’t gotten a fix in a while.

  32. Callie


  33. carol

    Pusheen! Or, Goddess Provisions! Or, Cat Lady!

  34. Tracy Shafer

    I think I would try the cat lady box, or the Bookish box

  35. celyn

    It’s hard to decide! Fab fit fun? Beauty Heroes? Indiespensible? Nomadik? Thank you so mch for the opportunity!

  36. Jen

    Fabfitfun! I think, could I still keep my select status?

  37. Elizabeth A

    I love it when YOU curate boxes for giveaways, but since JennBox/RambleBox doesn’t exist, I would pick Yogi Surprise or Universal Yums.

  38. Kristin

    I would love to get the Cozy Reader Box!

  39. Erica

    Ooh! I think PopSugar Must Have or YogiSurprise Lifestyle!

  40. Sarah B

    Ohhh easy! FabFitFun!! I would enjoy your generosity longer and be looking forward to boxes all year!! I hope I win!! ?

  41. Dena Bost

    What a great idea – fingers crossed!

  42. Jeb

    I would want to try Pearlesque, I think.

    1. Jen

      My name is Jen, not Jeb, haha

      1. Jennifer


  43. Alicia L.

    So many great boxes to choose from, but I’d probably choose FabFitFun!

  44. Lindsay R

    What a wonderful giveaway, thank you! Either FabFitFun or PopSugar Must Have.

  45. Jenifer

    I would pick the cozy reader box!!

  46. Melissa G

    Either Fab Fit Fun or Popsugar.

  47. WendyM


  48. Anne

    Goddess provisions, avenue A, yogi surprise would be my top 3.

  49. Lori

    Fabfitfun I think!

  50. Lauren

    I wish Citrus Lane still existed – I would love to try a baby/kids subscription box now that I’m about to have a baby!

    I guess since there isn’t Citrus Lane, I would choose popsugar must have or stitch fix.

  51. Cynthia Steyer

    I’ve been wanting to try out Stitch Fix!!

  52. Madelyn

    I would pick either Stitchfix or a book subscription!

  53. Wehaf

    I’m not sure – I might go for fabfitfun but I would have to give it some serious thought!

  54. lynn m.

    globe in or one of the organic beauty ones

  55. cindylouwho

    Oh I can’t decide? Maybe food!

  56. Kelly A

    I would choose either FabFitFun or Ivory Clasp!

  57. Nicole

    I think I’d go with FabFitFun ?

  58. A Albinger

    I would love cause box, a knitters box or FFF.

  59. Kelly

    Happy rebel looks c9l

  60. Julie

    I honestly don’t even know what I’d choose. There are so many great boxes out there!

  61. Tiff

    Fabfitfun looks really good!

  62. Cheryl

    I would choose MonthlyExpress or NonnaBox.

  63. Elizabeth Woodall

    Awesome giveaway. I’m not sure which box I would choose yet since there are so many choices!

  64. Tessa

    I think I would pick a month of Avenue A by Adidas! I have been eyeing that box.

  65. Ashley C

    I think I would either pick Popsugar or FabFitFun, but I don’t know which one!There are so many fun options!

  66. Anie

    It will be so hard to decide! Maybe FFF…

  67. Laure

    Hmmmmm. It’s a toughie. Popsugar maybe. Or plated. Or oui please. Rachel Zoe. Omg. I can’t choose

  68. Michelle

    I would fabfitfun or pop sugar

  69. Shiree Shaffer

    Probably Happy Mail or Studio Calico planner subscriptions. I used to subscribe to both but I had to cancel due to lack of money; I really miss them!

  70. Margaret Smith

    Hard to choose. I think maybe Fabfitfun. Never tried a subscription box. Sounds like fun. Thanks so much.

  71. Kristen

    I think I would choose FabFitFun

  72. Christina Sparks

    I like to try the Butcherbox.

  73. Alice C

    I would love FabFitFun looks great.

  74. Beth Minyard

    I would probably choose the Popsugar Must Haves

  75. Rose D.

    Such a hard choice!! Either Stitch Fix or Cozy Reader. Probably. Lol.

  76. Maura

    Either popsugar or FFF!

  77. Julie

    I’d have to think about it, but maybe FabFitFun, PopSugar or StitchFix.

  78. Jill

    I would definitely choose fabfitfun!!

  79. brandy c

    I would pick the Vegan Cuts snack box.

  80. Emily

    Maybe popsugar?

  81. Anie

    Hmmm thinkin bout it… id rather choose beautycon or pusheen ?

  82. Ake

    I think FFF or Stitchfix. O Pusheen?

  83. Debbi Wellenstein

    I will have to do a little research-thanks for the opportunity!


    It would be a toss up between fabfitfun and popsugar, for sure!


    That’s a difficult choice but I would probably choose FabFitFun.

  86. Kristi C

    I would have to choose between Stitch Fix and FabFitFun.

  87. Colleen Boudreau

    I would choose BoxyCharm.

  88. Crystal D.

    I’d love to try stitch fix!!

  89. Stephanie

    i would pick POPSUGAR Must Have Box

  90. dawn reetz

    I’ve always wanted to try pop sugar!!

  91. illy junus

    I choose Pop Sugar or FabFitFun

  92. claudia davis

    I would LOVE to try the New Beauty Test Tube subscription.

  93. Susan Smith

    I would pick FabFitFun.

  94. Ren

    Wonder and Company: Wonderful Objects

  95. Lori

    I would like to try Popsugar must haves

  96. Nancy


  97. Leana

    I’d probably get stitchfix. thanks!

  98. Saundra Barnett

    Oh that’s a hard one, to pick, maybe PSMH, or bespoke, or fabfitfun lol I’ve also been thinking I need to get on board with surgarbash so it’s a toss up on my pick currently

  99. Jess


  100. Lorri S

    I think I would choose the POPSUGAR Must Have Box subscription

  101. marilyn

    I would pick Robb vices, I’ve been looking for a reason to justify spending money on it.

  102. Jen

    I think I would pick Luxe Pineapple or a yoga box. Thank you!!

  103. Renee

    Hmm…I’d maybe pick PSMH or a stationary sub. It’s a tough choice! Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Jenny S

    POPSUGAR Must have Box, I think. I have ordered some of their mystery boxes, and they are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Juanita Alvarez

    I would choose POPSUGAR Must Have Box. Thank You.

  106. Elizabeth W

    So many choices! I love this giveaway such an awesome idea!

  107. Mary W

    Eeek so many choices!

  108. April

    I would choose FabFitFun.

  109. Jessica C

    I’ve had my eyes on Trunk Club for a while!

  110. Tammy L

    This is such a great giveaway, so glad that you decided to do it again!!!

  111. Sara S

    Tough choice, but I think I’d pick PopSugar Must Have.

  112. vicki

    a month of the Adidas box!!

  113. Tracie Cooper

    I would love Hello Fresh or Blue Apron!

  114. Lauren

    Stitch Fix

  115. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Hmmm tough choice, Fab fit fun or Popsugar.

  116. Wanica McNeil

    I would try Trunk Club.

  117. paige chandler

    I would probably get the Pop Sugar Must Have Box…oooh la la

  118. Susan Biddle

    If I could try any box, it would be the Tamed Wild Apothecary Wild Medicine Box for Herbal Healing!!! Amazing giveaway, so fun, thanks!

  119. Jennifer Davis

    I’m thinking of trying Splendies…boy would you save money if I won.

  120. Jessica a

    If I want I would use fab fit fun

  121. Hayley

    Popsugar or Stitch Fix!

  122. Ashlee

    That’s tough. Either Popsugar or stitch fix. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  123. Sandy Bonesteel

    I think I would choose the New Beauty Test Tube.

  124. Wendy

    PopSugar Must Have

  125. Tarah

    Too many choices!!!! I like Stitch Fix though, so probably that one.

  126. mami2jcn

    I’ve been wanting to try out Blue Apron or Hellofresh.

  127. Karen Gonzalez

    I would probably choose one 5th Avenue style or Adidas box.

  128. heather

    It would be hard to pick but POPSUGAR looks really good.

  129. Alicia Webster

    I would pick Degusta Box !!

  130. s d

    I’d love to win this giveaway! I’d probably pick a craft/hobby box like Tangle Troves, Art Lesson Crates or XOXKit. So many options..

  131. Marilyn Nawara

    I would choose the PopSugar Must Have Box

  132. katherine Persons

    Trunk club for my son

  133. Bobbi C

    Green Chef

  134. Swati

    Popsugar or Fab Fit Fun!

  135. DJ

    I would love to try Fab Fit Fun.

  136. Edye

    I’d like Fabfitfun!

  137. Jenn S

    PopSugar Must Have!

  138. Megan

    Would love to try PopSugar box!

  139. Julie Ramler

    I would probably get one of the teen oriented ones or a college one for when my oldest daughter goes off to college this year.

  140. Kim P.

    I would have a hard time picking which one to get!

  141. miranda

    I’m thinking FabFitFun

  142. gary

    I would choose Mantry

  143. Bill

    I like Mantry

  144. Elizabeth P

    Burgabox has been on our must try list for a long time.

  145. Liz N

    I’m torn between Stitch Fix and a meal prep box!

  146. Abigail

    I would love to give Stitch Fix a try!!

  147. Janet

    Hmmm maybe Popsugar or FabFunFit! 🙂

  148. Amber Y

    Fab Fit Fun!!

  149. Samantha

    I would choose the FabFitFun box!

  150. Sonya Allstun

    BurgaBox or KitNipBox

  151. BILL HOFF

    Craving one of those burgers from BURGABOX!!

  152. Lindsay A.

    AHHH, I have no idea yet which box I’d choose if I won – but almost definitely would be a food-related one!

  153. Joanne


  154. Jenni Fabry

    I would definitely chose the Pop-Sugar Must Have box. I love the past boxes.

  155. Jae Park

    I would choose Blue Apron if I won, it looks very interesting. Thanks!

  156. Melissa T

    Think I’d try FabFit Fun!

  157. accontests6


  158. Nicole Lancaster

    I would choose the PopSugar Subscription box.

  159. carl


  160. Kathy Pease

    I would love to try FABFITFUN

  161. Inez Cegelis

    I was just introduced to the Mommy box subscription, if thats available in my area Id like to look into that one….or a cheese box…or scented candles…is there a box for that? hmmm

  162. Brandon Sparks

    If I won I would choose the ShirtCrate..

  163. Trisha McKee

    I think I might choose FabFitFun. That would be neat to try!

  164. Terri Q

    I’ve always wanted to try FabFitFun, so that would be my first choice!

  165. Stacie Seidman

    I haven’t ever gotten Popsugar Must Have, so I think that’s what I would choose! Thank you for the opportunity, so generous!

  166. Becca

    It would either be a box for my dog Hunter or socks for me.

  167. Sarah L

    Can I get a gardening one?
    Thanks for the contest.

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