Ramblings of a Suburban Mom “The Gold & White Giveaway”!

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Ramblings of a Suburban Mom "Gold & White Giveaway"
Ramblings of a Suburban Mom “Gold & White Giveaway”

It’s giveaway time!  I am totally into all things gold and white right now (me and everyone else), so I thought I would do a little giveaway of all my favorites!  Here’s what you could win (winner takes all):

~Jonathan Adler Gold Metallic Zebra Dish ($32)
~Starbucks Gold Dot Double Wall Traveler ($19.95)
~Gold Snoozie Slippers ($14.95)
~Sugar Paper for Target Gold Polka Dot Notebook + Monthly Planner ($9.99)
~PINCH Provisions® Candy Striper Minimergency® Kit ($16)
~Kate Spade Scented Candle “Light Up the Room” ($40)

Fun right?  I think so!  All you need to do to enter the “Gold & White Giveaway” (super creative name I know) is click enter below.  There are lots of other entry options as well if you want more entries too and make sure you come back everyday to enter!  Good luck!

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  1. Maura

    I love everything! I guess the candle or the zebra dish if I have to chose..

  2. Sher

    I love the colour combination on all these items ? but especially like the Kate Spake candle 🙂

  3. Heather

    I will never in my life be sad to get a candle. Ever.

  4. Amy T

    I also love white and gold! 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    Love everything, but I would really love to get the planner!

  6. S

    Love it!

  7. Elizabeth

    Oh my god, did you go inside my mind and put together this giveaway just for me?? Because it feels like it. I love every single thing!

    1. Amanda

      Me too!!! This may be my favorite giveaway you have ever done 🙂 this would be the perfect Christmas present for me and I was just telling my husband last night how I want to do a gold and cream Christmas tree this year to matchup new obsession! Thank you for always thinking of us and doing such awesome giveaways all the time 🙂

  8. Jessica G

    I have no idea why my brain wants that zebra dish, but it does. Badly.

  9. Lonni Duncan

    Liking the Starbucks tumbler… ! Could have used it this morning !

  10. e.

    mini emergency kit!

  11. Bethsaida W.

    My fave is the zebra dish!!

  12. Mansi

    Love the candle!

  13. Mandy Hillman

    The candle would be my fave!

  14. Celina

    I really like the Starbucks cup. I’m a coffee addict though.

  15. Kristin Daugherty

    Oh man, too cute!

  16. Jennifer

    I’m loving gold polka dots right now! Great giveaway!!

  17. Jackie H

    i love them all but especially love the slippers and starbucks tumbler!!

  18. Paige Knorst

    I am particularly fond of the starbucks cup! I’d glam out my workspace with these prizes.

  19. JoAnna Carpentier

    First of all, I’m OBSESSED with white and gold. It’s my favorite color combination! It’s tough to choose, but I really love the Jonathan Adler dish!

  20. Jaime

    I love those emergency kits. Seems every other day I have one.

  21. K

    I think the notebook is my favorite, but that’s a hard choice to make.

  22. Kaleigh Carlson

    I love everything but that candle looks so awesome.

  23. Merissa

    I love the zebra dish!

  24. JacLyn

    The slippers are adorable! 🙂

  25. lillian

    love the mug and the adler tray!

  26. crystal wiese

    My favorite item is the candle! I LOVE LOVE LOVE white and gold so everything is amazing!

  27. Erin

    Love everything, but the zebra dish is my favorite

  28. Lauren

    The candle!

  29. Liz

    The gold slippers!

  30. Melissa

    I love everything, the cup would be really handy now that the mornings are getting chillier.

  31. Melissa T

    the gold slippers are the cutest!

  32. Lindsey

    The slippers 🙂

  33. Alisha

    I love it all but would love to try the Kate Spade candle!

  34. Sarah

    The candle and the Starbucks tumbler!

  35. Gabby G

    oh my god that candle is just gorgeous thats my favorite for sure!

  36. Kristin

    Everything but the slippers are amazing…

  37. Amy Anderson

    I love the Starbucks traveler!

  38. jmd

    The emergency kit! I love how you can get them in different colors!

  39. Melanie

    I love the slippers and candle!

  40. Jennifer

    I am in love with everything but I love the candle and dish to most !! Good luck everyone!!

  41. Grace

    I love the Starbucks cup, but the planner really gets me. Gold polka dots are my one true design love.

  42. Linda Flick

    Slippers look cute!

  43. Brandie Cox

    I love it all, especially the Zebra but for my top favorite I am picking the Kate Spade candle!

  44. jessica

    I think the Starbucks traveler is my favorite!

  45. Tina

    I love the emergency kit!!!

  46. Kara C

    I love everything! If I had to pick it would be the Starbucks cup!

  47. emily o

    Love love love the slippers and candle!

  48. Mari

    I’m loving those slippers!!! A little comfort bling : – D

  49. Hannah

    Love the Starbucks Tumbler! The candle is a close second though!

  50. Tiffany

    The coffee mug!

  51. Stephanie

    I love those slippers!

  52. kim

    I love everything but the zebra dish is my Favorite! thanks for the give away!

  53. Krysta L

    I can’t choose! This is a great giveaway, and I love everything in it!

  54. Valerie

    The emergency kit.

  55. Kelly

    All so cute! Love the candle!

  56. Elizabeth A

    The MinEmergency kit! Last year, I ordered a bunch of them & gave away every last one. I keep meaning to get one!

  57. Audrey

    The Starbucks cup and planner; both just went on my Christmas list.

  58. Christina L.

    I really love the gold and white zebra dish!

  59. Terri Q

    The candle, as I can never get enough candles!

  60. Jill

    I love this giveaway so it is hard to narrow it down to one thing – probably the mini-emergency kit, but I love tha candle too! And the slipprs look so cozy!

  61. Alexis

    I have been completely obsessed with candles lately! I love that candle! I bet it smells as pretty as it looks!

  62. Kristina

    I love the travel mug!!

  63. Meaghan

    I love the zebra dish!

  64. Lorns

    Love everything, especially the candle!

  65. Candace

    Starbucks traveler & Sugar Paper notebook / planner.

  66. Jenn

    I love the candle though the slippers are a close 2nd. 🙂

  67. Carrie

    Love your blog and your awesome giveaways! Plus u live in Michigan like me 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Did you see that Lions game? OMG!

      1. Carrie

        Unfortunately no, I was recovering from the motley ?Cr?e concert sat night at joe Louis 🙂 heard it was pretty amazing though!

  68. Hannah R

    I love the Starbucks Gold Dot Double Wall Traveler!!!

  69. Erin

    Those slippers!

  70. Robyn

    Zebra tray

  71. Marietta Tisdale

    I love everything! If I had to pick one, I’d say the zebra dish. Thanks, Jennifer!

  72. michelle labonte

    Love it all!

  73. Regan H.

    I love the zebra dish!

  74. Callie

    I adore this giveaway! I’ve been eyeing that zebra dish forever! *fingers crossed*

  75. Julia

    Gold is my favorite. I love everything. Especially the slippers. Because of you I bought the pink sequin ones!! And I love Kate Spade. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT IT ALL!

  76. Nancy L.

    Oh my gosh! I love absolutely everything , but I have to say coffee wins and therefore Starbucks wins and there fore the starbucks mug wins! Absolutely, totally awesome and I love it! Move the slippers, always need an emergency kit, candles, journal and that cute little gold Zebra dish would go awesome next to my green one! Two is always better than one! Thanks for doing this awesome drawing!!! ??

  77. Heather

    Love the tumbler and the slippers. Perfect for the cooler weather ahead!

  78. Jenn G.

    Love all the items, but the Starbucks tumbler seems festive and perfect for hot holiday beverages. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  79. Kristine

    I love the Starbucks traveler! Everything is cute!

  80. Maggie

    The candle is adorable but i love the Starbucks traveler too!

  81. Jessie M

    The zebra dish is my favorite.

  82. Jackie Fugate

    I love the Starbucks mug. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Christine

    I’m definitely a fan of the minimergency kits but also a fan of slippers. I think the slippers would be my pick.

  84. Jean Eckert

    I love the starbucks travel mug!!!!

  85. Jenifer

    Everything is amazing but the slippers look so comfy cozy!!!

  86. Jen

    The planner

  87. Veronica

    Everything is gorgeous! I don’t know why but that zebra dish just screams at me though. Like for no reason I totally did the ohhhh. So uhh I hadn’t thought much about the color combination gold and white before but now I am!

  88. Angela

    Love everything, especially the Starbucks travel mug <3 <3

  89. Jen K

    The candle looks lovely!

  90. Autumn

    The slippers!! I’d still be stylin in my mom sweats 🙂

  91. Amber

    Everything! Especially that Starbucsk traveler, so cute! Thank you!

  92. Diana

    Definitely excited about the candle!

  93. Ann Marie G

    My favorite is the J.A. dish. What a great item for a night stand, to hold jewelry.

  94. Chelsea

    You should be curating popsugar!

  95. Maria A.

    Is looking a lot like Christmas…Love it!! 🙂

  96. Yvonne

    Love the Minimergency kit! Who doesn’t have those every so often! (emergencies, that is)

  97. Katie L

    Love it all!

  98. Rachel Faulkner

    I LOVE the travel mug!

  99. Kelly K.

    Love the gold and white!! So fun!! Love the travel mug!

  100. Beth

    I’ve had my eye on the planner and that mug! What an awesome giveaway!

  101. Lanie

    It’s hard to see past the beautiful colors to decide…but I do need a new coffee container.

  102. emiie

    Love everything especially the zebra dish!!!!

  103. Sarah Z

    The slippers

  104. Kelsey

    The tumbler!

  105. Monica

    The slippers.. so cozy so cute… love love love…

  106. Nichole Van Bruggen

    I love it all but for sure the candle. I Love Kate Spade and Love candles!!

  107. Gabby

    The Kate Spade candle! 🙂

  108. Gina G

    Love the Starbucks Traveler!

  109. Nancy M.

    This looks so festive! My favorite would have to be the candle, followed by the notebook!

  110. beth combs

    LOVE the slippers and the candle!!

  111. Kirsten

    Loving the sparkley slippers!

  112. Katherine

    I love the zebra dish and the candle, but everything is adorable. 🙂

  113. Mary Ann

    My favorite is definitely the Starbucks tumbler!

  114. Sara

    Wow this is the best giveaway. I love ALL the items. Especially the slippers and dish

  115. Staci

    I bet the candle smells fabulous and it’s beautiful. But the Starbucks cup would be great for my morning cup of coffee on the run 😉

  116. Judy

    The zebra dish, mug and candle. I can’t pick just one!

  117. mbh

    wow this is quite an amazing giveaway! my fave has got to be the zebra dish….and the candle! wait and the planner! can I add the slippers as my favorite too??
    How fun, thank you!

  118. Jen H

    Love that zebra dish so much!

  119. Mary

    Love everything….zebra dish and candle if forced to choose just one (oh, that’s two!). Thanks for another great giveaway 🙂

  120. Tina Bui

    Definitely the coffee cup!

  121. Erin

    I love the zebra dish the most!

  122. Sarah CV

    The dish!

  123. Wanica McNeil

    I’m so happy about this giveaway, I really wanted to know where your redDorothy slippers were from, without being tacky and asking. Wouldn’t mind the gold pair

  124. HeatherP

    Thank you thank you thank you for such a lovely contest!!! Everything is beautiful!!!

  125. Lori

    The Kate Spade candle. I’m obsessed with Kate Spade lately!

  126. Esther

    Love the Kate spade candle!

  127. Sophie

    Oh my! That Kate spade candle!

  128. Michele Roman

    Everything is awesome. The zebra dish is too cute. But if I have to picks a fav it would be the mug.

  129. cindy

    travel cup

  130. Loren

    I think I most want the mug…but that candle is so cute, I would clean it out afterwards and use it for some kind of storage

  131. Roisin D

    I think I may be a little bit in love with the candle.

  132. Heather

    Love the zebra dish!

  133. Victoria W.

    Those slippers! Oh my, I need those slippers. I can almost see them on my feet as I sit here being lazy on a Sunday afternoon.

  134. Joanna

    So in love with the gold and white!! Love this giveaway!! 🙂

  135. Kristy

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!! If I have to pick one thing though *sighs* The candle is gorgeous!

  136. Alison

    I love the theme! But the slippers are my favorite, I think!
    …or the mug!

  137. Gretchen

    The slippers are pretty adorable!

  138. Jessie

    Hands down Starbucks cup!!! So cute

  139. Debra Brownstein

    I love the candle but the planner is a close second!

  140. Becka

    These items are all gorgeous! I love the Kate Spade candle the most!

  141. Judy

    I LOVE EVERTHING!!! This is an awesome well put together and coordinating give away! I wish it were a sub because I’d subscribe to yours ASAP! Great job Jen!!!

  142. Valerie

    I love the candle! ! (:

  143. Nicole

    I love gold and white!! So I love all these items but my favorite is the Jonathan Adler zebra tray, followed closely by the Starbucks tumbler.

  144. Jorja Lyons

    Probably the candle because we registered for it on our wedding registry but didn’t receive it.

  145. stacy

    The starbucks tumbler, for sure! It is all great though!

  146. tamara

    I love the zebra dish

  147. Sarah

    I love it all — but the tumbler is my fav!

  148. enrica

    Zebra dish and the slippers!

  149. Yudelia

    Love tray! It’s gorgeous!

  150. Katherine

    Oh its all great, but I LOVE the zebra

  151. Callie

    I’m in love with the Kate Spade candle!

  152. Denise Miller

    I love everything!

  153. Shalane

    Loving the Starbucks tumbler!

  154. Helen

    Fabulous – all of it, but the zebra dish and candle are tied for first place in my book!

  155. Laura

    Everything is gorgeous!

  156. Caitlyn

    the kate spade candle, the planner and the mug would be my fave things. The candle would prob be the number one thing. I would gift the plate to my mom!

  157. Blaire

    I Love the candle and slippers! Soo cozy!

  158. Aoife K

    I’m an addict of both candles & coffee, so both the candle and travel mug are right up my alley!

  159. Alanna

    Great giveaway! Gold and white is perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

  160. Julie

    Love everything but especially that Starbucks mug!

  161. Barbie

    I love that color combo! I would love the Jonathan Adler dish and KS candle.

  162. Rachel

    I love the zebra dish!

  163. Courtney Carothers

    The notebook! Best giveaway ever!

  164. Erin

    I love that candle!

  165. Rhiannon p.

    I absolutely LOVE everything in this giveaway, but my favorite (I’ve always wanted one) is the mini-mergency kit!! Thanks for offering this!!

  166. Shiree Shaffer

    I love it all! But I really dig the Kate Spade candle and would love to own Jonathan Adler anything!

  167. Amanda Buccieri

    I love the candle!

  168. lia

    Everything looks so good together I think I’d just want to group them up and look at them! But the most useful would be the dish. My engagement ring is kinda pokey so I take it off at night and that would look so cute on my nightstand.

  169. jenny

    I love the Starbucks traveler!

  170. Kyla


  171. Karen

    OMG, I’ve tried to trade for that zebra dish since it came out in the last Neiman Marcus Popsugar box! That’s definitely my favorite item.

  172. Amanda G

    I looooove it all! If I have to choose, the candle.

  173. Michelle S

    The gold slippers. I need a little bling.

  174. Kalee

    Gold and white is amazing! I love the monthly planner the best, tho, I totes need one of those.

  175. Kassie

    I really like the Gold Dot Double Wall Traveler but I love it all!

  176. Jamie

    The candle or the Starbucks candle… I can’t decide!

    1. Jamie

      I mean Starbucks travel mug… goodness.

  177. Jessica k

    The zebra dish is my fave!!

  178. Clarisse

    Love anything with gold dots it’s become one of collectible faves. I love this giveaway I hope I win this one

  179. Jordan M

    The gold metallic Zebra Dish is definitely my favorite!

  180. Nicky

    I love the color combo! hard to choose but I think the tumbler is my fav

  181. Samantha

    I want it all especially the zebra dish!

  182. Kim

    Tumbler and slippers

  183. Alicia

    Omg everything! I love the candle and Snoozie slippers. 🙂

  184. Carrie hart

    Oh I want the Starbucks mug!!!

  185. Amanda G

    The more I look at that prize pack, the more I think you should curate for Popsugar. 🙂

  186. Caroline Perry

    I want that kate spade candle!!!!

  187. Heather

    those slippers!

  188. pualani

    First i have to say the Lions took it down to the last minute…what a game!!! Second, love the zebra dish and minimergency kit. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  189. alexandra

    i love the miniemergncy kit!!!

  190. Shawn

    My favorite is the Jonathan Adler zebra dish!

  191. Jessica A

    The Starbucks tumbler is my favorite! I love ceramic coffee tumblers! Great giveaway!

  192. Jenn C

    The zebra dish is my favorite!

  193. Courtney Cuellar

    Must have the zebra dish!!!

  194. Tara m

    Love everything gold and white! 🙂 but love love the candle

  195. Rochelle o'Shea

    OMG they are all gorgeous items !!! I would love every single one of them! Might be the prettiest giveaway ever :). If I had to pick a favorite item it would maybe be the Jonathan Adler zebra dish … So pretty and fun at the same time!
    I love your blog it’s the best!!

  196. Aly

    This is the cutest giveaway ever! I think my favorite thing is the zebra dish ??

  197. ashlee

    I love the starbucks traveler mug

  198. Megan

    Loving the color scheme and all the gorgeous items! Loving the Starbucks tumbler would brighten every morning!!!!!

  199. Kayla

    The zebra dish!

  200. Kim Kjerulf

    I love the Starbucks traveler mug.

  201. Julia

    I could use a pretty travel mug.

  202. Hildee

    One favorite? Oh my gosh! I love them all. I think the Starbucks cup because I would use it most.

  203. Jill

    The slippers are so cute!

  204. Anna

    Love everything, but especially the Starbucks mug!

  205. Kelly S.

    I think my fave would be the candle.

  206. Gina F.

    So hard to pick, but i think the tumbler might be my fave!

  207. Bethany

    What a fun giveaway! I love the minimergency kit!

  208. Debbie

    I love the Zebra dish . Or everything else LOL

  209. Debi B

    Wow, I love everything, I would pick everything, woo hoo
    You have the best contests, your a doll!

  210. Melissa

    Love everything but the Starbucks tumbler is great!

  211. Brandy

    I most definitely need that zebra dish in my life

  212. Melissa g

    It’s a tie between the slippers and the candle. Love the color combo

  213. Lauren

    Starbucks tumbler… and the zebra dish.. tie!!

  214. Jessica P

    The zebra!! I’ve heard so much about them but I’ve never seen one in person.

  215. Ronelle

    I love your blog…every time I visit I end up with a new box subscription though! LOL

  216. Courtney C

    that notebook! love it!

  217. Danielle

    I like the Starbucks traveler

  218. Iris

    The zebra dish! 😀 I have the silver one so it would be awesome to pair it with the gold.

  219. Rachel

    I’m loving this collaboration of products!

  220. Melissa K

    everything looks adorable but the slippers are my jam!

  221. Hannah

    Normally I’d say the candle, but those slippers are fantastic!

  222. Kali

    OBSESSED with the God & white theme!!!!

  223. emily

    my favorite is the zebra dish!

  224. Donna George

    I love the double wall tumbler

  225. Rose D.

    The candle!!

  226. Mandi

    The candle!

  227. Shari Henderson-Sievenpiper

    LOVE it all!!!!!! if I had to pick 1 thing it would be the Starbucks tumbler! thx!

  228. Angela

    They are all amazing but I adore the slippers!

  229. Paige

    This looks so nice and glamorous!

    1. Paige

      I love the slippers!!

  230. Nicole Anton

    The candle or the Starbucks cup for sureee!

  231. Theresa

    Love…Love…LOVE the gold and white!!!

  232. Shelby Stewart

    Do we have to just pick one item as our favorite?! I love them all!!

  233. Leana

    The zebra dish. I have the blue and white one and didn’t know it came in gold and white. I may need it now.

  234. Jayne

    Love the zebra dish! I think the whole collection looks great. I think that I might try to do something like this (or some other color scheme) for gifting this Christmas. The color scheme would help pull together some items that would seems totally random otherwise!

  235. Nichole Budnick

    It would match my gold dot pajamas!!!!

  236. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite is the Jonathan Adler Gold Metallic Zebra Dish

  237. martie

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  238. Rebecca F.

    The mug is my favorite. It’s so cute!

  239. Emily W

    I’m most excited about the zebra tray!

  240. Anastasia

    I like the Starbucks cup the most!

  241. Pilar

    The gold slippers are my favorite in the giveaway.

  242. Kristin S.

    Awesome Giveaway! Love it all! 😉

  243. Robyn

    I like everything in the giveaway.

  244. Sneaky Burrito

    I think the candle is my favorite thing. (I have those slippers in red and they’re comfy but leave sequins all over my floor…)

  245. onemwhite@aol.com

    I love the slippers!

  246. Nikki

    I’ve been in search of that Jonathan Adler zebra dish, and it is great in gold!

  247. Lisa

    I love the white/gold combo!

  248. Erin

    These are right up my alley!

  249. Laura

    All of it!!! If I had to choose the Kate candle!

  250. angel gu

    starbucks traveler for sure!

  251. Alice

    The mug because I heart polka dots

  252. Emily

    Love the coffee cup and the planner!

  253. Stacey

    I am loving those cute slippers!

  254. lindsey

    Love your blog and love the j Adler tray!!! White and gold are the perfect combo!

  255. Madelyn

    I love the candle so much!

  256. Brandy

    What no iPhone???? I got mine last week. I am all over gold and white right now!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! You are funny. I do like mine though.

  257. Monica

    Awesome giveaway- love the zebra dish!

  258. Natalie

    I love the planner and the tumbler! It’s all super cute though! 🙂

  259. Candice

    Minimergency! Followed by slippers and candle!

  260. Chrissy

    The Starbucks tumbler! You put together such nice giveaways!

  261. Cassie

    I’m in love with that Starbucks travel mug and the zebra dish!

  262. Kelsea Etson

    Gold Snoozie Slippers

  263. Alicia

    zebra dish!

  264. Joanne

    I love everything but If I have to pick it’s going to be the candle!

  265. Kristen Tourne

    Best giveaway ever!! I just decorated my office in white and gold so I really really want that kate spade candle…and the zebra dish and of course the tumbler…ok everything.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to see your office!

  266. Melissa Bean

    I love them all but I’d have to say the Starbucks tumbler!

  267. Dana

    Awesome!! Love absolutely everything!!

  268. Melissa J

    Oh no, it’s too hard to choose a favorite– I love them all!! Zebra dish and sparkly slippers are highlights for me. And the planner too.. and.. all of it! Lol

  269. Allison

    The candle is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  270. Tiffany

    My favorite has got to be the Kate Space candle!! I love the combination of white & gold!!

  271. Caitlin C.

    I love it all but I think the zebra dish is my favorite!

  272. Melissa M

    tumbler for sure!

  273. Kiley

    I love everything! The Starbucks tumbler was already on my wishlist, but I love the zebra dish and the slippers (and who am I kidding, all things gold or polka dotted. Always.) too.

  274. Caroline

    A toss up between the candle, cup, zebra dish but I’ve had my eye on the zebra dish since it was in last year’s nieman’s box lol so I’m going zebra dish!

  275. Jacquelyn Noell

    I like the candle, tumbler, and notebook. =]

  276. terri s

    I really need that planner/notebook; love it all though. Great giveaway as usual.

  277. Sarah Plunk

    I love love the whole idea! Great job on this Give away Jen!

  278. Alexa

    The Jonathan Adler zebra tray – I’ve been debating for a month whether or not to use my BB points to get one 🙂 SO indecisive!

  279. aleece


  280. Jenny Whiskey

    I;ve been drooling over the Jonathan Adler dish since it appeared in a box review! and those slippers are so adorable! I’m always on the hunt for great slippers

  281. Amy

    Totally loving the slippers and the Starbucks tumbler!

  282. Nicole Midgley

    If I had to pick just one, I love the candle the best! 🙂
    Oh my gosh, I would love to get all of this, such fun stuff!! Thank you!

  283. Mira S

    The kate spade candle! 🙂

  284. Sarah d

    The kate spade candle! It is so pretty and fancy.

  285. Jill G

    The zebra dish.

  286. Adriana

    Love it all, but my favs are the candle and slippers!

  287. katrina b

    the starbucks mug!

  288. Annie

    I love them ALL! I really want to put the candle and dish together in my living room!

  289. Laura R

    Love everything! If I have to pick one thing though, probably the zebra tray. I love everything zebra print!

  290. Tamara Julia Johnson

    Love the candle and the tumblr!

  291. Kyra

    The planner and the slippers!

  292. Deanna Magoun

    I absolutely love everything, but really need the slippers!! This is such a great giveaway!!!!!!

  293. Lindsay R

    UMMM EVERYTHING!!! REALLLY loving the candle, planner, and the Starbucks tumbler. Too hard to choose just one!

  294. Sarah

    The Snoozies!! Love them!

  295. Stacie

    I LOVE the Zebra dish. So cute! Gold and white is my favorite!

  296. megan

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  297. Sindhu

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  298. shawna

    The kate spade candle!

  299. pegg

    Definitely would look so styling in the gold snoozie slippers! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  300. Jenny

    Being such a Katie girl the Kate Spade Candle is my favorite.

  301. Susan

    Gold sparkly slippers!!!

  302. Kristi

    Love those slippers!

  303. Beth Rang

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  304. Enrica

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    Gold and white is my favorite holiday color pairing. Heck, it’s my favorite all-the-time! I love the candle, mug and the notebook/planner. So cute!

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    OMG, all the pretty things!!! The white and gold is such a beautiful combination! I LOVE the Jonathan Adler dish! And the Starbucks mug! And the Kate Spade candle! Ok, basically everything is my favorite thing, LOL!! 🙂

  315. Stacey

    Everything is fabulous!!!! I think maybe the starbucks tumbler is my favorite!

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    This is perfection! I love everything included, especially the zebra tray (have had my eye on those for forever!)

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    i like the Kate Spade Scented Candle.

  318. Ana Hilton

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  320. Jill

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    The zebra dish is my fav! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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    This is the perfect New Year’s Eve giveaway! Super festive. I think my favorite item is the candle (I’m a sucker for fancy candles), closely followed by the zebra dish and the Starbucks travel cup.

  323. breanne

    The Starbucks Tumbler! Beautiful giveaway!

  324. Elizabeth

    The zebra dish is my favorite! I haven’t gotten either of the PopSugar Neiman Marcus boxes, and that’s one of the things I really wanted from the boxes.

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    The candle is my favorite, but I love it all! This is the best giveaway ever! Thank you!

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    LOVE the Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish! I need it on my vanity 🙂

  327. Talaura

    This is super fancy.
    I think I like the travel mug best.

  328. Crystal

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  330. Kristie

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  346. Lindsay

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    I love the candle, although I wouldn’t be able to light it, what with 5 — count ’em, 5! — idiot cats, all of whom would likely light themselves on fire…

  353. Hilary A.

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  354. Jennifer

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  355. Illy Junus

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  356. Lindi

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  357. crystal

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  364. Kristy

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  365. miranda

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  366. Wendy

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  369. Jaclyn

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  370. Susan Chester

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  371. Carri

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  372. Kathy

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  373. Britt

    i LOVE the Starbucks Cup!!!
    I am head over heels for everything white / gold this year and as luck would have it, Starbucks in Germany doesn?t carry this cup, so I would be lucky to win it!

    Thanks for the great giveaways you are always doing!


  374. Heather F.

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  375. gary

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  376. Celeste

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  378. Alex T

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  379. Avalon

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  380. Diane F

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  381. Cyrille

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  382. kathryn

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  383. Kelley

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  384. shaunie

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  385. andrea

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  386. Sarah

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  387. Stacey

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  388. Allison

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  389. Nicole Tetrev

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  390. Shannon Smith

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  391. Jenysa

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  392. Tara

    I have been in love with the zebra dish since the Newman Marcus box last winter!

  393. Kristen

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  394. Leanne Godfrey

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  395. Geoff K

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  396. Sheena

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  397. Nicole C.

    My favorite is the Kate Spade candle!

  398. Danyelle H

    Such a pretty color combo. I love the Kate Spade candle, can never have too many candles 😉

  399. Karen Drake

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  400. Breanne

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  401. Got lake

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  402. Jana Williams

    Thank You So Much for this Awesome Gold & White Giveaway! I Love Everything in this Gorgeous, Shimmery Giveaway and I am a Huge Fan of Anything Shiny or Glittery so this One is Right Up My Alley! If I Had to Pick Just One Thing I Would Pick the Adorable Golden Slippers but I Bet that Was the Most Popular Choice of Everyone Else Too? I also am an Aromatherapy Fanatic So I am in Love With the Candle Too! I Always Sniff Things Out Before I Buy Them and I am Sure that When People See Me Doing This, They Probably Think I am a Crazy Person! I Don’t Usually By Things that Have a Scent, if I Don’t Like the Way it Smells! I Even Took an Aromatherapy Class on Essential Oils and How to Use Them; I Even Learned How to Make a Scented Candle & Bath Salts! I Think that Whoever Wins this “Golden Giveaway” Will Be Very Happy with All These Goodies! Thanks for this Chance & for All the Other Giveaways Too! Have a Great Evening, Jana

  403. Lorena Keech

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  404. Laurie Emerson

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  405. Tim

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  406. Noelle B.

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  407. brenda disimone

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