So What Wednesday… 8

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I can’t believe that W is 5 today!  Happy Birthday Big Guy!
~I’ll never understand why it’s more efficient for Target to send me my order in 4 separate shipments.
~I am going to get one of those unicorn frapps today.
~I am dreading taking down the Easter decorations.  I feel like I may have gone overboard.
~I sort of like when B’s out of town because it’s the only time I can watch tv in bed.
~I still play Pokemon Go.  And had a conversation with the cashier at Target about it yesterday.  He plays too!
~USA Today reminds me of vacation.
~I think being a Kardashian sister would be fun.

What are you saying so what to this week?

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8 thoughts on “So What Wednesday…

  • Nancy

    I still play Pokémon Go too! I do it for an extra incentive to go for walks … plus I ready do want to catch them all. Lol – so glad there are other adults still playing. My teens have given up. I found a movie theatre manager with her app open just to see what may come across. 🙂

  • Anie

    Hello! Now we r good 2 go! Lol
    I never downloaded the pokemon go app. Im easily distracted all on own so, having cute lil’ monster all around me to collect… probably not a good idea.

  • Jenny Louthan

    I still play Pokemon Go! My boys ask me everyday if I got my pokestop and catch. I actually got a new to me pokemon today, a Misdreavus, I feel like new ones are few and far between lately so I was very excited.

  • Susan

    The target thing baffles me too. I’m getting really self conscious with the ups man because he probably thinks I have a shopping problem
    and target isn’t helping matters sending everything separately!!!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I know! My UPS guy brought me 3 BIG target boxes yesterday. I bought shoes, a foot mask and hand soap. They all easily could have fit in one of those big boxes. But nope!