Whole Foods 2018 Limited Edition Beauty Bag Giveaway

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Whole Foods 4th Annual Limited Edition Beauty Bag - Spoilers + Details

It’s giveaway time! Today’s giveaway is for the hard-to-find 2018 Whole Foods Beauty Bag!  The $20 bag has a value of $100 and contains:

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel | 3 fl oz
A makeup bag essential! The gentle, alcohol-free aloe vera formula makes this a favorite go-to toner for refreshing skin on the run.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Light Blend | 5 ml
An easily absorbed, lightweight seed oil blend to balance and nourish for radiant skin.
Weleda Skin Food | .34 fl oz
Moisturize dry, rough skin from head to toe with a hydrating blend of botanical extracts and a thick, rich base of oils and beeswax.
Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo Luster | .29 oz
Add a touch of sun-kissed warmth to your complexion with a silky, easy-to-blend bronzer featuring pomegranate, red tea, white tea, plus vitamins C and E.
Mineral Fusion Mini Volumizing Mascara in Jet | .13 fl oz
Gentle mineral formula applies easily and defines each lash without clumps, flakes or smudges.
Satva Headband
A soft, comfy headband made from organic cotton or recycled polyester, upcycled from clothing production.
W3LL People Expressionist Mini Mascara in Pro Black | .12 oz
Enhance lash length and volume with a pro-grade botanical formula that nourishes without clumping or smudging. A unique cascade shape brush precisely separates hard-to-reach lashes.
Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub | 1 fl oz
A scrub for all skin types – sea kelp, French green clay and lemon peel gently cleanse and exfoliate without stripping away moisture.
Alba Hawaiian Detox Warming Mud Mask | .30 oz
This naturally warming mud mask softens and primes pores for deep down cleaning. Ideal for skin that’s oily or prone to blackheads.
Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE Lift & Firm Cream | .14 oz
Fruit stem cells, resveratrol CoQ10, DMAE and hyaluronic acid combine to support lifted, firmer skin and a rejuvenated complexion.
Burt’s Bees Brimming Berry Lipstick | .12 oz
A bright jewel-toned berry in a creamy texture and smooth satin finish, and packed with moisturizing ingredients.
Derma E SunKissAlba Radiant Glow Face Oil | .13 fl oz
Moisturize skin and give it an unforgettable glow with this combination of jojoba, argan and seabuckthorn oils blended with a brilliant touch of mica.
Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick | .17 oz
Soften, soothe and smooth dry lips with candelilla and carnauba waxes and moisturizing sweet almond and apricot kernel oils.
evanhealy Rose Cleansing Milk | 1 fl oz
A creamy cleanser for all skin types. Plant oils, plant hydrosols, gotu kola and white kaolin clay leave skin feeling clean, relaxed and refreshed.
Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes | 10 ct
Remove makeup and cleanse skin anytime, anywhere, with coconut water infused towelettes. Papaya revives skin and removes dead cells while aloe vera and calendula soothe and calm.
Piece & Co. Organic-Cotton Bag
Piece & Co. empowers skilled artisans by providing employment for thousands of women and positively impacting communities and children worldwide, piece by piece. This beauty bag was handcrafted in India using organic cotton and traditional techniques, including jacquard weaving and hand-tasseling.


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  1. jmd

    No, I don’t. And I have a feeling, even if I did, it would be so crowded I wouldn’t go.

  2. Jenifer

    We are lucky to have 2 in our town!

  3. Rosanne

    The closest Whole Foods store is about an hours away from here

  4. Caroline

    Sadly, no. Although, there have been discussions about building one for a few years now.

  5. melissa

    Yes, I have one about 15 min away from me.

  6. Katherine M

    Yes! I go there for some veggie burgers and those bulk mochi ice cream

  7. Drminniecooper

    The nearest whole foods is about 2 hrs away, so thank you for this second chance at their beauty bag! If they were to release them on Weekends, I might have a chance at getting one, but not on a workday.

  8. Liz

    I have one a 5 minute walk away but I’ve never seen these bags in store 🙁

  9. Joanne Tu

    Yes, about 10 blocks from my home.

  10. Gwendolyn Jordan

    No, not in my small town

  11. Cheryl

    I wish, but we don’t have a Whole Foods nearby.

  12. Lindsay A.

    Luckily there are about 3 or 4 Whole Foods within a 30 minute drive from me!

  13. Kyley

    Nope it?s about an hour away

  14. Ren

    No. Over 300 miles to the nearest one.

  15. Ann Fantom

    We don’t have a Whole Foods near our house, but I shop there when visiting friends and family who has one near them.

  16. Margaret Smith

    We have a store about 4 miles away from us.

  17. Jo B.

    Yes, there is a Whole Foods pretty close by.

  18. Jennifer Davis

    No. 1-1/2 hours in either direction. I emailed a store sugggestion forbour town. We?re a university town and the epicenter of the oilfield and commercial fishing industries. Plus sportsman?s paradise….hello…we need one and I think I stated a pretty solid case why.

  19. Lisa Damone

    There is a Whole Foods about 25 minutes away from me, but I never head in that direction! Everything else in my world is located in the opposite direction 🙁

  20. Diana

    No they closed ours.

  21. Ashley

    About 45 minutes away!

  22. John Smith

    “Do you have a Whole Foods near you?” Only if you count a two-hour drive “near”! I think we would have to give any prize to a friend in another state!

  23. Jen

    Nope, but there is one in a nearby city.

  24. Deborah

    We have three stores in my area and all were sold out of the bags within 30 minutes of opening.

  25. Elizabeth W

    Yes, but I rarely go. It?s in a busier part of the city.

  26. Melissa A

    About 25 minutes away

  27. Kelly D

    Yes, I have a Whole Foods near me.

  28. Michelle

    Lots of Whole Foods here!

  29. Nancy

    There are several near me.

  30. Valerie M

    No, I wish I did!

  31. Francesca

    Yes, there’s one right by where I live and another right by my office!

  32. Shirley S

    I have a Whole Foods about 30 minutes away from me.

  33. Amber

    Yes, I have a Whole Foods just 10 minutes away

  34. Cathy Lacey

    I have two but both sold out the first hour – Since I am unable to drive right now, I was unable to get one…BOOHOO!!!

  35. Tessa

    There’s a Whole Foods near me but it was sold out by the time I got in early Saturday morning! Boo.

  36. Cynthia C

    There are no Whole Foods stores near me.

  37. Amber M

    Ours is about 25 min away. That isn’t too bad but I haven’t been to it before.

  38. Jenny S.

    I do! But, sadly, I have not visited it yet!

  39. Erin B

    The closest whole foods is a little over an hour from where I am. 🙁

  40. Jennifer

    We have one in the suburbs, I called on Friday and was going to get one after work, but they were sold out. 🙁 This looks like a great bag!

  41. Lauren

    Yes but I don’t go much.

  42. Sonya

    We have a Whole Foods 365 like 30 mins away and I love going! The closest actual whole foods is like na hour but i like making the trip sometimes

  43. Lulubelle

    Mobile just got their first Whole Foods a little over a year ago!

  44. Gabrielle

    Yes, I do live a few miles from a Whole Foods. Just wasn’t able to get there for a beauty bag, darn it!

  45. WendyM

    The closest is probably 31/2 hours away. It’s worth the drive (almost)!

  46. Kate

    Thanks for doing this, my nearest whole foods is 2 hours away

  47. paige chandler

    Yes, I love Whole Foods

  48. gary

    I do and I love it!

  49. Larry Gober

    My nieces will love this

  50. Susan Christy

    Yes! My Whole Foods is right down the street from my office, so I shop & eat there on my lunch hour fairly often.

  51. Helen

    We have one kind of close about 50 minutes away.


    Yes, I have a whole foods approx. 15 minutes from me.

  53. Rachel Gleason

    I live in the Bay Area so of course I can think of at least three Whole Foods near me lol. I’m not entering the raffle because I already got my bag but I love almost everything in it! I’ve been super into face oils lately because I’ve been working on my acne in preparation for my wedding in November and anything that’s effective at getting rid of blemishes is also super drying.

  54. terri s

    No we don’t but it would be nice. thanks for the give away!

  55. Karen

    There’s one about 10 minutes away, but it just wasn’t realistic to try to get there early in the morning with two kiddos in tow.

  56. Karley Moore

    I shop at a Whole Foods near my house once a week.

  57. Ashley H

    No, I don’t, but I wish I did!

  58. mary

    Yep. Right on the way home from work. Too lazy to stop by and pick one up though 🙂

  59. Dana Rodriguez

    We have one about five miles from our house!

  60. Kayte CookWatts

    Yes about 6 blocks away- so fun to shop there. I haven’t looked into many personal care products there, thanks to your post I will now.

  61. Jen Rodrigues

    About 25 mins away from my home.

  62. Colette Bauer

    I have 2! One in Woodmere and one in University heights (both close suburbs of Cleveland). Recently my sister and I traveled to the west side of Cleveland (might as well be another state away) to visit the Rocky River whole foods and it was so different.. It felt like an event; the store was PACKED!

    1. Colette Bauer

      Also, just listened to a great episode of “How I Built This With Guy Raz” in which the founder of Whole Foods is interviewed.. great show, definitely recommend!


    Yes , we have one

  64. Kate V

    There?s one about 20 minutes from here. High traffic area.

  65. Peggy Rydzewski

    No we don not but there is one by my sisters house and we always stop there for the deli

  66. jenna d

    There’s a whole foods a bit far away from me, bummer!


    Quality products, would love to try some, have used a few and the are great, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  68. miranda

    Yes and it’s my fav store!

  69. Julie Bickham

    We have one a couple cities over.

  70. Katie White

    I am really excited to find your blog! There is so much info about subscription boxes I have always wanted to know, but never thought to look to see if someone was writing about them! And thank you for hosting this giveaway! I was so bummed not to get a beauty bag. My husband tried. I tried. No luck!

  71. Danielle Marie

    There are two whole foods from me within a half hour, We are lucky!

  72. Kristi C

    There is one about 25 minutes away.

  73. Colleen Boudreau

    Yes, about 30 minutes away.

  74. Wendy R.

    We do have Whole Foods stores near. Not super close but not that far.

  75. Robin

    Our closest Whole Foods is located about 45 minutes away.

  76. Kim Jackson

    my nearest is 2 hours away

  77. qhuinn

    Yes, near and worth the drive. great place to grocery shop.

  78. Cheryl Repeta


  79. Lisa

    Yes, my city has a whole foods.

  80. Carolsue

    Yes, I do have one near me — maybe 7 miles away.

  81. Chris L

    Closest Whole foods is about 40 miles away.

  82. SHAYNA


  83. Becca

    There is a Whole Foods about 20-30 minutes from me. I go occasionally. It is a really nice one!

  84. Julie Waldron

    The closest one is probably at least an hour away.

  85. cyndi br

    yes we do have a whole foods near us and we shop there a lot

  86. Tracy Shafer

    I have a whole foods about an hour away..so not very far.

  87. Seyma Bennett

    Yes I have 2 Whole Foods near me!

  88. Julie Hawkins

    We do have one about 30 minutes away from our house.

  89. Antoinette M

    Yes, I do! It’s about 15 minutes from where I live.

  90. Melissa L

    Yes, there are several Whole Foods near me.

  91. Kathy Davis

    I shop at the Whole Foods in Santa Fe. In fact, they played a big role in my Easter dinner. I love Whole Foods!

  92. bn100

    yes there is one

  93. Laurie Nykaza

    We have one 5 minutes from where we live and shop there often. Our son has Celiacs and they have a great gluten free foods section.

  94. Vikki Billings

    yes, I do have a Whole Foods very near me.

  95. Kassie

    I don’t, but I really wish I did!

  96. Buddy Garrett

    We have one near us.

  97. Susan Smith

    Yes, I have a Whole Foods near me.

  98. Lynne B

    There isn’t one as close to me as I’d like since they closed it.

  99. Trisha McKee

    I have one down the road from where I work. I love it! We go during our lunch hour to shop.

  100. Nicole Lancaster

    I have a Whole Foods store down the street from me. I love to shop there.

  101. Sarah L

    Yes, there is one near me. I don’t go too often because I spend too much money there.
    Thanks for the contest.

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