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1. Have you been getting lots of RoboCalls / spam calls lately? A bit of an odd question, but these calls drive me insane. I get probably a dozen calls a month about extending my warranty on my “2008 Sebring”.  It’s been about 7 years since I have had that car (it was a lease) and I am 100% if I wanted a warranty I’d have it by now.  Every time they say they will take me off their list, but they never do.  They are smart these days too because the calls show up as being from my area code so I always answer.  I should know better.

2. How many days per week do you workout?  I just started working out last month for the first time in ages (I did walk on the treadmill before though – sometimes) and am *hoping* for 4 days per week.  Some weeks it may be more, but I am hoping it won’t be less.  What’s normal?  What’s your routine?

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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6 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday!

  • Karissa

    I get multiple spam calls each day. It’s gotten to the point that I just don’t answer from any number not saved in my phone.

    I work out multiple times a day. Oh wait, having a toddler doesn’t count? Then, uh, never…

  • Nicole

    I randomly get spam calls, usually about my SMUD energy needs. This has basically forced me to not answer any calls unless I know the number. I also get a ton that don’t leave messages and I don’t answer, so who knows. Sometimes I think I do that to myself because I enter so many random contests.

    I just started working out again after 100 years. I’ve been doing weight watchers for about 6 or so months and lost 25lbs, but now I’ve hit a plateau it’s coming off so slowly, if at all. I figured working out would probably kick the loss back into gear. My goal is to work out 3 days a week at the very least and walk as well. That and a gallon of water today, which is the worst.

  • Cristina

    1. All the time! I get calls on my cell phone which appear to be from a local cell phone and it’s a machine recording, or it’s IRS infomring me that there is a warrant out for my arrest. So annoying.
    2. I used to work out 3-4 days a week but I got sick with a really bad cold for about a month and totally fell off the wagon. I’ve been back to normal for almost 2 months now and still haven’t worked out. I’m so bad.